I get it all the time. Primarily. I think from car enthusiasts, who expect me to say no way. I hate that stuff. I would never buy an electric car. I would never be driven by a machine v8s forever, but my answer on this topic – uh is actually a lot more nuanced than that. So lets discuss before i get started, be sure to check out cars and bins, which is my enthusiast car auction website for cool cars from the modern era. Now, with free listings list, your cool car for free and auction it on cars and bids and weve had some great sales recently, including this tesla model y sold for over sixty four thousand dollars. This saline ford focus sold for fifteen thousand dollars. We love the weird stuff and this old school tesla roadster brought almost eighty thousand dollars if youre looking to buy or sell a cool enthusiast car from the modern era, the 1980s and up cars and bids is the place to do it with daily auctions and great Selection at carsandbids.com, okay, so im going to start by answering the first question here, which is: would i buy an electric car, an ev um? I get this question a lot. I really do obviously im a big fan of gasoline powered cars. I own something like seven of them. Many of them have v8, several of them have manual transmissions, so you would think that an ev would kind of be at odds with the stuff that i enjoy and appreciate the most.

That makes sense. It does kind of seem like it would be that way and thats also true for a lot of enthusiasts when a lot of car enthusiasts get asked this question a lot of them answer no way, i would never buy an electric car evs have no soul. I would never consider it no chance, i would go electric, but my answer is yeah. I would buy an electric car. Definitely if it fits the very right purpose in my life. So specifically, i would buy an ev under the following circumstances. Number one. I would only buy it as a daily driver car, so a car that im driving every day usually to go, and you know film these videos. I drive a lot and throughout southern california, in the southwest in general to go and film and i would buy an ev for that sort of daily driver purpose sitting in traffic being on the freeway, basically commuting thats what i would buy it for and most importantly, I would buy an ev for daily driver use, but i would never ever ever buy an electric car as a replacement for one of my fun. Enjoyable performance, enthusiast cars. So those are the circumstances in which i would buy an ev. I think car enthusiasts when they hear when you buy an ev. They start thinking theyre coming from a manual gas powered car and thats, not my situation. I would want both, but if i could have both and if i could use the ev daily thats the situation in which i would use it.

So the big question, then, is why: why would a car enthusiast like me, a v8 lover, a manual transmission guy? Why would i want an ev? Then? There are actually quite a few answers to this question that i think speak to the benefits of evs gas prices. Obviously one they are insane astronomical right now: electric cars, pretty much subvert all that you dont have to pay for gas. Of course, a lot of evs have extra interior room because of packaging. You dont have a massive engine up front. You can pull the interior out, make it a little larger, and so you have a bigger car inside evs are generally a little quieter than regular cars, um. Obviously, no gasoline engine so theyre nice and quiet when youre driving around, which is nice um evs, also have some environmental benefits that gasoline cars dont have. I know that people are going to say wow. They got to make the batteries and thats very costly. The environment, blah blah blah and i get that, but not using fossil fuels to propel the vehicle does serve an advantage. Even if you know the creation of the batteries has a disadvantage, and so there is some environmental benefit to it and also another benefit is you can charge an electric car at home, no more trips to the fuel station, the gas station to fill up. You can just bring it in plug it in and youre good to go and its kind of nice to be able to sort of do that not really think about it and not have to make.

You know stops at gas stations, which is nice now. Another reason, and probably the main reason why i would consider buying an electric vehicle is because i dont really use my daily driver car for driving enjoyment right now. This is my 2020 land rover defender and i drive that car big distances uh all throughout southern california and frequently over to arizona to las vegas further than that often – and so i dont really use my daily driver car for pleasure or for excitement. It really is more of a tool, a point, a to point b kind of tool and so having like the perfect driving dynamics or a super crazy enthusiast car, its not necessarily something im looking for from my daily driver vehicle. It makes sense, therefore, to consider an ev most of them. Dont have great driving dynamics, but it doesnt really matter to me from a daily driver standpoint. If that daily driver car isnt the best to fastest around corners, the most planted the best steering and handling all that stuff, its not really what im looking for for a daily driver and instead, what im? Looking for kind of a point? A to point b commuter car could be well served with an electric vehicle, so for my world for that purpose it makes sense. So then the question is well: if you would buy an electric car, why havent you? Why havent i bought an electric car, yet theres. A couple of reasons for that number one is charging at home is actually a little bit difficult for me.

