So i have three already – and i have this other boy: okay, well, give him a chance! Why dont you come in the next one, next, one okay, who is? Who else? Who else is joining us? We dont have any ladies yeah any babies. Yes, the lady with a pretty smile, you can also say: okay, shall now you cant turn around because im asking you a question and the answer is right on the board of ola. Okay, so ola says many colors. All green green stands for eevee right. Many colors. All green the revolutionary ola scooter comes with 10 vivid colors. What are the colors? Ah dont? Look at it Music! Look at it: Music, Music, yellow hole, black green purple; nine! No! You have to say im gon na. Ask you another question its not the same question. Okay, you give us nine colors, um, okay, let him also, then lets see if he gets it all right. All the 10 favorite colors of the new ola matte black, oh youre, a yeah boy. You will know it come on and you can look there and, like so intelligently, hes going to look there and read now. Yeah, look this side and tell us, i dont know the 10 colors Music only wearing the marshmallow, its a very yummy color for marshmallow. Okay, the question for the lady is im, giving you the easier question: okay, so there are many new features, for example eco mode music.

Any three other features, Music. Whatever is mentioned there uh she is. Can you get my lunch yeah? We can okay, one two more Music, though it is not. I think everything is not uh on the board, but almost yeah, okay, so boot space. Is there thats why she spoke about storage austin? I think yeah, Music, okay, so well! Take you in the next round. The next question in five minutes, but we have a t shirt for the lady and a teacher for you whats, your name Music when played these are two brothers: oh nice. Okay! So please stay tuned. We have some contests like this. Every couple of minutes nice prizes coming from olaf – this is ola, presents the times ely expo in 2022. This is our first edition. We hope you are having a good time. Looking around all the two leaders, four readers that we have from your tv segment.