How far do you go in life depends on what range youre pushing yourself and when buying an eevee range is a focal point, and it takes us all back to the old saying, kitna Music. Well, this one does a wltp range of 500 kilometers and if thats not raising your eyebrow, then let me tell you we can do 100 laps of this bic and each lap is about five kilometers and that too effortlessly without any sound without any emission. Without breaking your back and thats the thrill of evie, it does also does zero 205.2 seconds Music. It is a gripping car. The tires are completely grip with the road. You know when im doing a turn like this. You see its a hard turn: theres, no understeer, theres, no oversteer, even theres, no screeching sound of the tires because it is completely connected. So these guys have done a phenomenal job. Its a sense of control is marvelous. One thing which really delights me is that kia guys have nailed it with the technology. Now what technology im talking about? It is a moving power bank. It can charge an ev, it can charge your household appliances in todays time and age without infrastructure. If you dont have charge, you have no option rather than calling a trailer and get the car towed, but with this at least you can call a guy with an ev6. He can come thump compass chest, give you some charge and take you out of that wood to a next destination, now im sure going forward.

Many auto manufacturers will come up with this technology because this is going to solve a lot of real world problems, and this could be a big step in our ev race, all right. So what do we get in driving modes? Of course you get a driving mode. You get eco, normal sport and then these two paddle shifters that youre thinking. If youre wondering that this comes the pedal shifters, let me correct it. These are not padded shifters left pedal gives you something called eye pedal when you hammer the left, toggle bar four times. Itll engage eye pedal and when you lift your leg up, it will gradually bring it to hold now, of course, this is what will happen in normal cases, but this will be more gradual and this will help you in regeneration. The right pedal is basically meant for engaging the region mode. Now, our time at the circuit is going to get over because we all have been granted 10 generous laps, which basically is about to get over, and i can drive on and on. But i have to show you some more of the car, so lets pull over its time to take a hard look at the ev6. You know the world has gone digital, so there we have digital tiger nose. Does that make sense? No, what makes sense is the design, because it still looks beautiful, of course, its a very, very fresh cooking design, something that we have not seen yeah.

Of course, it has taken its inspiration from vbx from ferrari roma from all the nicest cars in the world, and what they have brought on table is a very, very good. Looking car look at these lights, you know it actually screams at you and theres a small cuts here. Theres them jing bang, something here. Of course, digital tiger knows thats what they call it, and there are these fake ducks here, which doesnt make sense. But overall it makes sense because it looks good and theres these nice character lines on the bonnet and you start with a 19 inch tire profile which always accentuates the profile and this flush door handles, which protrudes out invites you to step inside which we will do Later, but it looks very, very stylish and this character lines from the bottom, which connects to the tail light, gives it a complete look, a very fresh design, radical design, of course, a koopa like finish with a shark ending on the top. It reminds you of acid marking dbs from every aspect. I just cant stop staring at it and imagining in my hindsight how much this design is an inspiration. Take it from mass money, which is essentially not a bad thing, because design taken from a good car is always a good, and we need to improvise all of that from the rear. It looks as part its something that youve not seen. The design of ev6 will definitely grow on you, its a stunner of a vehicle.

The boot space is 520 liters and when you fold the seats down, you get a humongous 1300 liters, which is a huge space. What we dont know about this is the weight of the car, because it comes with a 77 watt kilowatt battery, which is giving it a very good range. I assume that the weight of the car is going to be very less now coming to the back seats. I would definitely like to spend a lot of time in the back seats. Look at the leg room. I mean really its amazing the way they have done it because of a larger wheelbase, because the batteries are all tugged in the seats and the floor. Pallet is all straight in so basically i can jump in here come out of here all the way i want to do it, and these meridian speakers are right here. The fit and finish is very good. What is missing is a panoramic, sunroof and, of course, its a coupe, so you dont get too much of headroom, so person would be on the other side of six feet will not like it. I guess, but we are good right now. You get charging sockets on the sides of the seats, so each one takes one. The seats can manually recline, which gives you more space, is so much of comfort that i like to spend more time and get shuffle around. But i have to show you more of the car more of the tech and more of very interesting little features about the ev6 that you will begin to love, so you have 12.

3 inch display, which is very intuitive. You have bold fonts, which you can tap while driving without taking your eyes off. What i like about this is that this also has a preset sound levels for the ambient noise. If you want rainy days, if you want calm c, you can actually choose that thats. Something very thoughtful heres, a party trick. It has voice memo, supposing youre having the conversation with a friend of yours or you just have a wild thought and you want to type it or record it on your phone and lift your phone up. You can just record it while im speaking to you and you can get it saved so that conversation is saved on your machine and next time. If you want to make someone here or listen to your wild thought, you can play that part again like i am doing this right now, so thats, something very new. I havent seen that happening at many places and uh the small little things that they have done, which is good. They also have a quiet mode, pretty much thats. What this is there and, of course the app has a lot of things which wont connect. We have yet to connect the app which we have got well try and kind of be at the time, but the app also does a lot of things you get uh ac knobs, which is rotatory manual. Rest. Everything is touch screen and you get ventilated seats button here.

You get seats, heated seats here you also get an auto hold and you have loads of adas functions. While we are driving, it can sense the car in front of you. It has many advanced functions which is uh very useful. We have to still test it all in all this car has loads of storage. It also looks very premium theres, a aluminum finish with the ac vents and the entire fit, and finish looks very premium. These are very good materials to hold, it will come at a price and that price is going to be on the higher side, but lets wrap up the review and lets summarize what i have to tell you, Music, while its time to wrap up there. A lot of things which i love about the ev6, including that the rear seat people get completely windows which goes down, which itself is a big thing, small little thing. But it gives you a lot of space theres plenty of legroom at the rear seat, driving wise. Its very comfortable car, it holds itself in the corner, it gets dual electric motors and gets 600 nm of torque and about 325 ps of power, and it also gets a 500 kilometer of range, which is the highest range that you can get on the indian road. As an eevee, of course, its very difficult to pick up something, it looks stylish, it has everything packed to the brim. It has so much of a dash functions in terms of safety.

It has borrowed a lot of things from everywhere safety from volvo design, from dbx and comfort, from maybe s class. If i stretch the line so much, it has really packed in so much that youll be very spoiled and its very difficult to pick up something that i dont like. But we have to pick up something and thats going to be the price point, because the price that you launch it will be on the higher side, because they only have 100 units to sell and globally theres a big waiting period of this. But this is going to be an eevee which will really turn the heads while youre driving it on the roads, and i would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let us know what you think should be the price of ev6.