I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im reviewing the upcoming nissan aria ill, be covering the most important features to see whether itll crush the competition or not, with its sexy, exterior and Interior japanese design and its intelligent autopilot technology, one more thing before i start my wife is so negative. I remember to plug in the eevee at night i set up the car seat, the stroller and the diaper bag. Yet all she can talk about is how i forgot the baby. Okay, now back to the video, the nissan aria is a battery electric compact crossover suv that will be manufactured at nissans tushigi facility in japan, beginning in july 2020.. The aryas introduction in the united states was originally scheduled for the second half of 2021, but has now been pushed back to 2022. yep. The nissan leaf is no longer the companys. Only all electric vehicle, the all new 2023 nissan aria is an electric crossover. Coupe thats not only demonstrating the companys aim to compete with industry leaders like tesla, but also a potential new design direction, its a tough task for a car maker in financial trouble, but the aria might be just what the doctor ordered to get things back on track.

The arya not only has the newest battery electric technology, but it also has autonomous driving capabilities voice, personal assistance and range up to 300 miles. The aria is also nissans first vehicle to get over the air upgrades. The aria is, without a doubt, a huge step forward for nissan, and it is likely to be a popular seller when it hits showrooms. The aria production version was announced in july 2020 and was originally scheduled to enter the market in 2021 at a starting price of 40 000. The arias introduction was pushed back from 2021 to 2022 due to the chip scarcity caused by the lockdown pricing for the u.s market was released on november 17 2021, with a starting price of 47 125 deliveries in the united states are planned to begin in the fall Of 2020, too, for the 2023 model year, the aria will compete with other eb crossovers for comparable size such as the tesla model y and hyundai kona, electric in 2022 design and engineering. Some electric vehicles, such as the bmw, ix3 and the mercedes eqa, are based on current petrol and diesel powered models, while the aria was built from the bottom up to be an electric vehicle, this eliminates the need for huge intakes or other airflow disrupting features in the Front grille as a result, starting from scratch, has offered nissans engineers greater creative freedom in designing the aria and its shows. The nissan aria appears significantly more futuristic and powerful than the mercedes, eqa or bmw ix3 from the clean front end to the swoopy roofline, the roof.

Spoiler and full length rear tail light are sporty additions to this familys friendly, suvs overall appeal. It looks more like the new skoda enyak iv coupe than the usual boxer suvs already on the market. The nissan arya is the ultimate manifestation of style and technology. According to nissan its difficult to disagree, because the aryas v motion grille has a 3d pattern with the brands new emblem that lights up due to 20 leds, its keeping in its timeless japanese futurism design philosophy, the aerodynamic grille also serves as a cover for the arias Pro pilot sensing equipment, the led running lights, integrate into the grille with a broken horizontal line, connects the front and rear fascias on the sides of the car. A raised c pillar and one piece blade with a blackened out appearance when not in use, add to the rear ends. Appeal nissan offers, six two tone paint and four full body. Color choices, including the distinctive copper paint for even more flair, with two tone paint. A black roof is provided sporty 19 inch. Aluminum wheels are standard with 20 inch available as an option when compared to the tesla model y. The exterior style is unmistakably dramatic and its easy to see when the eyes would first be drawn interior. The inside is decorated in a japanese inspired style. The infotainment screen and the drivers instrument gauge cluster both have big 12.3 inch monitors, apple, carplay, android, auto and amazon. Alexa are all available as standard features, because all the key functions are incorporated into the touchscreen.

