Actually, these sada nexon evmax is the later version of tata nexon, which is one of the best selling car in india. After the success of tata nx on eev, the company had decided to launch tata next on eb mac with extra range and large battery pack. Actually, this starter nx1 av is not having much difference uh when compared to normal, tata and x1ab, which is a base version. The only difference between these two cars is uh. It is having a larger battery pack, you know, and also it offers a higher rate. That is a main difference and also this car is having some updated features when compared to not normal tata nexon av. Well, coming to the design of this car, it looked like a standard tata nexon av, but the difference is: it is having a skin color of intensity, which makes the difference between standard car and this tatamax ev car. There is nothing special in this car which state that it is a long range evmax in front. It is still get halogen lamps with led drls. It had no change in the dimensions and the dimensions of this car are lengthy, is ’93 mm, which is 1811 mm, and the height is 1616 mm. It is having the diamonds like a standard, tata nexon card. However, the ground clearance is now 190 mm, which is 15 mm less than standard car, or to this side, this car is having r16 diamond cut alloy wheels and the design is also different from the normal car, and this car is having four displays for four wheels.

Thats a good thing for this car. If you observe the, if you observe these wheels carefully, you will notice a slightly different design because, as it is in new version, thats why they have designed these alloy wheels slightly different, so guys. This is the charging port of this vehicle with 3.3 kilowatt ac charger. It will take 15 hours for this car to get fully charged, but the company is also providing a 7.2 kilowatt ac charger. With that 7.2 kilowatt ac charger, it will take around 6.5 hours to charge this vehicle 100 percent, but for 7.2 kilowatt ac charger. If you want that charger, it will be charged additionally around 60 000 rupees and with the option of 50 kilohertz dc charger, it will take 56 minutes only to charge from zero to 80 percent. So guys now we are inside this car and if you observe this carefully, unlike the exterior, the interior of tadamax is having a fair amount of changes and the central console in the drive selector. That is now digital and it is having a light. Also, if you look this closely, it is having a try, arrow design. So this is a try, arrow design, so it is having four modes. First, one is parking, then rewards, and next one is neutral and the fourth one is drive mode. So these are the four modes that this car is having and also we are having. One is echo mode and the second one is sports mode, and also here they have given electronic parking brake and auto hold functions.

We have our regenerative switch here and here it is conveniently placed to adjust region levels, and this is our echo mode, and this is our sports mode. Eco mode switch and sports mode switch that they are crafted on this central console very beautifully, and there is also a wireless charger. If you see here, which is not there in previous version of tata nexon, this car is having automatic rear view, mirror front, ventilated seats. The and the other updates includes air pure fare, along with some tech features like the updates that connected apps, and that now will get a 48 features in that well coming to the safety factors of this vehicle. It consists two airbags and abs with ebd esp tight pressure, monitor hill start and hill descent. These are the safety features of this vehicle and also welcome to the battery pack. They have enlarged that battery pack to get maximum range for this vehicle and the battery pack is ip67 rated battery pack and coming to other changes in this vehicle uh. It includes slight graphic changes for the tft display, which show you the region levels and the drive mode you are in. So this is the front part uh front compartment of this vehicle. Now i will go backside and ill. Tell you how it is so guys. This is the career cabin of this vehicle. Sadly, nexon max doesnt have any extra raid space. It is somehow consistent so consistent only so coming to the food space.

Food space is somehow consistent uh. It is like a normal, not tata. Next on ev. Only here they have not given any kind of usb port, so it is a. It is a missing part of this vehicle. But if you see here here, they have given a small uh charging port so that we can charge – and this is the armrest with without this three members can sit comfortably or with these two members can sit here. Also, they have given some space so that we can include some kind of some kind of things here, also under the armrest. Also they have given some space so that we can keep some kind of things here. The main difference between standard tata nx on ev and this car is these sunroof. They have included the sunroof, which is the one touch. If you want to open this, you have to just press the one button with one button we can open this. That is the best part of this vehicle coming to the interior. Also, it looks very luxurious. This car is having a battery pack uh, which is having a capacity of 40.5 kilowatt hour, which is 10 kilowatt hour more than standard car thats why? It is having an increased power well coming to the peak power. It is having one for 143 hp, peak power and also 250 nm torque in city and echo mode. The power is restricted to 97 hp and 170 mm torque and for sports mode the power is 143 hp and with this power this can attain 0 to 100 kilometers per hour speed in nine seconds only and it will significantly more responsive than a standard car, and This car top speed has increased to 137 kilometers per hour with the larger battery pack.

It gives you a range of 437 kilometers, which is more than 125 kilometers than a standard car, and if you observe this car, it is having zero to three modes in region levels. The change of region levels also alters the overall range of the car. So if you are in sports mode with low regen mode uh, you will have the least range. If you are in echo mode with highest region, you will have a maximum range so coming to the exclusive features of this vehicle compared to the normal uh tata, nexon ev. It is having halogen headlights a red, disc, brake 7.0 inch, touchscreen wireless charging, apple carplay and android, auto ventilator front seats, rare ac vents, sunroof, auto dimming iv, rm and auto hold air air purifier. These are the exclusive features for these tata nexon av max, which makes difference from normal tata next on ev car. So actually, what i am thinking is uh. This car is having a price of 21 lakhs, which is the android price, and if you want to have a 7.2 kilowatts ac charger, you will be additionally charged 60 thousand rupees uh, which is around twenty one lakh, sixty thousand, which is only a hundred price, and With the live tax and also gst and kind of things, it will be around 25 to 26 lakhs with that much of money. It is value for money. I agree with that, but what im thinking is they are providing only two airbags in front only so coming to the warranty of this vehicle.

They are giving uh 80 years or one like 60 000 kilometers, whichever comes earlier on motor and battery pack, and which is more than enough so thats all about this car guys, if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video To your friends and family members whats your thought on this, please let us know in the comments section for more such videos. Please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications.