Now it shares a platform with the volkswagen id3 and the audi q4 e tron, but it has some distinctly cooper, esque elements to it to make sure that it stands out from the rest of the crowd so to find out what its like weve come to grid Serve in braintree the uks first electric car 4 court to see just what this latest ev has to offer and whether it can stand out in this very populated market. Music cooper has really pushed the styling of the born to help it stand out and thats noticeable. Pretty much the whole way around the car now moving along the flank. Weve got these really large alloy wheels and the whole car sits lower than you might expect and thats because of the sporty suspension. Youve got these nice contrast, color wing mirrors and then moving to the front it all tapers down into quite a sharp nose. Overall, i think it looks really cool but thats. Just down to me now, as ive already mentioned, the bone is on the same platform as the volkswagen id3 and the audi q4 e tron. So the fundamentals in here are pretty much. The same. Weve got a 12 inch touchscreen in the middle and that houses. Basically, everything in terms of menus media navigation and i find it a little bit too complicated – itd – be nice to have some physical buttons, at least for the heating and ventilation controls, because theyre touch sensitive and theyre just a bit tricky to use on the move.

However, the system itself is packed with features, so you get apple, carplay and android auto, and that means that integrating your smartphone is really simple. Youve also got a secondary, smaller display ahead of you, and that just gives you your battery and your remaining range overall. The fit and finish is good: weve got lots of copper, coloured touches and also theres plenty of space too. This bin down here is massive and theres, a second set for cup holders and just ordinance storage ahead of you. So its going to be quite practical to use too these seats are finished in recycled materials which backs up the eco credentials of an electric car and actually theyre, really supportive and theyre nicely bolstered without being too overly sporty. Overall, it is a nice cabin. I just think that a couple of physical controls for heating and ventilation would help boost in terms of usability and user friendliness if youve never driven a car with this kind of tech before its in the back of the car, where you really notice the benefits of This dedicated electric platform theres loads of space back here and given its quite compact, exterior dimensions, thats, really impressive. The seats in my position, im just under six foot and ive, got loads of foot room loads of knee room and actually plenty of head room too. The seats are pretty flat, but theyre still comfortable and well cushioned, plus because theres no big transmission tunnel, the person sat in the middle isnt going to be short of space either in terms of connectivity and charging options.

Youve got two usbc chargers in the middle and some decent size, storage bins at the side too, overall, really impressive. There are a variety of different specifications of bourne available, but the one were driving today is expected to be one of the most popular and it gets a 201 brake horsepower electric motor and a 58 kilowatt hour battery. So what does that mean in terms of performance? Well, youre getting zero to 60 miles an hour in around about 7.1 seconds, which is actually pretty quick and, in fact, when you utilize all of that electric powertrain, it feels quite a bit faster than it looks on paper when it comes to range. Were talking around about 260 miles from a single charge? Now, of course, that will depend on the temperature that youre driving in because colder weather really does tend to affect these batteries compared with the id3 on which this car shares its platform, the bourne is significantly stiffer. Now cooper has attempted to put a slightly more sporty effect into the way the born drives and thats definitely noticeable, particularly on roads like the ones were on today. It does tend to feel a little bit justly when the surface is a bit bumpy, but by product of that is really nice body control and actually driving through twisty turns the ball is staying very composed and very level that makes it quite exciting to drive. Of course, youve got instant acceleration from that torque that arrives straight away as soon as you hit the pedal, but i do think that some people will find this jostly ride just a little bit too much for day to day driving.

That is where the id3 is going to appeal slightly more. However, you do get a sense that this car does feel slightly more set up towards sportier driving, and so what that does mean is that if you are after an ev which does feel well just a little bit more exciting to drive than the bourne is going To be a good option, of course, youve got different modes and different menus to navigate through the screen, for me is just a little bit too complicated to be using on the move, its a little bit too complex, and there are so many features within it that To do what you want to do means taking your eyes off the road for too long and thats, something that well its just not safe. The good thing is with bourne is that you are getting a decent amount of charging speed, so its actually rated to 125 kilowatts, which means that you could do a five to eighty percent charge at an appropriate charger in around about 35 minutes plug the ball into A seven kilowatt home charger and we expect that to be around eight hours if youve got a more powerful three phase. 11 kilowatt charger then were talking around about six hours, but realistically most people are going to have that seven kilowatt charge worker. If you plugged into a three pin, which isnt really recommended were probably talking overnight and into the next day in order to get any realistic charge into it, when it comes to visibility, things are a little bit impaired.

Weve got these really thick split a pillars up front and looking through them is okay, but you do have to look around them its particularly when youre going up to a roundabout or youre registering a junction. I think thats going to get in the way. Quite a lot at the back youve got a decent enough view and over the shoulder, there is quite a chunky pillar there, but its not too bad id, say realistically its those a pillars theyre going to cause the most issues. So i do think the one drawback with the board is is just going to be that ride its noticeably firmer than with cars like the id3 and the audi q4 e tron, and those are pretty firm cars to begin with. So, even though this road that were on now its not too bad, youre feeling quite a lot of the imperfections coming through into the car, and i think around town and at really slow speeds, thats going to be quite uncomfortable. However, of course, if you are looking for an ev that feels somewhat sporty to drive that firm ride might be a compromise that you are willing to put up with now like the id3 and the q4. The born is rear, wheel, drive and, as we know, most of the best sports cars are rear, wheel, drive and the drop to rear driven powertrain. How does that feel on the board? Well, actually, on most occasions, if youre cornering quickly, not that im doing that right now, you can actually feel the car pushing itself from the rear and thats quite a pleasant experience, and it makes the car feel a little bit more dynamic than you might expect.

Cooper has definitely managed to inject some of its usual sporty character into the ball, both in the way it looks and in the way it drives its definitely the most dynamic in terms of handling compared with the cars that it shares its platform with. That does come with a compromise of that firm ride, which might be a bit too much for some people. However, if you are looking for an ev which manages to put a bit more fun into the whole driving experience, then the ball is well worth checking out. Thank you for watching this new car review on the cooper born now. If you have enjoyed this review, please give us a like, and let us know what you think of this car in the comments sections below and while youre here please remember to subscribe to the motors.