You know nothing spectacular, nice big screen, but one over the steering wheel, one in the middle, its got a bunch of cameras on it. Ultravision cameras on the lower and upper window, stickers 115. t tops, which is pretty cool, rear. Sunroof dual t tops Music, its got some big s wheels on it. I guess its got a lot of storage because theres no real motor in the front. I guess this would be where you charged Music, how comfortable that is to sit on all day. Well, its pretty cool lets see what it brings to the auction today. Well see it mikko thats running now. In contrast, weve got this white 2022 ev 400 miles on it Music. This looks like it has a few less options than that black one same basic interior, though little different wheels on this one, its like a little less white could just be the contrast. Lets see a handle on the tailgate looks like its a dual step: tailgate theres, a camera. Well, i dont see a handle. Oh buttons, oh thats, pretty cool there.