So the ev6 marks kias onslaught of electric vehicles, at least for the indian market, and the six in the name should tell you that this is not going to be just one vehicle. There are going to be other vehicles that will be added to the portfolio Music. Its not just the name that sounds fit for a concept car, but also the design it looks like it came straight out of a show floor. It still has the tiger nose, but very subtle, but i love the aggression of the face. Kias new opposites, united design theme, is radical from head to toe and while its hard to say, which is the prettiest angle for this car, i think i find the rear three quarter, the most appealing with the seamless lighting signature, the floating panels and the roof spoiler. In fact, kia 2 seems to be obsessed with this angle, so they even put a light in the spoiler that highlights the haunches. They call it. The silhouette lighting and the silhouette of the car will have your debate about the body style, hatch, suv, fast pack. I think i would just call it crossover much like the jaguar i pace. Even the design and the layout of the boot reminds me of the i pace and is good for a couple of suitcases. Yeah 520 liters of boot space may not sound like a lot for a car that looks this large, but where they have spent most of its space is right here in the cabin theyve nicely stretched out that wheelbase, and that gives you a lot of legroom.

I mean just look at the kind of leg room that i have who needs a luxury crossover, but between those two wheels is this big battery pack and because batteries usually sit in the floor in evs they are quite high. So you know you sit in a bit of a knees up position, so the under thigh support is a bit compromised. Also, if you are over six feet tall, this headroom may not be good enough, especially because of the way the headliner curves in otherwise for an average sized person. Like me, not a problem at all on similar lines, you have a completely flat floor because no transmission tunnel, you also have a fairly wide center seat, so seating three abreast should be reasonably comfortable. The rear seats can also be reclined a bit for better comfort on long distance journeys, but speaking of recline, but this is an ev, so you are going to be spending a lot of time at charging stations so might as well get yourself a nice comfortable snooze With these fully reclining front seats, speaking of charging times, the ev6 supports 400 volt, as well as 800 volt charging systems and has a fast charger support for up to 350 kilowatts. Such high speed charges arent available in india as easily just yet, but when they are, the ev6 can go from 0 to 80 percent. In around 18 minutes. Standard 50 kilowatt fast chargers would need about an hour more now, heres another interesting bit the ev6.

You can treat it like a power generator or a big power bank call it whatever you want. You see this little adapter here. This is called a vehicle to load adapter. Essentially, what that gives you is a three pin plug. So this is like a big battery pack, the car – and this is like a three pin plug, so you can literally power whatever you want everything from a microwave to a mixer, maybe get yourself a drink while youre on your journeys. Make yourself a shake. If you want to or not just that, you can also use this three pin plug to charge another electric vehicle using ac charging. How cool is that, so this is not just an ev, but also a power bank on wheels. Think about it, Music. Of course we are here at the racetrack: there are no potholes or undulations to talk about apart from one little undulation on this long straight at the bic, but kia tells us that they have retuned the suspension for the indian road conditions. Also, the ground clearance is 178 millimeters, thats, almost suv territory for a lot of people out there, a lot of crossovers that claim to be suvs. This is right up that alley. So 178 millimeters is not bad. Of course, with those 19 inch wheels, you will have to be aware of the potholes. Youll have to be a little careful of the potholes of the bad roads, but once youre aware of them, it should be easy to tackle all of them to negotiate them with this car, as youd expect, there are paddle shifters and they, of course, dont change.

