The east. Byd has just started breast selling, its seal electric sedan in china, which had a massive success in just six hours with more than 22 000 personal units, the seal seems to become a brands, new top seller with a pleasant appearance, remarkable range, impressive power output and the Price range between 31.9 and 43.4 000 us dollars in this video. You will learn everything you need to know about. The new electric car from china, which is intended to complete, with the tesla model 3 dont forget to subscribe to our channel and lets get started Music. You might know byd, for rather inexpressive cars and youre right byd has been producing budget electric cars for the chinese domestic market. So far, however, about a year ago a change happened, the company unveiled the ocean x concept built on a completely new platform. It could have been just a bus to draw attention to the brand, but it turned out that the company was working on a very impressive product for real the electric sedan byd seal, an interesting name, no matter how hard i try to find the resemblance to the Cute face of a real seal, i cant, on the other hand, id love to see how the animal would change if it grew to the size of a full size sedan and will accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour faster than in four seconds. All jokes aside, i dont think that americans would find that funny.

No, it is not a joke. If you compare it with the model. 3, the seal looks really appealing and modern. The holistic design makes its competitor the tesla model free, look a bit plain and while many people have already noted a great resemblance to the sony vision s and in certain details, you can see similarities with porsche, bmw, kia, toyota and mercedes. You cant argue with the facts. First of all, byd has already borrowed the designs of other companies several times and secondly, the seal looks really good. Overall, the seal remains within the dimensions of the model 3. But if you go into details, it turns out that the chinese car is longer by 10.5 centimeters and more than 20 centimeters narrower in proportions. It is almost identical to the bmw e60. The seals interior has its ocean vibe. It has a blue black and gray color scheme with many different materials like alcantara and leather. It got a giant rotatable screen a sporty steering wheel and a crystal looking gear: shifter Music. Overall, the interior looks nice and modern Music in terms of power. The new vehicle will provide three power, combinations and two driving modes. The standard range rear wheel, drive version is equipped with a 150 kilowatt motor 61.4 kilowatt hour battery and the cltc crazing range of 340 miles thats enough for most people to get some good dynamics. Music. The long range rear wheel, drive version is equipped with an 82.

5 kilowatt hour battery, while the cltc cruising range reaches 430 miles. I wonder if there will be an option to disable esp, because it looks like the configuration would already provide a lot of fun. The module 3 has a 345 horsepower version with a all wheel, drive and a claimed acceleration between 4 and 4.4 seconds, depending on the mode. I can only guess that byd seal will accelerate from 0 to 16 about 5 seconds. For the top model, though, there is a clarity in terms of technical spec, it gets an all wheel, drive by adding a second motor on the front axle and output power of ‘0 kilowatt or 517 horsepower 82.5 kilowatt hour battery and the cltc cruising range of 400 Miles byd claims 3.8 seconds to 60., not bad at all, and the drag coefficient seems to be better than the model 3s, but still slower than the fastest tesla. I think that the weight difference plays a key role as the seal can be as heavy as 2150 kilograms. The weight difference with the model 3 will be around 300 kilos. In that case, the byd seal is one of the worlds first, mass produced vehicles equipped with the cell to body or ctb technology. It is also the first vehicle equipped with the technology. Real drive: 4 wheel, drive power architecture, front double wishbone, plus rear 5 link; chassis suspension, the byd ctb battery body integration technology simplifies the body structure and production process.

Thanks to the advantages of the ctb technology. The e platform 3.0 has achieved new breakthroughs in safety handling, efficiency and aesthetics, giving the whole vehicle better performance. The fun fact is that byd seemed not to expect that success. The seal will be mass manufactured at byds chiang zhou base. Its planned annual production capacity is 60 000 units or 5 000 units monthly, but now it looks like the seal has exceeded all the expectations with 22.6 thousand presult vehicles in just six hours want to know about electric vehicles from asia. Dont forget to subscribe to our youtube channel click on the bell icon too.