We still get the plug in hybrid, with more power than ever before and a new ev model as well. Now, unfortunately, in this video, i cant tell you how much they cost or how they drive, but well talk about everything else. On all three of these models up front, we have a much more distinctive design than we had before in the nero with what they call the heartbeat drl here right inside the full led headlamp module. The tiger nose grille has shrunk considerably thats. What theyre calling this tiny section up here? Let me know if you still see some tiger nose in that personally, i dont really some satin chrome accents all the way up front and more cooling going on in the hybrid and plug in hybrid models over here on the electric vehicle. Youll notice that the grille below is a little bit smaller theres, some sort of parametric shapes going on in this section and in the tiger nose section to give it a more distinctive look and, of course, help improve aerodynamics. We still have the charge port up front. I kind of like having the charge port up front. I have to say we currently have a long term ev6 its in the back, and i much prefer this design dimensionally. The nero has grown in this generation, but it still slots right between the kia saltos and the kia sportage in the lineup. This is sort of a compact sort of a subcompact crossover on the inside its pretty similar to the toyota rav4 in terms of interior dimensions.

In the plug in hybrid model, the charge port is right here on the drivers, side, front, fender and youll notice. The very distinctive and controversial design cue in this generation nero its this black panel right back here. According to kia, this aeroblade is fully functional, theres some air inlets right here on the back of the rear door, and then air comes out at the back of the tail lamp module from this angle. You can really see the boomerang shape and how it almost disappears into the rear. Fender. The air outlet is right here on the inside of the taillight models. There actually goes right in there under the aerofoil through there and then out that side. The rear end styling is significantly different than the previous nero. This particular model is the full ev version, so the lower portion of the bumper is a little bit different than the hybrid and plug in hybrid. We have the new kia logo right there back up camera and, of course, the button for the power hatch there. The hatch is still a little bit more vertical than it is horizontal, although the rear window is a bit more steeply rated and for everybody out there that wishes every ev had a rear wiper. We do have one in the near ev as before. The nero is going to come in three different power levels. The hybrid model has the same 1′ horsepower hybrid system as last time, although it has been redesigned to now get 53 miles per gallon.

Estimated combined. The plug in hybrid, gets a significant bump in power. An extra 41 horsepower bringing this up to horsepower total from basically the same components that we find in the hybrid, the four cylinder, naturally aspirated engine, the pancake electric motor and the six speed dual clutch transmission. The dct has always been an important component in the nero and the nero plug in hybrid, because its extraordinarily efficient, its also quite lightweight, and it feels more like a traditional automatic transmission. So if you dont, like the cvt like feel that we find in a prius, but you want over 50 miles per gallon or electric range and 180 horsepower, these are going to be excellent options. If you get the full electric version, then were going to get 200 horsepower out of the electric motor and all that power is going to happen on the front axle charging for the new plug in hybrid model again happens right over here on the drivers side. Youll get 33 miles of electric range thats up seven miles over the last version, thanks to an onboard 11.1 kilowatt hour. Battery kias mission when designing the nero is high efficiency, high electric efficiency and high hybrid efficiency and thats. The big reason that we dont find a huge battery pack in the plug in hybrid nero by putting a bigger battery pack. That would give you 50 or 60 or 70 miles of electric range youd really be compromising efficiency for both the gasoline and the hybrid components.

So think of this more as a gasoline mitigation device, not a gasoline replacement device, gasoline replacement is what the ev model is all about. This will give you 253 miles of estimated range. This is going to be less expensive than the base version of the ev6. So if youre cross shopping the nero to the ev6, you do have some choices. To keep in mind. The ev6 is going to be a little bit bigger, its going to be rear, wheel, drive and its going to charge significantly faster than the nero, but its actually not going to go quite as far on a charge. This is going to have a little bit more power, but all the power is going to be on the front axle and we get 253 miles of range, not about 230 miles of range. Thanks to an estimated 53 miles per gallon combined, the hybrid model is gon na, be the bladder busting model, giving you 588 miles of range on a full tank. Whether you want to call the nero a crossover or a pregnant hatchback ill leave that up to you, but interior spaciousness is pretty similar to a compact crossover like a rav4 or crv. The driving position is a little bit lower in the narrow, but the seat in this top end trim is pretty comfortable. We have a two way adjustable lumbar support, two position: memory over there on the drivers door and we have a tilt telescopic, steering column.

