All information right in this video lets get started. Kia has announced additional specifications for its upcoming ev6 electrical crossover, which includes the fact that the one of a kind electric vehicle will have a maximum range of up to 328 miles when it is fully charged. Prices start at forty thousand, eight hundred nine to five dollars for the kia ev6 and the first deliveries are expected to begin in october. There will be three different trim levels and two different drivetrain options available for the range each uk model also comes standard with the companys long range 77.4 kilowatt hour battery, rather than the entry level 58 kilowatt hour, one that is offered in other markets. This battery capacity is standard on all other markets models. According to the official testing conducted by wltp, the base model of the rear wheel, drive kia ev6 has a maximum range of 328 miles. It is equipped with an electrical powertrain that generates 226 horsepower and standard equipment on this automobiles. Air trim level includes diamond cut, alloy wheels of 19 inches in diameter, lead headlights, rear parking, sensors and rain sensing windshield wipers inside the vehicle customers are provided with heated front seats, trimmed in black vegan leather based a heated steering wheel, an ambient lighting system, computerized air Conditioning and two 12.3 inch screens, one of which is dedicated to the digital devices and the other of which manages the automotive infotainment capabilities. The more athletic ev6 gt line can be ordered with either a power plant producing 226 horsepower at the rear wheels for a price of forty three thousand eight hundred nine to five pounds or producing 321 horsepower at all four wheels for a price of forty.

Seven thousand. Three hundred ninety five pounds: the latter configuration can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 5.2 seconds and develops 605 newton meter of torque. As a result of improvements in fuel economy, the claimed range has been reduced to 314 miles in accordance with wltp testing. Nevertheless, each of the official range values represents an improvement on kias initial objectives. The gt line model comes standard with a more aggressive body package, black alloy wheels measuring 19 inches in diameter, rear privacy, glass, front parking, sensors and dual led headlights with adaptive high beam technology. Other standard equipment includes rear privacy glass. In addition, purchasers get a handy function known as the vehicle to load perform, which enables customers to utilize the ev6 battery to power outside appliances with a maximum rating of 3.6 kilowatts. The interior of the ev6 gt line will also receive a few upgrades, including aluminum pedals, a wireless smartphone charging pad black suede upholstery and kias premium leisure seats. These seats will automatically tilt back when the vehicle is charging, giving the driver the opportunity to take a nasa nap in between driving stints the gt line. S is the ev6 variant that comes in at the highest price point. It comes with the same exterior design pack and is likewise available with either the rear wheel, drive motor priced at forty eight thousand three hundred ninety five pounds or the four wheel drive electrical powertrain. However, it comes with more standard equipment than the rear.

Wheel drive model customers receive alloy, wheels measuring 20 inches in diameter, a power operated, tailgate remote, intelligent parking assistance and a panoramic sunroof that can tilt as well as slide the kia freeway driving help 2 technology, which enables the ev6 to assume control of its steering brakes And throttle when it is being driven on the highway is also included in the package. The ev6 is able to charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes, thanks to the brand new egmp foundations, which feature the most recent 800 volt electrical structure. In comparison, the most common dc fast charging functionality is 2′ kilowatt. The ev6 is the first vehicle in the world to have the capability of transforming an influence feed from a more common 400 volt, fast charger to 800 volts thanks to a sophisticated motor and inverter sound. This enables the ev6 to charge at its maximum capacity. Additionally, kias cost response package gives owners of the ev6 access and navigation via the gps to about 205 000 charging points across europe, including both ac and dc sources. The kia cost smartphone app gives customers a hyperlink between the numerous different charging suppliers that are a part of the scheme. Together with the ionity network, kia manages the subscriptions and the payments for three different membership subscription levels depending on the homeowners utilization levels. The eb6 comes with six variable regenerative braking settings which helps to boost the vehicles overall versatility. This consists of completely off modes, one to three: a ipedal option, an auto setting which enables one pedal driving by bringing the car to a stop without touching the brakes and the ability to collect the maximum energy possible from the vehicles motion.

The new 2022 kia, ev6 gt pricing and technical specifications, regardless the flagship model, an ev6 gt that competes with the porsche taken, is ready to go. Kia has stated that it will be available for purchase in 2022 with a starting price of 58 295 pounds and that deliveries are expected to begin the second half of the calendar year. It will be driven by a combination of two electric motors that together will produce 577 horsepower kia claims that the method reduces the time it takes for the crossover to accelerate from zero to 62 miles per hour to 3.5 seconds, while simultaneously increasing its top speed to 162 miles per hour, however, because of the increased fuel efficiency, the advertised range has been reduced to 251 miles. Albert biermann, president of hyundai and head of research and development provided an overview of the kia ev6 gt by saying the following. The gt model of ev6 demonstrates our technological leadership by means of its combination of excellent speed charging and acceleration performance like a brilliant sports vehicle. There is no such thing as a one for compromise between inspirational, spaciousness and efficiency with our dedicated electric vehicle platform. Design and functionality come together in the new 2021 kia ev6. Despite its compact size, the kia ev6 has a wheelbase that measures 2 900 millimeters in length. This is despite the fact that the ev6 itself is not particularly large. This places the wheels in a position where they are close to the models extremities, which helps to enhance the amount of room that is available within the way of efficiency continues inside the cabin where the seats are trimmed in material.

That is created from recycled plastics and is comparable to 111 water bottles. These seats are both stylish and lightweight, which contributes to the cabins overall efficiency. This helps to ensure that the vehicle operates as efficiently as possible. The trunk has a capacity of 520 liters, however, that may be enlarged to 1 300 liters. If the rear seats are folded down, there is an additional 52 liters of storage capacity available in the front cupboards of automobiles that have a rear wheel, drive configuration. This quantity is reduced to 20 liters in automobiles that are equipped with all wheel drive. It is essential that it be large enough to accommodate the charging cords for the vehicle. The ev6 can reportedly haul cargo that weigh up to 1 600 kilogram, while still retaining more than 35 percent of its charge of the battery, as stated by kia for an electric vehicle. This is quite an accomplishment. In addition to this, the ev6 is equipped with a heat pump that recovers waste heat from the coolant system of the vehicle. This indicates that the vehicle is capable of obtaining 80 of the range that it claims to be capable of when the ambient temperature is 25 degrees celsius, even in temperatures as low as 7 degrees celsius. The temperature at which the claim was made was 25 degrees celsius. Thank you so much for watching this video.