If youre not familiar with this, its pretty cool. I hope you stick around and check out the whole video ive been familiar with this for a few years, but recently i came across the chevy, silverado, augmented reality and its actually pretty incredible im going to show you how to pull it up here on my phone Ive got a link to to the website below, but its just a silverado ev at home and im going to refresh this all right. So you got to allow it access your camera and then you can see this blue circle and thats where its going to place. The uh, the truck so im going to go ahead and im going to place it right there and now you can. You can spin the vehicle around. You know. However, you want to place. It lets place it like this. You can shrink it down. You want to try to get it to actual scale actual size. I think that thats, probably looking pretty good and then from there you can, you can walk up closer. You can move all around it im going to do some screen recording here. The actual address is silverado silveradoathome.com ar and ive got the middle aged debt. Mobiles parked in the street here im going to place this car in the street because its flat and its level all right so lets place it right. There im gon na spin this dude around try to get see if the scaling is about right.

I think i need to make it a little bit bigger thats, probably about right all right now i can walk up. I can check out the wheels up close. I can walk around and uh lets check out the back of the truck. Even look in the bed walk around this thing, 360 degrees, its, not perfect. Sometimes you can see the cars kind of turning, but you can take your finger and kind of reposition it. I think this is just an amazing technology: pretty sweet to be able to uh. You know see it side by side with your other cars and kind of walk around it, without actually being in the showroom theres a color, a couple, other cool features when youve got your phone in portrait mode. It gives you a little bit more information. You can see you can change the environment, which i dont think that one looks as good. This is kind of cool. You can push this uh the little battery button down there and uh itll. Give you some information about. You know how it charges. Okay, you can push the chevy little glowing uh emblem down there and it shows you how it lights up. You can lets see if you push the one next to it. Multiflex tailgate you got to walk around to the back of the car and itll. Show you about this cool tailgate Laughter, which i like this one, because its integrated with your camera and you actually get to uh kind of watch it work up close those other ones were just kind of videos that it showed you but lets try it again.

Here push a button: multiflex, tailgate, thats, pretty cool and now lets see here you can push uh the the okay. The chair, one is gon na. Show you how the chair folds down its really not using this augment in reality, though so im not so crazy about that one lets. Try the wheels all four wheel steer. This is pretty cool. It shows you the wheels actually turning the back wheels. Turning lets do that again lets see how they they turn with the front, wheels, its pretty sweet and then the frunk, the trunk in the front, lets walk back around to the front here and see you can see here how it shows you that opening up. Let me do that one more time. So now you know you can open it up. You can actually walk right up and look right down in there dont let your fingers get pinched. Let me show you another example of augmented reality. This here is about five years old, and this represents a schematic for a factory where just pointing your camera on your phone at the schematic will pull up all kinds of automation and information about robots and other things going on in the factory where you can kind Of look at a real time, readings of whats going on and heres a second example, its a similar thing, another manufacturing application, where you push these buttons on the page and it brings up this equipment here, im going to push this button right here, but im going To push it on the screen and when i do it will open up.

You know the product and kind of give you some information, some readings and so on for each button that you push, itll itll show a different set of information, so i hope you thought that was as cool as i did. Maybe youve seen this before my kid said she saw this in pokemon go or something. I have no idea what that is, but i think were going to see it a lot of other places. Let me know what you think and ill talk to you later.