This is bharat watch, and that is the kia ev6, and we are here today in good international circuit to test out this electrifying powerhouse, so lets get straight to it. Before we get on to the driving of the ev6. Let me tell you how the design of the car is. As you can see, it has got a very attractive design right from the front and till the rear of the car. It has a notchback design. Let me start from the front, as you can see, kia has given a newer version of the tiger nose grille. They are calling it a digital tiger, no grill, which has a little bit of a shape to it and the center stage or the centerpiece of the front. Fascia. Is this attractive looking headlamps and these are led units completely and you can see the design of the led drl is also very attractive. Coming to the lower of the front fascia, you can see a very aggressive front splitter, which will help in the aerodynamic ability of the car speaking of aerodynamics. If you can see on the side profile of the car, you will get a lot of smooth contours all over the car on the side fender and also even to the rear, where the led tail lamp has created a little bit of an aerodynamic, integrated spoiler. Now, coming to the side of the ev6, you can see uh, it gets a 19 inch alloy wheels.

Now these alloy wheels as well are aerodynamically shaped to move the air away from the wheel, giving it a slippery and a very low drag coefficient. So that is about the side, design and also on the attractive front of the side design you get a plush door handle as well now coming to the rear section of the car. As i told you, you can see a huge light bar here, which will also act as a little bit of a spoiler, which will aid in the aerodynamic ability. And you have a split tail lamp which will contour to the cars profile. And you get a charge door here. Yes, this is the charge door which is neatly integrated onto the ev6 rear profile. And, finally, if you see the rear profile of the car, it actually goes down and matches to the side skirt, which will create a unified design. So the unified design is the concept of the ev6 and kia has managed to make this design very well and very attractive. So this is all about the kias ev6 design. Now lets speak about the boot so to access the boot. You have couple of uh ways with the uh button inside and you also get a electric uh request sensor here. Once you click on it, it is an electric tailgate, it will open itself and you get exposed to around 480 liters of boot space. Why im saying that is here is yet to reveal all the specific details related to this car, so my guess is: it comes with 480 liters of boot space, which will be adequate enough to suit five people, who will be seated in this car and their weekend Luggage, so this is all about the boot space of the kia ev6 now lets sit inside and lets go and show you couple of features that is there on this car.

Now we are sitting inside the evil – 6, oh sorry, its ev6. So we are sitting inside this power pack house and you can see the electric car that needs a layout. A simple dash layout that has been given by kia on this car. Taking the center stage inside this car are the two 12.3 inch curved displays that are integrated with each other towards my left. Is the infotainment system towards my right? Is the instrument cluster, both of which are highly customizable? You get android, auto apple, carplay and 60 plus kia connected features on this infotainment system, and these, and this infotainment system is similar to the ones that are found in the kia models. However, this particular infotainment now gets uh ev based features where you can find charging stations and other stuff, and also you can see in the home screen. What are the charging percentage that is left and other information related to this electric car and coming right in front of you? You get two features. One is a highly customizable instrument cluster, where you can choose the different layout, what information should be displayed and it displays a ton of information, including the regeneration, breaking, what level is it and what mode are you in and what is the range left to support this Instrument cluster, you also get a head up display where it is augmented enabled. So, if you are using a navigation system, it will show you why augmented reality as to what is the direction that you need to head to.

So these are some premium features and technologically advanced features that you find in the ev6. Now, speaking about the design, you get this marquetry on the dashboard, which looks very sporty and futuristic, and you get a sustainable material used on the seats where it is a mix of vegan leather. That is there on the seat and also the steering wheel is also finished in a vegan leather. But for me the highlight of this interior design is this floating console? What you see here? Actually, you can see theres nothing below here. You get a storage space here with couple of usb chargers and the center console here. Uh takes up your starter button, you get your dial knob for the uh gear and also you get cup holders you get arm rest and wireless charging and a lot of other amenities that are there here. But, however, one thing i felt could have been better is the integration of this panel here right here, so this is normally a climate control system, but you can switch between infotainment system as well. However, these are touch sensitive buttons and you have to choose between either of those uh while youre driving it can be a little bit cumbersome and you would need to take your eyes off the road to control this so sitting in the air. Im gon na talk something about the front seat again uh. So what you see here is the headrest that has been contoured towards the driver or towards the core passenger.

Now this is a little funny design. However, when you sit, you will have to recline a little bit more so that your head is in place. So that is one thing i want to talk about now. Let me talk about the rear seat, rear seat. As you can see, this is being a ev electric vehicle. The floor is a little bit higher because the batteries are placed down below. However, you get a flat floor and theres no tunnel passing through, so three people can sit very easily and this is a very, very huge car. You got a lot of space here and you can see the seat is set to my height, but you got a lot of knee room, a lot of it and you get a pretty decent leg room, but because of the floor is a little higher. But even the headroom is a little decent, despite being a slow back design. Now this is the rear seat. Comfort. Now let me talk about little amenities that you get. You get a usb charging port that is placed right here, theres a type c port, and you get a magazine holder where you can place the phone that, while its charging, however, you dont see any central mounted event thats, because it is mounted on the pillars right Here you dont get any control, you get just the blow control, you do not get any uh, you do not get to choose any temperature and to top it off, you get a central armrest that has two cupholders, which you can slide it down to create a Cubby hole where you can place your phone, so this is about the rear seat of the kia ev6.

Now this was a short drive. Well tell you in detail how the comfort is when we take it for a spin on a long drive sometime in the future. So now we are driving the new kia ev6 in the booth international circuit, so we have already done quite a few laps and its time for me to tell what was the experience, starting with the variant options on offer. So kia will be bringing the ev6 in two variants that will be the rear, wheel, drive version and the all wheel drive version that im driving here, so the rear wheel, drive version will be producing 229 ps and 350 newton meters of torque the one. What we are driving here, that is, the all wheel, drive version which has two motors one at the front, and one in the rear is producing 320 ps of power and around 605 newton meters of torque. Yes, this car produces over 600 newton meters of stock. It is that powerful and when you put it to sport mode, yes, it has got three modes that is eco, normal and sport. Basically, it has to do with the driving characteristics, thats the throttle, input and the steering, and also the braking so on the sport mode. It is little bit aggressive on all three fronts and at the eco it is a bit little laid out in the acceleration and also on the braking and also in when it comes to the steering wheel.

So that was the driving uh modes for you and lets get to the electric bit right here. So that is the regeneration braking, so regeneration breaking is offered in five levels: level: zero to level four level, zero, being the no regeneration breaking and level four being the highest level of regeneration, braking which will offer a single pedal driving. So basically, you dont have to put your foot on the brake. If youre able to gauge the distance for the vehicle at the front, you can lift your foot off the brake and let the car break in for you with this procedure. You will also be juicing up the battery and getting additional range, so that was the regeneration breaking for you and how you control the regeneration. Braking right here is through the paddle shifters. Behind this beautiful looking two spoke steering wheel on the steering wheel itself. If you want to cycle between drive modes, you have a button here. You can switch between different drive modes and coming to the performance figures. This car tops out at 192 kilometer per hour, and we tested that in the buddhist circuit at the back straight uh. We pinned it to the floor on the sport mode and it achieved with four people sitting inside the car quite easily and coming to the acceleration kia claimed 0 100 in around 5.5 seconds. Now that was also tested, and it certainly certainly uh – does that number and gives you the kickback that you never ever ever expected.

Let me talk about the nvh levels. This car is really smooth and this being an electric car it absolutely is quiet around and that head up display will also help you in keeping your focus on the road. However, as i told you earlier, if you want to change your climate control, you will have to take the eyes off, because even the head up display cannot help you over there. So thinking about the charging options in the range of the ev6 kia claims that the ev6 can travel around 530 kilometers per charge. So we will have to test that out in real world conditions. Uh, my guess, is around the true range will be somewhere around 400 to 430 kilometers per charge. Now, speaking about the charging options, uh, you get several charging options with the ev6 uh. Let me start with the regular charging option. So onboard charger will charge from 0 to 100 in around 32 hours. Now you go to ac fast charging that will be provided, hopefully because the international models are provided with the ac fast charging that will juice up the battery from 0 to 100 in around 8 hours. Now, coming to the dc fast charging options that is available, kia ev6 features one of the fastest uh dc fast charging that is available in this segment. The kia ev6 can be charged with a 350 kilowatt dc fast charger, which will juice up the battery from 0. To 80 in under 18 minutes, which will give it a range of around 450, that is the claim range uh.

That is the claim range to say so, and next uh, coming with the 50 kilowatt dc fast charging. It will uh charge from 0 to 80 percent. At around 77 minutes uh, which will juice up the battery uh with the same range as the dc fast charger, thats the 350 kilowatt. So these are the charging options that is available uh, and that is the range. So again, we will have to test it in the real world to give you an exact figure now coming to the main aspect, that is the steering wheel and the suspension steering wheel is well weighted at low speeds. It is quite light you can maneuver around the city and at high speeds when we are at the track. It is that pointing so that it will achieve the apex that you want to take uh out here in the buddha international circuit and coming to the handling. Due to the battery pack laid out on the floor. It has a very low centre of gravity and due to the aerodynamic body, you get very less body roll and a very sharp handling characteristic in the kia ev6. So the kia ev6 also comes with a level 2 adapts. Now the level 2 attack system includes a steering, assist, brake assist and also your acceleration assist wire via adaptive cruise control. Now the assist system that i offered on this car is the lane keep assist where the car will keep you inside the lane, and it also comes with forward collision warning and safe exit assist and, finally, you get adaptive cruise control as well.

Among other safety features. This car is also offered with eight airbags, which will keep the occupants inside this powerhouse safe in all conditions. Lastly, coming to the braking, the braking is on point you get disc brakes on all four wheels and the robot thats a 235 profile rubber. What you get on the kia ev6 certainly helps you in the braking and also in terms of handling aspect. So this is how the kia ev6 is to drive. Now let me tell you that this was a very short uh drive and we already test draw inside the building. As a circuit, we will do certainly do a full test review where we take the car to the streets and tell you: how is the performance out there in the real world that was our take on the new kia ev6, i had a blast driving around the Booth international circuit, with this powerhouse – so to reiterate, these are some things that i like about the new kia ev6. It has got a lot of space. Second, it is powerful and it is fast with 605 newton meters on tap. It can surely give you a kickback that you would not expect it from the kia. Ev6 third is the design you can see. The new kia ev6 looks apart, certainly from the current crop of evs. What we think could have been better, though. Certainly, the integration of the climate control and the infotainment system panel thats there on the central console could have been better and second would be the pricing of this kia ev6.

Now this car would be arriving as a completely built up unit. That means higher import taxes and that translates to a higher price tag in a price sensitive market. As ours, we will have to wait and watch what will be the pricing of this. We are expecting it to be priced somewhere around 35 to 50 lakh, depending on the variance. Why im saying variance itll be available in two uh drivetrain options: one will be the rear wheel drive and what you see here is the all wheel drive option. So that was our take on the new kia ev6. What did you think about this? Electric powerhouse mention them in the comments below and do like and share this video and subscribe to try spock if you havent done already.