Musk has finally kept his word and, as promised, as of the 18th of may in the uk, opened the tesla supercharger network to non tesla cars, so non tesla, ev owners and now, in most cases, going going to be able to use the tesla supercharger network. An example of which is here, these have been the envy of most ev owners for a number of years, simply because of their design, their plug and play ease of use and their reliability. I think, first and foremost, and also with very competitive pricing, brilliant design and there. That is what a lot of non tesla owners are going to be able to use from now on and im sure theyre going to be plenty of tesla owners, arent going to be too happy, but first things. First, you have to download the tesla app onto your smartphone. We have been a tesla powerwall owners for a number of years, so we already have this tesla app and within the app theres, a little section where there has now appeared this icon at the top of the screen, which is charge your non tesla and when you Do you have to enter your details, credit card and billing information and then immediately uh shows you the nearest supercharger to you. We amazingly have a tesla dealership, which has eight superchargers, literally five minutes from home, although, ironically, because its so close to home, we are very unlikely to reuse it unless its a dire emergency uh.

It gives you the pricing information and then you just pick a store when you arrive. So this is our local, cardiff, tesla dealership, which is open fairly recently in the last year or so, and these are v3 tesla, superchargers version three, so theyre very fast uh capable of over 200 kilowatts charging speeds, although of course many non tesla. Cars are not going to be able to have that type of charging speed, so its always going to be car, dependent and well get on in a moment to what side of the car your charging port ideally needs to be. So this is my wifes peugeot e208, which is part of the stellantis group. This is a 50 kilowatt hour battery car, although its about 45 kilowatt hour usable, but it is capable of up to 100 kilowatt charging speeds, although th those faster speeds, uh from a very low state of charge, and when we arrived here, we were just under 50 Battery so im just going to go through connecting up, which is pretty straightforward. All this delantis cars have the charging port on the same side as tesla cars. You have to give that a good yank to remove the tesla charge, cable, obviously open the app pin points where you are choose the location, and then this is charger. 1A choose that one on the app and as youve already plugged in has already shown just press. The icon to start the charge and on our cars or the peugeot cars you get the green flashing light and the red locked in symbols, the cables locked in and then you just get confirmation on the dash charging at 243 miles per hour, or so is about 50 to 60 kilowatts of this 48 state of charge battery charge so fairly good speeds, obviously nothing like a tesla, but because its a small battery car that is still reasonable charging speed.

So this is going to be a common sight from now on im afraid for a lot of tesla owners in terms of the non tesla cars uh charging, but as with most tesla software, just very easy peasy really to get started, no glitches, no problems, uh, really, Modernistic design, they always have been like, i said, the envy of most tv drivers, although saying that they dont have any rain canopies. So if its raining youre still gon na get wet, but i think the main point is to have lots of charges. I think they have just under 800 as of may 2022 in the uk uh charging sites. That is so its pretty incredible, and this is just after a few minutes up to 52 percent charging rates drop very slightly to 220 and and via the app it just keeps you updated about how much youve used the cost all very clear and again parking for Cars such as this really easy because its such a compact car plenty of space, its easier to maneuver than a tesla. I would say – and again the key thing here is that the charge port is exactly the same location as tesla. That is the near side, rear or passenger side rear. There are some cars like my ionic 5, which is featured on this channel the charge ports on the other side and these cables. The tesla cables are, notoriously short, so theyre not going to reach the only way that my ioniq 5 would be able to use.

These is if i park in the bay and use the adjoining cable but im actually using the cable for the adjoining bay, and that would be a big. No, no for me so im not really planning to use these uh supercharger sites unless the design changes in the future or if its empty, and it was a dire emergency, because i think you just upset a lot of people by taking up potentially in. In effect, two bays so going very well up to 74 75 percent uh, you can see the charging rates dropped to 40 kilowatts, now 12 kilowatt hours taken on and with the per this size of battery, you just double it to know how much battery percentage so 12 kilowatt hours uh 24 battery, and i was just waiting to see whether this would click off 80, because ive heard that tesla software often just knocks you out at 80. But this continued to charge because it was low limit and also is empty. And there you go im about to stop the charge after taking on 15 kilowatt hours immediately clicked on supercharger symbols now turn white and i can now unplug click. The charging cable back in and thats set really easy, typical tesla experience, and there you go just a summary on the app nine pounds 30, as you may have seen earlier as a very expensive uh price, 60 162 pence per kilowatt hour and thats it. So i hope you can see this is going to be well start of the future.

Really the infrastructure has just improved in britain overnight because of this only 15 such sites at the moment, but plenty more to open up in the future.