My name is david lc and today were joined by irish continental tires car of the year this year. The kia ev6. This is one ive been really looking forward to driving its got a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery its priced at about 50 000 euros. Its got over 500 kilometer range, so its going to be a good one and one man who actually said this car was his favorite electric car ever was bob flavin bob. How is just hard to drop in? I heard my name mentioned out of the blue, so bob you have loved the ev6 youve done, i think over a thousand kilometers. You said in it hows it been its everything you its actually much bigger than it that it looks. You know physically im not sure on the screen. It looks big but actually in the physicality of the car. Its very big so range rover, sport, size, wise, genuinely thats, not me making that up, thats actually kind of a stat yeah, but it is its very long. Very wide easy fit five people in this proper family car. You forget its electric right. If you drive it enough, you begin to forget it. I know you still have to plug it in now, but you just begin to forget with that. Long range is very good. Lets take a look at it Music in terms of styling. I agree its probably one of the best looking cars out there. Yep looks like something came out of blade runner, it is, if it flew you, wouldnt really be if it took off ive, never really paid attention heres some some wings, its like a little bit of a batmobile, its very movie friendly door.

Handles really like these again were seeing these in a lot of cars yeah, as you see in the ionic 5., its very nice and easy to open this one is the gt line, so its got some bigger 20 inch, alloys panoramic sunroof driver heads up display the One id buy now i would, i would buy the gt line, one. I know theres another. You could save a few pound by binder theres the earth which is about fifty thousand years, but only for about another four and a half thousand years. Youre getting the gt line. Glass roof is worth it yeah, it is alone and something in some manufactures. You actually pay about two grand for that alone, so it is gorgeous now. My favorite angle is the rear bottom. It looks fantastic. The light shining up above its just theres lights back there that dont look like lights yeah. You know what i mean: they look like theyre strips of plastic theyre, actually, the indicator or the reversing light, or something on the back of it. So theres very some very cool little touches on the back Music. The rear end of this has absolutely all the coolest. Little details in the world, but one of the coolest features is the charge board which opens up like this, which is kind of cool dc and ac charging on this one obviously, and has a fast charge capability right insane, faster, 250 kilowatts. So technically, if we had the charge in ireland, you could go from 10 to 80 or 90 in.

I think, like 18 minutes, yeah phenomenal speed, thats the kind of stuff you want to do. Yeah. We need to charge your esp. It also future proofs the car a little bit more because i think down the line. A lot of cars are going to have that type of charging capability, its worth checking out as well, when youre buying from any dealer matter what the car is, what the fastest charge you can do, because a lot of them are restricted to 100 kilowatts uh, which Means its going to be a longer, no matter how fast the charger is, theyre going to get 100 cool way of causing it too now the boot. So under here we have 520 liters electronic tailgate comes as standard. It is quite practical in here to be fair. Youve loads little tie down points you can fold. The seats from here under here youve got storage for your charging cartridges again, yep theres two layers here i reckon i could fit a human bob. Well have to put that to the test so whats. My greatest fears is always will this stop oh well, head down a minute. No, i dont know if this doesnt stop. I hope im insured, bye, now im going to lose my legs now. Sorry, kids, oh my no! Oh, my god! It stopped. I didnt even feel the pressure i was okay. It did actually stop thats, pretty good, actually so safe practical, so your kids are safe, yeah in ikea.

All right, okay, dont put them there, though. No no anyway, we go check out. The inside lynn take her for a drive, yeah, so rear seat. Space is actually big. These are big cars with big flat floors in them as well, so theres theres, nothing to stop feet going anywhere in here. The floor is a little higher in these because theres a battery pack underneath them, but other than that you dont need to notice this in the back of each of the seats theres usbc theres, no vents back here, which is which is unusual. Seeing these cars youve also got a big armrest in the center, which transforms from being a cup holder to the front, to being a phone holder when you push that back as well, and all these seats go flat. So you can turn this into a full size. Van theres, more room back here for a family than most of the other five star hatchbacks on the market and for a five door, hatchback theres, actually heated seats in the rear of this as well. On the interior of the ev6, i mean its a lovely place to sit theres. All these nice little touches like watch. What happens when i turn the ignition on my seat gets brought into its preferred position now with a few bleeps going on, because the passenger door is open to get the camera in, but in terms of storage lets begin so youve got a glove box.

There youve got some drink holders. Wireless charging a little bit more storage in there, its actually quite deep door card. So it is good in terms of storage and then in terms of the seating position. Well, its completely adjustable. You can maneuver in any way you like. I do have it in the lowest position. I still do find it quite a little bit high, so maybe, if youre taller, that might be a bit of a nuisance, but overall in here its glorious steering wheel. So its a two spoke steering wheel, which means you can kind of rest. Your hand like that on a long drive which i love and then youve got two massive big displays here and they kind of curve into one another to create this massive, really futuristic screen. In front of you and its got everything you could need so youve got your satellite navigation, your radio, your bluetooth. It is, of course, apple carplay and android. Auto, however, you need a wire for that, so thats, maybe one little tick against it uh. It would be nice to have it wireless, its just a little bit easier to use. Then youve got everything else you could ever want to need. You can control your driving data. You can see how much range you have left where the nearest charges are its very. Very good, like that theres also some shortcuts down here which take you quickly to the radio or quickly to your maps, which is really nice under here.