Any gears in an electric vehicle what they do is give you different levels of regenerative, braking four levels of it and on the highest level, you get what kia likes to call the eye pedal theres, also a plus sign on the accelerator pedal. What it essentially tells you is with that single pedal you can do most of your driving. It will also come to a complete halt if required. Let me demonstrate that to you now, im gon na go to regen level, four, its gone to max no vehicles around us, its its a safe environment were at 30 and im off the accelerator pedal and there it comes to a complete halt. Zero kmph, not even crawling so you can do a complete single pedal driving if you really want with that eye, pedal fourth level of regen kia, hasnt compromised on the safety for the kind of money that they are asking you they are actually brimming this car with Features some of which even the luxury crossovers dont get like eight as functionality. For example, there is a fair bit of eight as kit on this car thats, a very good news: Music, the chassis of the ev6 comprises of 63 high strength, steels and the cabin is secured with standard six airbags or optional eight. So the drive mode switch is right here on the steering, i think its very ergonomically placed very conveniently placed you can quickly cycle through the three driving modes.

You have normal, you have eco and you have sport, so obviously weve been trying out the sport mode. Here. Quite often on the racetrack and what the sport mode essentially does is, of course, all these three modes are self explanatory. You guys already know about it, but the sport mode will not only give you much quicker responses, but will also give you much quicker. Braking response. The braking times the braking distances are much lesser with this mode compared to the normal mode, we havent been able to put it to the test in terms of the actual numbers but weve sort of tested. All of this now we cant really demonstrate it to you, because there are other vehicles on the track that are shooting, but there is a significant difference. Let me tell you that theres a significant difference in the way the breaking manners are in the three different modes. Of course, regenerative braking is also working. You can also set the four levels like i showed you, but the physical brakes also are a lot more aggressive in that sport mode. I also like the way the steering has been weighted, its its quite nice, especially in the sport mode. It weighs up really well and even in the eco, the normal modes, its not overly light it doesnt feel artificial. It still has that sporty edge to it. Just the way. The suspension has that sporty edge that little bit of firmness to it, which tells you that this is at the end of the day, an enthusiast car.

Despite being a long range ev. The ev6 features a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack, which can be had with a 229 ps single motor configuration or a 325 ps dual motor configuration, which makes it an electric all wheel, Music drive. However, the system will decide when it will need all wheel drive. So only when there is slip only when it thinks that the front wheels also need to be summoned to get better grip. Only then the awd will come into play and im glad they chose this to be predominantly rwd and not fwd Music. Now the claimed range for this car wltp is 528 kilometers and knowing how lenient the area is with such uh test figures and such mileage figures for evs im sure it could be well over 600 kilometers with the area figures. I think a realistic range of about 350 to 425 should be achievable on this car thats. My estimate im not very sure we havent road tested this car, but once we do well be able to confirm that, hopefully well be able to do a longest road trip. With this car, like we did with the other evs theyre. Only limiting this car to 100 units for now and i think its going to sell out pretty quickly looking at the way the vehicle looks performs, behaves. I think those 100 units are going to be sold out like that. To put things into perspective, a 5.2 second 0 100 sprint makes it quicker than the porsche taikan.

A drag coefficient of 0.28 makes it more aerodynamic than the jaguar i pace. Its claimed range is better than all the audi e trons and it comes at a price tag comparable to a mercedes, benz c class, its a halo car for kia in that sense, and a rolling demonstration of what one can expect from kias electric vehicles going forward. We hear that the more accessible mass market tvs from the brand are likely to start arriving as early as 2023. Well, to sum it up, i think lets put it this way. This is like a jaguar. I pace on a budget, of course, its not a cheap car at asking price. It is competing with the luxury crossovers, but then, if you think about it right now, at least it has no competition. The other electrified vehicles are either much lower in the segment or much higher in the segment, and this is at a beautiful midpoint where kia is just unrivaled for the ev6, but forget the rivals in terms of its pure performance. Its just put a wide smile on my face, not just here on the racetrack im sure that this kind of performance is going to be equally good, even out there in the city, even out there in the urban environment, because no matter what driving mode youre. In that performance is always there its on tap and then the whole attribute of electric vehicles. The long range, the quick charging times its all there.

It is right up the order in terms of the technology, so all things considered, i think you could seriously consider this as a very good alternative to other luxury crossovers that are still running petrol and diesel engines. Let that sink in.