The minimalist dashboard lacks traditional buttons. One especially inventive approach was to have mechanical related operations vibrate when pressed simulating the action of pressing a button. Thankfully, the heating settings are separate, touch sensitive pads on the dashboard, rather than being incorporated into the touch screen which may be difficult to operate while driving. The majority of the cars function will be managed via the central touch screen or the new hey nissan voice command system which is similar to that used in recent mercedes, bmw and volkswagen vehicles. Without taking your hands off the wheel, you can set up the sat nav make phone calls and alter the temperature setting the aria concept. Car from 2019 had a function that allowed the car to sync with the drivers schedule, allowing it to pre heat or pre cool. The cabin while it was parked and charging saving battery power. The idea also demonstrated technology that would let the driver use pro pilots remote park to autonomously park. The aria from a nearby place akin to teslas smart, summon feature nissan, has not stated whether or not these features will be included in the production vehicle. The nissan aryas extensive infotainment system will include over the air updates, so crucial software modifications or upgrades will be handled via the built in 4g connection. This means you wont, have to return to the shop to get the newest upgrades installed. The center console, like the seat placements, may be adjusted to drivers preferences and recorded as part of the drivers profile.

Theres lots of storage, including a huge box concealed behind the center instrument panel and the laptop friendly fold out tray. The zero gravity chairs compact form held to give more leg room for both front and rear seat occupants engineers were able to free up interior space in unusual ways, because the arias ev base, such as placing the temperature control system under the hood, where a combustion engine Would have been, electric vehicles do not require a transmission tube, and the arias flat floor provides even greater passenger and freight room performance. Unlike the leaf, which only has four wheel drive. Nissan is using technology developed for previous cars, including, as the torque split system used in the gtr sports car, to provide optional all wheel, drive via a dual front, rear electric motor layout. The all wheel, drive aria is expected to go from 0 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds, which is comparable to higher end electric vehicles. The standard front wheel, drive vehicle will most certainly be slower, but it will have the quick acceleration that ev power trains are known for the base. Aria will generate 160 kilowatts and 221 pound feet of torque, while the improved version will generate 289. Kilowatts and 443 pound feet of torque. Drivers may choose from three different driving modes to find the best setting for the road and whether circumstances the near 50 50 front rear weight distribution. Another benefit of the hefty battery pack beneath the floor will allow for excellent handling the standard pro pilot assist 2.

0. Suite of features which includes lane centering navigating stop and go highway traffic and assisting in maintaining vehicle speed, depending on impeding road conditions, will appeal to safety. Conscious purchasers, intelligent around view monitor forward collision warning and emergency braking are all included in the nissan safety shield package. Battery life, the aria will be available in two battery sizes, 66 kwh and 87 kw edge, as well as front or all wheel drive on a single charge. The fwd 87 kwh is estimated to go roughly 300 miles. Awd variants use nissans innovative e force system, which borrows technology from the nissan gt, torque split r system, the venture plus according to nissan, has a driving range of up to 300 miles per charge, which is a significant improvement over the leafs maximum range of 226 miles. The evolv, plus and premiere versions are said to go up to 285 miles on a single charge, while the platinum plus is set to go up to 265 jaguars. I pace and audis e tron, which offer 234 and 204 miles of range respectively, are similarly sized automobiles. Teslas main competitors claim ranges of over 300 miles. The aria will be able to charge at home at public charging stations and even at dc fast charging ports using 110 to 240 volt outlets, price and model range. The aria starting price of forty seven thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars puts it beyond the leaf and other inexpensive evs, but it will be less expensive than the tesla model by long range, which starts at about fifty thousand dollars, even with the shorter range.

The aria and model y will fight for customers. People could continue with the entry level venture plus trim, which has the longest driving range among the res forum levels, because the prevailing mentality is that range is crucial to effectively switching from gasoline to electricity. Official price will start at around forty thousand dollars. Of course, this does not include a few thousand dollars in federal and state tax incentives, heres the price of each of the four trims. The venture press trim starts at forty seven thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars. The evolve plus will cost you fifty thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars. The premier trim will cost fifty four thousand six hundred and twenty five dollars and the platinum plus is the costliest trim with sixty thousand one hundred 125. Of course, the model y wont be the only competitor for the aria. The incoming volkswagen id4 will be a strong competitor, as will the audi q4 sport back e tron ill bet. The ladder will be more expensive. The fiskar ocean, which is expected to start at roughly 37 500 before any tax incentives, is another probable future competitor. The age of all electric crossovers with a sporty appearance is here. This wraps up my review of the nissan aria. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video.

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