You also have a bit more storage, and i like that that kia have done this, so basically theyve got a usb charger and a usbc charger, and on top of that, theyve also got 12v sockets. So no matter what way you want to charge your phone kia. Allow it so overall, i think the cockpit in here is just as lovely as it gets and part of the gt line. Is you get things like this panoramic sunroof, which opens its really nice on a nice summery day Music, so bob youve spent a huge amount of time behind the wheel. What are uh, what are the standard things to you? Well, one of the main things we all. We keep trying to sell electric cars based upon the range right, so we mentioned ranges or the car company does but theyre the max ranges. So if you want to go far, you drive slower thats like the given people, just dont get that they think they get into the car and drive it its 120 kilometers an hour to do 500, kilometers or no car will do it. So it was the range, but in this the big thing that i keep reminding myself of is just pure comfort. The seats are huge and you just sit back and relax and enjoy the view now that im, the passenger of course, yeah well now youre a complete passenger first kind of impressions. Now i have been driving it for a few days.

I do find the regenerative braking really good, so these paddles here you can actually put it into eye pedal mode and then its its one pedal driving theyll come to a complete hot im, not going to do it now, im on the road, but thats really really Impressive and then you get used to that after a while as well, you learn to drive without using the friction brakes at all. I get back into my own car, which is also a matter of perpetual, and i need to go through the red light afterwards, but yeah and then its got all your usual creature. Comforts heated steering wheels on right. Now you were saying you might turn on the pool, heaters and cool seats, both yeah its really easy, and then you have to sit on the screen here. Thats two screens, you press that you get you get your temperature controls. You can get that knife controls very. Very high, its very clever – it still has physical buttons on the inside. This software is really easy to use as well yeah. A lot of them are over complicated and then power its over 200 horsepower. Now i know its heavy but its really interesting one and were kind of talking about this off camera, because its rear wheel drive so youve been pushed from behind, which generally can be a bit frightening, but its got it squats down it pushes on really, but i Think thats kind of good because we used to have big fat engines out over the front, wheels and rear wheel.

Drive was loose yeah because theres no weight over the wheels. But now all the way, its in the bottom of the car towards towards the middle of the car. It doesnt necessarily feel like a complete rear wheel, drive doesnt feel like youre out of control yeah. It feels like its got power, but it squats down and goes it really does and its very light handling wise now, dont know. If you heard when youre talking there, i was getting a warning sign up. So its got like a lot of cars, all the bells and whistles in terms of lane assist and adaptive cruise control, but i find that were getting to a point where the lane assist is too good yeah, and so yes, i drove it on the m50. The n11 big comfortable roads and it was fantastic, but now were on a skinny little windy road and because of how fast the ev6 is. I have to go past the lines and then it just basically starts beeping at me, and so you cant turn it off and it takes about 10 seconds to be fair, so its very, very easy, but its one thing. I definitely have noticed those little safety systems can become very naggy after a while yeah on a particular one. At this point there is some theres, a good, solid white line here for a bit and then itll fade away further down where it just disappears. The cars know whats going to happen next, so i know its made for a certain kind of road in a certain kind of safety way, but it just doesnt necessarily work in ireland every time.

Another thing ive really enjoyed is the augmented heads up display here. So this part of the gt line, which is where that extra, four or five thousand euros going. But when you have your sat, nav itll kind of direct you where to go and its its very hard to pick up on camera but yeah. But you can see that the turn is coming open. So far, its very cool you have to experience it. You need to drive it first. I would advise anyone whos looking to buy electric cars to go down to your local dealer and ill leave a link to those up there. Theres over 1000 done deal trusted dealers around the country, but go down test drive. It get a real sense for how the car is for you, because i think thats the best way to know if you like a car yeah, because its not like driving whatever car youre coming from unless its electric yeah you its not like driving a normal car. Its totally different, you feel like youre driving something from the future. It is theres so much tech and we often will be driving one new car into the next and we take lane, assist and adaptive cruise control and all these things as a given. But if youre coming from a 2012 or 13 car and youre making a big upgrade its going to be light years ahead and its going to be brilliant, it is yeah its something completely different and youre sitting in something that feels like a truck its so wide.

Yeah and yet its a photo hatchback, you know its. It becomes so big these days, Music. So after a quick drive, i have to say its gorgeous to drive. I see what youre talking about bob its so wafty isnt. It yeah it glides along its really really nice. Now the size is one other thing to bear in mind, but a couple other amazing features about it. So the first one is: it comes with key a 7 year warranty, which includes the batteries up to 150 000 kilometers. So i can sense. We may see a few of these as taxis, yeah yeah. If you can get them if you can get them theres. A short supply of them yeah, you can get them right exactly, and the other thing that we have to mention is the vehicle to load thing where you can essentially charge another persons, electric car, you can use the system, so the battery can put power out and In and on the international launch of this, they had one of these i said the door that was running a projector. It was charging an electric bicycle and they had a coffee machine running off it. So all from the car, the car wasnt plugged into anything other than that that is still able to drive it. So it worked perfectly should have brought my coffee machine up here this morning. Yeah. Does it trip in plug? You can plug things into it. Its amazing anyway, thank you so much for watching thanks a million to bob for joining us here today, the kia ev6.

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