The i4 comes after the ix. Now this is really a junior bmw or a junior ev. One thats meant to be more affordable and more accessible. Lets see what its like Music for a bit of perspective. The i4 is the all electric version of the 4 series grand coupe, which itself is the 4 door coupe derivative of the 3 series in size. The i 4 is about as large as the standard wheelbase 3 sedan. We are familiar with give or take a few millimeters here and there, the flowing roofline and shorter rear deck, lend the eye for a sexier silhouette, but its the nose thats, really big. On shock value, the oversized kidney grille is loud and brash. A controversial design trend we are seeing on new bmws housed under the floor is an 83.9 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack that powers the electric motor at the rear axle on the i4e drive 40 that were getting in india. The motor produces 340 horsepower and 430 newton meters of torque and solely drives the rear wheels with the mass position low and power going to the rear wheels. The i4 has the right ingredients and established itself as a fun drivers car even over the short drive at the icat facility in manasser, so driving here on the icat track. Well, you really dont get a feel of how it is dynamically, because just straight and an oval, but what i can tell you is that uh steering its pretty ride seems to be quite good.

Dont forget this has got air suspension at the rear, so in that sense its pretty comfortable and whats really good is that performance i mean, unlike evs, which just suddenly fall off a cliff once you hit the top end, this one keeps going on and on quite A bit and you can get up to some pretty serious speeds. The bmw i4 can go from 0 to 100 clicks in a claimed 5.7 seconds and tops off at 190 kph. So the iphone drives like a bmw and theres more than a bit of familiarity on the inside as well. The dashboard is dominated by a 14.9 inch touchscreen that flows into the 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster, much like weve seen on the ix, but unlike the ix thats built on a bespoke ev platform, the iphone thats based off an ica platform doesnt have a floating dash Or flat floor, the rear seat too doesnt offer the flexibility or sense of space. A born electric car would well the back seat, really not the place to be. It is cramped. You sit in a knees up position and youve got this central hump, which kind of betrays the fact that this was originally an ice platformer one with an internal combustion engine, so really for someone sitting in the middle, its not comfortable at all. But overall, looking at the car, you know in terms of equipment, its got a fair bit. The large screen aside. The feature includes three zone: climate control led ambient lighting, a sunroof, a 17 speaker, harman kardon, surround system and a rear air suspension.

But equipment is a bit of a mixed bag because to get a good price point, they have eliminated some key features. For example, theres no heads up display and even the passenger side doesnt have uh the all way locking. So that is a bit of a miss, but again speaking about the price point around 70 lakhs, not bad for a bmw and one that drives pretty well too. Yes, you heard that right. Bmw has priced the all electric i4 at a shade under 70 lakhs, which is impressive by current luxury ev standards. The ifos pricing means it costs just a bit more than a 5 series and thats sure to get many interested. The i4 supports up to 205 kilowatt dc charging. The owners will likely make most of the 11 kilowatt ac charger. Thats, provided with the car a 0 to 100 charge would take around 8.5 hours with the ac charger. This leads me to the big talking point, the i 4 range, which is the most of all ev sold in india till now, and, of course, what every ev buyer wants to know is how good the range is well test conditions this is 500 plus, which is Pretty good, i think, in the real world 400 also should be possible so from a range point of view, really not too much of an issue.