All subarus get all wheel drive as standard and theyre. One of the few manufacturers, which have a five star end cap rating across the range behind me, is the brand new subaru soltera one of the first cars to be in collaboration with toyota. Will the subaru soleterra still carry across that subaru dna? Or is it simply just a rebadged toyota? Well, hopefully thats what were going to find out in todays video. So if that sounds good, then please keep watching, and if you like, electric car reviews and electric content then make sure you subscribe to electro heads okay, so lets have a little bit of background history on the soltera. Subaru has partnered up with toyota to create its first zero emissions, suv with the subarus long list of rivals, including the audi q4 e tron mustang mackie kia, ev6 and tesla model y. The solterra has a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery and comes in two trim levels. The limited trim with 289 miles and the flashier touring spec, which has a range that decreases to 257 subaru, has opted to only bring the dual motor version of the solterra to the uk, meaning all wheel, drive is standard and every car gets 215 brake horsepower and 336 newton meters of torque, the naught to 62 mile per hour sprint takes 6.9 seconds. Subaru hope that customers will trust that their knowledge and experience has gone into creating the x mode. All wheel, drive in the soltera.

This mode has been designed to use on rougher surfaces, while a new grip control function also allows the car to maintain constant speed and remain stable off road. The exterior design of the solterra is sharp and rugged compared to its toyota sibling. You get different, led lights and you get an almost blanked off grille design, rather than the smoothed off front bumper that you get on the toyota. However, both cars feature really rugged and wide plastic wheel arches. These are definitely going to be marmite and they certainly demand attention, but they just hop back to that off roading capability of the soltera in terms of ground clearance. It has one of the best in its class at 210, millimeters dimensionally its comparable to the combustion engine. Forester at 4690, millimeters long 1860, millimeters wide and 1 650 millimeters tall around the back and the subaru is almost identical to its toyota sibling. Apart from the fact that the rear lights arent connected with a light bar, but i dont think thats a bad thing. This car looks fantastic. It has a real aggression about it. Youve got this fantastic spoiler at the top, which is split in two, and then you have this sleek coupe roof design, which has no need for a rear wiper, and then you have this fantastic, smaller boot spoiler. Now here is the start of some fantastic standard equipment. Under here, youve got two cameras. The first is for the 360 degree camera, which is a first for subaru and the second well ill.

Tell you about that later. All right, then, keep your secrets. You also get an electric boot as standard inside of this boot. Youll find 450 liters of space, all thereabouts, a little bit more on the bottom spec model and a little bit less on this top spec model because of the sound system. Now, thats pretty good when you compare it to other all wheel, drive models like the nissan aria. If you step up to all wheel, drive on the rer, you get less space than you get in this soltera, however, compared to other models like the skoda enyak its, not quite as good. Its also good to note that, unlike on the american specification, cars roof rails do come as standard jumping into the cabin of the solterra, and this is exactly how i, like my evs to feel, futuristic and driver focused. You have this fantastic center console with that large 12.3 inch touchscreen mounted onto it, and this is actually standard, theres, no smaller screens available, like elsewhere outside of the uk. The setup is a little bit strange and for taller people you might struggle to get comfortable for someone smaller. Like me, its pretty good. However, you do have to have the steering wheel down quite low to be able to see into that digital instrument cluster. Now. The reason subaru have opted to have the instrument cluster where it is, is so that its in your line of sight, so you can see your speed and all of your drivers displays without taking your eyes off of the road.

Now i understand this is in theory a great idea. The only problem is is sometimes depending on how you want your steering wheel, to be positioned its going to get into the way of your instrument. Cluster interior quality is a bit of a mixed bag. Everything feels really secure and solidly put together. However, some of the materials used are a little bit strange. For instance, youve actually got a cloth dashboard. Then youve got the good old gloss black that everyone loves to hate, but something i do love is on this center console. You have this section in the middle which you can actually see through, and this is where you can put your phone onto a wireless charging pad and subaru have said. The reason that theyve, given it a little see through area, is so that you dont lose your phone. The only problem with this that i see is it might distract you a little bit when you flash up with a notification, meaning it might entice you to touch your mobile phone, which im not too sure about storage. Again, is a bit of a mixed bag. Ive got a nice two cup holders here. Ive got some decent storage in the armrest, but this car does lack a glove box, theres no glove box in the saltera or in the toyota. However, theres plenty of storage underneath here, but for someone like me that likes to tuck things out of sight, it could be a bit of an issue.

Remember me mentioning about that second camera on the back of the solterra. Well, its actually for this, the soltera gets a digital rear view mirror as standard because of the solterras added ground clearance. It does mean that the floor is relatively high and getting in could be a little bit tricky if you had smaller children. However, once im in despite the floor being high, theres, no transmission tunnel, so theres loads of leg room and actually its really comfortable, i thought that, with the floor being quite high, i might not have enough headroom, but ive got plenty of headroom, even with the panoramic Sunroof ive also got loads of legroom as well, and these seats are also super comfortable back here. On top of that, ive got heated, rear seats, two usbc charging ports and ive even got a center armrest with a couple of cup holders and somewhere to pop your mobile phone, its not only backseat passengers that get to benefit from warm bums front. Passengers also have heated seats and a heated steering wheel, plus just like featured on the fancy lexus cars. These can be set to come on automatically in certain temperatures now thats a cold day function that i can get on board with another cold day. Function which is important to an electric car is the fact that a heat pump is standard on both variants, as well as those standard heated systems on the interior. You also have quite a clever system for heating the windscreen standard on all subarus, rather than having a fully heated screen.

You have these heated parts along the bottom of the windscreen which warm up and, in turn warm up your windscreen wipers. So you can clear the whole screen much quicker, although mainly set up for cooler. Climates subaru also has something in place for those warmer days on the key underneath your electric boot opening theres also an ac button press this, and it will actually pre cool the cabin. How great is that so great? So what does the top spec touring car get you over the entry level limited well quite a few things actually and theyre. Certainly, nice upgrades for a starter. You get part lever interior as well as electrically adjustable passenger seat. You also get that panoramic sunroof and those larger 20 inch alloy wheels. Thank goodness that, despite lexus being involved in the collaboration, the solterra uses a ccs charge port. It can accept up to 150 kilowatts of rapid charge, taking the car from 20 to 80. In just 19 minutes and the same amount of charge can be delivered via seven kilowatt ac charger in under seven hours plus bonus. Both cables are included. The subaru doesnt come cheap with prices for the limited specification car coming in at 49.995 and the touring 52995. However, subaru doesnt offer many add ons, so therell be no expensive packs to add on like in some rivals. There is just one very simple sticking point when it comes to the soul, terror and thats that it will cost you around 2 000 more than the equivalent toyota is the subaru name enough to warrant that uplift in cost im.

Not too sure. Let me know in the comments down below, but theres, no denying subaru or toyota. This is a fantastic new electric car offering and great for people that are looking for all wheel drive.