Reducing the customers, exposure to the dealership very smart about two weeks later and youll get your car and when it comes to the c40, that process is very easy because there are ostensibly no options other than color and isnt. This up charged fjord blue paint magnificent. This mono trim, c40 recharge, comes in the new ultimate specification with all of the features such as a fixed panoramic moon, roof headlights with new pixel leds, which automatically adjust by shining only those required for the specific light conditions. The steering, assisted adaptive cruise control system. Volvo calls pilot assist an innovative, harman kardon sound system that has its woofer installed behind the dash to free up interior space, a surround view, camera and 20 inch wheels. Msrp is 60 0540 and this model does qualify for a 7 500 tax credit. Volvo also offers a subscription model called care by volvo thats, similar to a lease without the long term commitment and also includes insurance, but its for models already in stock, of which there are very few these days so as not to bury the lead. The c40 possesses a 226 mile driving range with a battery that can fast charge from 10 to 80 percent in about 40 minutes at 150. Kilowatts, the most common type of public, fast charger. Now, as ive explained in my previous ev reviews, all of these range and charging metrics are subject to climate variability station, throughput, etc. But spring is a perfect time to maximize the drive and get juice into the battery as quickly as possible when you either purchase or subscribe to the c40.

It comes with some free charging at first and then a discounted rate thereafter. But volvos partnership is with chargepoint and at least here in my area they only provide level 2 chargers and those are free anyway. So today, im over here at the electrify america station, getting this car up to about 80 percent and itll cost about 15, not an insignificant charge but of course a lot better than paying for gas. Now, why not take it all the way to a hundred percent? You ask well lets talk about that. After the lithium ion battery is charged to eighty percent. The vehicles on board battery management system slows its roll, bringing the electricity to a trickle in order to avoid overcharging and damaging the battery. So its not recommended to fast charge me on 80 capacity unless youre say taking a long trip and need every mile you can get a level 2 charger. Whether installed in your garage or out in public adds about 25 miles of range per hour. Or if you decide you dont need one, you can simply plug into an ordinary household outlet to add about 5 miles of range per hour. Just remember: cold temperatures have detrimental effects on lithium, ion batteries, meaning longer charge times and a driving range that can drop by 40 percent, but the c40 can be updated over the air and volvo says they expect to extend this cars range at some point. Doing just that, the c40 uses twin electric motors front and rear to provide permanent, all wheel, drive and very quick acceleration.

402 horsepower and 487 pound feet of torque are delivered with the urgency that gas powered cars just cant match now, if youve never driven an ev. This will be your initial takeaway theyre quick, and this one will do 0 60 in only 4.7 seconds, prompting a bit of torque steer. As you take off. Volvo has selected some pretty meaty and very expensive tires for the c40 20 inch pirelli scorpion zero. All season. Sport truck tires, so the grip is strong, but the c40 doesnt drive like a sport model. The standout feature of the c 40s drive is undoubtedly its crazy neck. Snapping acceleration. I mean this is incredibly quick on its feet, yet its not sporty. As a matter of fact, this body is free to move about quite a bit here, so this is what i would describe as comfort tuned and frankly, it lacks a little sophistication over the harsh impacts. As far as one pedal drive goes, it is available to you if you like, to drive the vehicle with just your right foot. You can activate it over here on the screen. If you leave it off, it does expose the c40s lackluster brake pedal. Feel, however, and for sixty thousand dollars, i wouldnt mind to see a head up display up here. Even my kona ev has one of those, but with this level of immediacy i often forget about a lot of the c40 shortcomings. The c40s coupe like roof line is deceiving as theres actually more room in here than you would expect, particularly rear seat headroom, which is excellent, and the cargo area is cut wide and boxy with seats that fold flat for larger than expected carrying space.

About the same as a honda, hrv and then, of course, youve got a little more cargo room up front where the engine would normally be volvo also sells, load bars for the roof. Volvos minimalist cabin design has been stretched to the limits here, but this matching fjord blue microtech synthetic material combined with the charcoal seats is an attractive look though the door inserts do feel a little cheap and its leather free as all new fully electric volvos will be Going forward, the c40 is how i would describe full of quirkiness now, first off, when you get in, you will not find a start. Stop button in here. You simply put your foot on the brake and put it in drive or reverse in order for it. To start theyre, not the first company to do this by the way and then, when you step out of the vehicle, when youre done driving put the vehicle in park, it will shut off. Or you can do that manually here over on the screen, speaking of which volvo has turned all of their infotainment duties over to google. So i hope you really like google now for me personally, i dont care for this setup outside of the fact that i love the mapping software, which is far better than any volvo navigation system directions to the nearest charging station. Evgo charging station is four minutes from your location by car in light traffic, but theres no phone projection.

Here i have an iphone. I love apple carplay. I cannot connect my phone either wired or wirelessly to this system, which really stinks, and i have a lot of apps that i like to use here that are not available at the play store and then other oddities slash things i dont really care for in here Include the fact that there is no sun shade or opaque filter for this glass roof. The driver information display is pretty basic for an ev over here. The climate control settings can only be set in even increments, not odd, for the temperature that is, and then, when you put the vehicle in reverse, the backup cam does not default to the 360 degree view, which is what you would want. There is an off road driving mode in here, but no sport mode and then lastly, i prefer a charge port on an ev to be at or near the front of the vehicle for easier access. That way you dont have to back into the spot, though im into the styling the ethos and the acceleration im, just not interacting with the c40. In a way that makes me want one at this price point for testdrivenow.