While some players have failed to reckon the force, the others are doing pretty good case in point. Porsche now this traditional sports car maker decided to enter the electric vehicle market with the thai can and what a success it has turned out to be so here we are with the porsche ican to understand what makes this ev such a global hit. Music. The tai can gets a very familiar porsche design language with an elongated boot. Having distinctive inverted l, shaped four point: led lights, unique flush door handles sensor based charging ports on both the sides and a floating roof merging neatly into the boot. Having a light strip running through the rear, watching the porsche tycan in person makes you realize how far along we have come in terms of design of the electric vehicle. Seeing this dashing looking sports car here, you dont even realize its powered by the electric energy underneath it and then this frozen metallic blue paint. I mean it looks so opulent if it is a porsche, it has to be luxurious and feature packed and the porsche tycan is no different. The porsche icon gets all the bells and whistles one can imagine in a luxury sedan right from the panoramic fixed glass roof that adds to the roominess to the slat free ac outlet. A lot of innovation can be seen flowing inside the cabin the chrono on the top of the dashboard is reminiscent of the porsches racing pedigree now im sitting inside the cabin of the porsche thai can, and the first thing i see is the play of these multiple Screens, that makes it look like a spaceship and that too an electric one.

However, the thing i like the most is this curvaceous digital instrument cluster, that stares right at your face, combined with this analog clock here, the 16.8 inch curve displays the best screen ive ever seen and its futuristic, to say the least. There are four more screens, one on the central tunnel, two on the dashboard and one at the back. Elevating the tech cushion while the ti can is a four seater vehicle that can be converted to a 5 seater on request its not really high on practicality, especially at the rear seats. Also, the boot space is not that great, however, having another storage space in front. Instead of an engine is a boon Music. The porsche ican is available in two battery packs, a smaller 79.2 kwh and a bigger 93.4 kwh battery pack with the claim mileage of 484 kilometers on a single charge, and if you think, electric cars cant perform well. Well, you are mistaken. The porsche tycoon in the top spec can do 0, 100 in just 2.8 seconds and thats fast, very, very fast. The top spec turbo s produces 761 hp and 150 nm of torque, making it the most powerful ev on sale in india. Today, the entry level thai can, on the other hand, is a rear wheel, drive version only making 408 hp. The taikan 4s delivers 530 hp all the other variants. Apart from the entry level, car has all wheel, drive setup Music, like any other ev.

The torque on the tab pushes the car to a flying start at the blink of an eye. The steering is very balanced and feels good to hold taking a tight turn in a car, as long as i can is no less than a breeze. Since the battery pack lowers the center of gravity, it keeps the car planted all the time. However, the ground clearance is a problem for the indian roads and at few speed breakers, i had to think twice before passing over them. All in all. The porsche tycan is a force to reckon with a proper sports car that is a healthy alternative to the gas guzzlers. As for the pricing, the porsche tycoon was launched in india at rs 1.5 crore and goes up to rupees 2.31 crore. There are a total of seven variants on offer across two body types and two battery packs. So what exactly is a porsche ican? Well, its a no nonsense: electric car high on practicality and performance? If you are someone with bags, load of money want to buy a german card and dont want to hurt the environment as well.