I dont have a driveway, which is an unusual circumstance for most americans. I understand that, but i have a garage that backs up to an alley, so my circumstance is that i have two very special cars in my garage. Far more special than any electric car is my audi rs2, my ford gt uh, my mercedes g wagon convertible. All of those cars are very special, very rare and they are not going to be sitting anywhere but inside the garage. So as a result, if you had an electric car, normally youd park it in the driveway and you just charge it there and be no problem. But i dont have a driveway, so then im stuck with street parking and you cant easily charge an electric car when its parked on the street. The city wont let you run a cord over the sidewalk thats against the rules, and i cant install a charging station on like the sidewalk or the right of way, because thats city property, so theres a few kinks that i need to work out. In my own personal situation for exactly how i would make an electric car work with my life, i figured out one way or another, but its a little bit of a challenge for me right now, a charging pad would be so so so wonderful um. The other reason why i havent bought an electric car – and this is probably the bigger one frankly, is that i actually drive long distances frequently um, i drive to los angeles.

I live in san diego, i drive to los angeles uh at least once a week or once every two weeks, and although people in the rest of the country think that san diego and los angeles are 10 minutes from each other. They are actually hours apart. In fact, those drives there and back is often 250 miles, which i will do in a single day relatively frequently. I also drive my new land rover, fender cross country and back every year, every june i drive it across every august. I drive it back and thats a trip. You cant feasibly do with an electric car. Ev owners will tell you, no, you just stop and fill it up and it takes 40 minutes and you have a nice lunch and then you get back on the road thats. Not how i drive across country i go and go and go and go. I dont want to stop every five hours for an hour, its just its, not a feasible thing to do, and i do that trip frequently ive done it uh four times in the last 18 months, its a its a real thing. I also to film these videos. Often have to drive all around southern california. I frequently have to go to palm springs, which is 300 miles round trip with a lot of hills and elevation changes. Las vegas, which is about 650 miles round trip, phoenix, which is about 700 miles, a round trip and all of those arent, really that feasible with an electric car.

It adds some real complication. All of the companies that make evs will happily tell you something like 92 percent of drivers, never go more than 40 miles a day, well, im one of the eight percent who actually does relatively frequently make these longer trips, which becomes a problem with an electric car. As my only car or as my main daily driver now, i should say this doesnt completely rule out an electric car, because some of them are now doing 400 miles of range, which, even for me, solves a lot of these problems. And, of course, i could get an electric car for most trips and then a non electric car for others, but that seems like kind of defeating the purpose, a little bit of overkill, but thats thats an explanation of why i havent yet gone ev. I dont think any of these challenges are like insurmountable. I think this is all still doable. I can. I can eventually get an ev and kind of deal with the consequences and figure it out, but those are the main reasons why i havent yet for my personal situation. So then the question is: what would i get what electric car would i buy if i was buying an electric car and the answer is with infinite money, i would get a gmc hummer ev. I think they are the coolest things in the world. Truly the coolest pickup truck, i think, theyre awesome, theyre absurd, uh, its a its a truck that can crab walk and its also a convertible and its just cool and its fast.

It has a thousand horsepower everything about it. I think is insane and cool and awesome and thats what i would buy, but on the secondary market right now, theyre selling for 220, 230, 240, 000 thats an enormous amount of money. I wont be getting that not to mention the fact that it wont fit in my garage and theres all these other issues, its way too heavy, etc, etc. But i love those vehicles and i would love to have one realistically without infinite money right now. In my life situation, i would probably get if i was getting an electric vehicle either a rivien or a ford, mustang machi, gt riven would be cool if i could get one at the list price on the secondary market. Those are selling for 110 120 000, which is a lot of money. I think the truck is worth that frankly, given all that it offers, but im not really about to spend 120 on a pickup truck its not really. My kind of thing i dont like buying new cars and spending big new car money anyway um, but i think that list price revving makes sense and a machi gt, i think, is a fantastic vehicle. I think it drives well it handles well. The technology is great. Its a lot of really good things to say about that car and i think that it would be on my short list as well. Now, youre, probably wondering why not tesla the truth is i love tesla.