This generation nero gains a lot of the interior styling from the ev6, but well take a look at that in a bit jumping into the back seat. We find more legroom in here than we had in the last generation thats, thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase and a general rearrangement of the interior. This now has a bit more legroom than we find in a rav4 and actually its pretty comparable to some compact crossovers. As well, although the rear bench seat is not quite as wide as some of those alternatives, it does mean, however, that if you want to combine adults up front and perhaps some rear facing child seats, it might be doable now in the nero moving over to the Middle seat here still have plenty of room about half an inch of headroom, or so thanks to the more bucket shape of this rear bench, its getting all the way over to the right side. You can definitely see how generous the headroom is here in this model. Even though we do have the optional power moon roof, keep in mind that the sportage is going to be wider across the rear bench. The ev6 is a little bit wider, but the way that theyve shaped the side of the vehicle, the side glass really pinches in towards the rear. So, as far as room to the side of my head, i actually think theres a little bit more here in the narrow behind the optional power hatch.

In this model, we have 22.8 cubic feet of cargo capacity. Interestingly, the cargo area is exactly the same size and exactly the same shape in the hybrid and in the ev, but theres a little bit of a difference in the plug in hybrid. I suspect that in our roller bag, test well be able to squeeze the same number of roller bags back here that we did last time. This cargo area is a little bit smaller than the one that we find in the prius, but certainly a lot more upright, because this has a much more traditional hatchback form, rather than the really long lift back design that we find in the prius under the floor. We have a subwoofer the place to store your can to fix the flat and tire iron and the load floor can be put in two different positions in the ev and in the hybrid model that lowers the floor down, but has a little bit of a bump Up there, so that way, if you fold the rear seat back, it actually is kind of a ramp up right there for cargo in the plug in hybrid. We have a bit of a quirk because of the location of the battery pack. So if i lift up the load flow, you notice, the subwoofer is right there towards the back of that cargo area, and here we have this somewhat suspicious hump. At this point in time, i dont know exactly whats in this hump, but it probably relates to the electric drivetrain system.

There is a bit of additional storage space on either side for your tire, mobility, kit, etc, but we dont have quite as much cargo space. If you get the plug in model on the inside, the three models look very very similar. We have a pretty standard sized moon roof right there over the driver and front passengers heads a headrest and seat design that is largely borrowed out of the ev6. With this sort of a funky trumpet shaped headrest, there plastic backs to the front seats. Both front seats, integrate usb c charge ports. The upholstery in here is made from recycled materials, as is the headliner of the vehicle, and it definitely has a distinctive design. Its a little bit hard to tell in this lighting, but this is sort of a multi toned gray on gray seat fabric for the center section. These seats are both heated and ventilated. We have a little bit more bolstering than we had in the previous generation nero and definitely a very distinctive change to the dashboard. The style of this dashboard has largely been borrowed out of the ev6, but its not exactly the same its a scaled version. So these two lcds in the dashboard – these are just over 10 inches, rather than the 12 inch screens that we find in the ev6, and you can see that the shape of it is a little bit different back over on the passenger side, we have well integrated Air vents there, some ambient lighting that runs right across the dashboard, a pretty decently sized glove compartment, its a bin style.

I would expect to be able to fit large tablet. Computers inside the controversial item in here borrowed from the ev6 is this instrument panel right here that serves as climate control and navigation and infotainment control. This is something that i still havent gotten used to on our long term. Ev6. I find myself wanting to change the climate control finding that its set to the volume knob and vice versa, below that we have two usb ports down there. One is a charge only usb c port. This one actually interfaces with the system for carplay and android auto. We have a qi, wireless charging, mat the power button and a rotary shifter youll find this shifter in the plug in hybrid and the full electric model, with some buttons on either side. Two big cup holders back here that can be collapsed, that we can use this area for storage of other devices, its a big storage area, as you can see its kind of conjoined with this area right there under that center armrest also a feature borrowed out of The ev6 is the heads up display. All the functionality is not quite the same and we have the same sort of software going on for the driver side instrument cluster, as well as the infotainment system. If youre, looking at the full ev version of the nero one quirk that you should be aware of, is that this infotainment system will tell you, you cant reach your destination on the current battery charge, but it really wont do anything about it.

It wont guide you to charging stations etc. Like we do find in some of the competition you really have to diy your own charging there. The steering wheel has also been borrowed style, wise out of the ev6. It has. This very distinctive two spoke design on the back. We have regen paddles, the left, paddle increases regen, braking the right, paddle decreases regen braking. Then we find the controls for the adaptive cruise control, as well as the infotainment system. Right there on either side the drive mode button, thats been relocated right down there. One really cool touch is that the ambient lighting strips are color changeable. So we simply go here in the infotainment system and you can choose the color for the various ambient lighting strips around the vehicle. You can also choose a custom color if you want to define your own now on the inside of the hybrid model. The only major change is in the shifter. Instead of the rotary shifter, we have a more traditional t, shape shifter right here and paddle shifters, rather than regen paddles on the back of the steering wheel, because this still uses a six speed. Dual clutch transmission: as with most new kias, the new nero comes with a ton of driver assistance, tech standard. We get autonomous emergency, braking lane, centering lane departure warning blind, spot monitoring and rear cross traffic detection all standard. There are still a few optional features, however, so things like radar adaptive cruise control, the more aggressive lane centering system, they call highway, driving assistant and front and rear parking sensors.

Those are optional features, but youre probably going to find them on most of the neros. On the dealer lot at this point, the one thing that kia has not said is how much the new nero is going to cost, but they have sort of said that this is going to stick pretty close to the pricing formula on the 2021 model year vehicle. So hybrid plug in hybrid and ev should be pretty similar to the ones that youre seeing on the website right now. This is going to be on sale towards the fall of 2022, so we should know pricing closer to that on sale date, but its pretty easy to say that if youre, looking for a solid, hybrid right now with lots of cargo room, a really spacious interior and Over 50 miles per gallon, you should put the hybrid on your shopping list if you can handle a shorter ev range in a plug in hybrid. I know that a lot of people are offended by that this is still going to be a very solid choice. One of the reasons again for the small battery pack in the plug in hybrid is efficiency. Kia has not given us any official epa fuel economy, estimates for this plug in hybrid, but i would not be surprised if it was really really close in terms of gasoline efficiency to the non plug in hybrid model. But you get the 30 miles of electric range. So for me in my particular situation, i should be able to commute almost entirely each way on electricity.

I could then charge at the office charge at home and use very little gasoline, but the gasoline engine is still going to be on board for tasks like heating. The cabin in really cold weather, when you want the full 180 horsepower to accelerate uphill or, if youre, climbing up steep grades for a long period of time, its probably going to turn on the gasoline engine. So if you dont want that in your next plug in hybrid, you have a relatively smaller number of options. You probably should look at something like a rav4 hybrid, but its going to cost an awful lot more than the nero plug in hybrid. And, of course, if you want a full electric vehicle, thats going to be less expensive than the ev6, perhaps a little less style forward, but actually i still think quite attractive. Then you want the eevee version, be sure, and let me know what you think about the styling of the new nero down there in the comment section below, i have to say its really grown on me. I love some of the accent details like the little turn signal indicators right here on the side view mirrors and the headlight and front end arrangement has definitely grown on me interesting twist. They actually put a little part of the tiger nose grille right here at the very back of that hood. The only controversial part for me again really is this air blade section right back here.

But if youre mightily offended by that, you could just take one to a body shop and have that body color painted or you could always have it wrapped by a wrap shop. For a lot less and you could have it be whatever color you wanted it to be hit that subscribe button down there, if you havent already done so and be sure and stay tuned, because i will have full reviews on all three of these vehicles coming up.