I think teslas are great. They make fantastic cars. I just living in southern california, i must say im a little bored with it theyre everywhere. Last year the tesla model y outsold, the honda accord, which is insane. If you told me when i was a kid that a startup car company was going to outsell the honda accord within 15 years, i would be astonished its a ridiculous thing, but they are really common and its just not cool its its. They kind of have become sort of the toyota camry of electric cars, not necessarily a bad thing, its a great car. The reason everybody buys it is because its so great, but i always like to get stuff thats a little more interesting and exciting and unusual, and i think i would pursue that. I do recommend teslas to everybody. I think theyre great cars. I just think um weve gotten to a point where theyre just not theyre, just not special anymore theyre just kind of everywhere, but they do have a lot of great benefits and i would probably consider one you know further down on my list. Eventually so thats electric vehicles theres an explanation of my electric vehicle situation, but what about self driving cars would i buy if it were to ever truly exist? A self driving car, a lot of enthusiasts again would say. Never i never want the steering wheel out of my hands, i love to drive and feel the fun and the pedals and the acceleration blah blah, and i get all that, but my answer here once again is yes, i would buy a self driving car if the Situation presented itself, i spend an enormous amount of my driving time sitting in traffic.

If i go up to los angeles and come back im sitting on the 405 im sitting on the 5 bumper to bumper traffic, often for an hour or two hours a couple times a week, its tremendously annoying and the simple truth is, i dont need to be In some fun exciting car that im steering just to sit in two mile, an hour bumper to bumper traffic, its just not desirable to me, and so, if i had a situation in which i could get a self driving vehicle for that trip yeah, i would love To do that, i would give i would im not im a car enthusiast. I love driving, but i dont love sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on the 405., its not like im like yes. Today i get to get up and drive and sit and bumper to bumper on the 405, its not something that im interested in its, not something that i want to do and i think most car enthusiasts that theyre being honest with themselves would say: yeah. Okay, maybe in that circumstance it would be nice to have a car where it purely drives itself, and i dont have to think about that kind of thing in the heavy traffic situation now, once again, i want to make a point. I wouldnt want to get a self driving car to replace my fun cars. I still want to go out and have fun on weekends. Even when im running errands, i drive my fun cars, my rs2, my ford gt to the post office or whatever, because youre not in bumper, to bumper traffic and youre, going around corners and whatever.

But if im driving on longer trips, which i do frequently at least once or twice a week on the freeway sitting in traffic, i dont see why i wouldnt want a self driving car would be tremendously beneficial and it would really cut out some of the annoyance Of you know having to sit there and babysit the car when youre doing such a simple task, that a machine should be able to do with no problem and, frankly, one of the only reasons that im actually a little bit disappointed with my new land rover defender Is i wish it had better self driving tech? It has great adaptive cruise control itll bring it all the way to a stop, get started again. Thats great, but i wish it had better steering assist. Many new cars have that my defender was now two years old. Um and so its just, it was a little too early to have some of these more advanced systems, and i think some of the latest driver assist technology is fantastic and i would really really really love the opportunity uh to have a car that has a little Bit better of that ive already got something like 32 000 miles on my new defender, its been a great car and i planned to buy it and drive it to a hundred thousand miles, but im thinking now it probably wont quite get there as more driver assist Technology gets better and better and i think to myself boy i could be sitting on the 405 not doing anything that would be really nice and so thats thats kind of my thought on that subject.

So there you go, would i buy an electric vehicle or self driving car? Yes, i actually would buy either of them, even though im an enthusiast, and i love cars and manual transmissions and gas engines and all that stuff. If the circumstances were right in my life, if i could daily drive these cars sit in traffic in these cars, an electric vehicle self driving car, it would be fantastic, and i would really welcome that in my life. Frankly, it would be nice to have that benefit.