com KIA EV6 is built on E GMP platform KIA pure electric vehicle. This is an EV dedicated Platform Instead of being modified from the platform of a fuel. Car 75 of this platform is High Strength, Steel and Ultra High Strength. Steel Cars on the same platform are the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Genesis GV60 and more KIA. Ev6 is very rare: Electric vehicle with 800V high voltage charging platform, Only Porsche Taycan on the market and Audi e Tron with 800V, Even Tesla, BMW and Mercedes All just use a 400V charging system. The benefits of 800V are Same power halved. Current Copper wires can be thinner and lighter Can shorten the charging time. Increase cruising range Take KIA EV6 as an example, If using 350kW DC fast charge Charge from 0 to 80. In just 18 minutes, 50kW DC takes 47 minutes. 11Kw AC slow charge takes more than 6 hours. The EV6 introduced by KIA. Malaysia is 77.4kWh Long Range model. The total driving distance is about 506km About 70km, more than Ioniq 5. This EV6 features Dual Motor Dual motor AWD Has 321hp and 605Nm 0 100kmh 5.2 seconds Single Speed. Top speed 183kmh Vehicle weight 2090kg. This EV6 is 77.4kWh BMW iX, xDrive40 is 76.6kWh, Has 322hp and 630Nm, So the power data of EV6 and iX are similar, But iXs 0 100kmh is slower than EV6. Total driving distance is also shorter than EV6 EV6 on the photo Looks like C Segment Hatchback, But its actually D Segment, size, 5 Door, SUV, The wheelbase of the Mazda CX 9 is 2930mm.

The wheelbase of the EV6 is 2900mm, So KIA EV6 is a Seven seater. Wheelbase five seater SUV, This EV6 showcased by KIA, Malaysia, With GT Line Sports Package, The EV6 in front of me uses Moonscape grey matt lacquer, very special New Digital Tiger Nose front design Replaces the previous tiger nose front face Angel Wings LED Daytime Running Lights. There is also a high rate of return Through LED taillights Flush handles Hidden door. Handle 25545 R20 size tires With 5 link, rear suspension, Made of recycled plastic bottles, vegan leather Seat made of suede and fleece Piano, lacquered and leather, wrapped interior doors, part of the center console. It has a 12.3 inch Panoramic Curved Display center console screen touch sensitive below touch. Aircond panel Then match the physical knob to adjust the temperature Physical buttons are retained on the steering wheel, considerable restraint, Unlike VW and Mercedes all in those haptic touch as a Luxury. Ev luxury electric car, Of course the KIA EV6 – has Ambient Light. You can choose Dreamy Purple Blue Flight, Refreshing Sea. Besides, You can also choose the color you want from the UK. Meridian Surround Sound System Premium sound system. There are four Tweeters two midrange Four Woofers Two Surrounds A Centre Channel and a Subwoofer, A total of 14 Speakers. Active, Sound Design feature built into EV6 Owners can adjust engine sound Optional. Cyber electronic sound Make the car make different sounds Malaysian version of the EV6 GT Line. There is a full range of ADAS active safety assistance systems, Adaptive Cruise Control, BSM, LDW and FCW, etc.

Come to Smart Cruise Control Can be adjusted according to the drivers, habit, Distance Acceleration and Reaction Speed More advanced than the average ACC. In addition, KIA EV6 has two Brake Modes: Has Normal mode and Sport mode Driving modes are Eco, Normal and Sport Plus Snow mode, Snow mode, Because the EV6 has a motor in the front and back Make it an electric AWD, four wheel, drive system, Although the wheelbase Of the car is very long, But the EV6s body height is only 1550mm Typical D Segment, SUV height All above 1700mm, so its roof is quite low If your height is above 178cm, Its easy to hit the head, But its good, You can manually adjust the inclination Of the seat back yourself, Even the entire back of the chair is completely dumped Increase luggage, space to 1300 litres, Skeleton of KIA in the two front seats, Ultra light, Giga Steel, just a thinner seat, Further increased knee room in the rear. You will feel It is better than E Class and 5 Series, This E Segment Sedan more to come Because it has a Flat bottom flat floor. Let you move freely very flexible. The air conditioning outlet is designed on the pillars on the left and right sides, rather than in the middle KIA. Ev6 has 520L of luggage space. The Lexus NX I introduced earlier also has the 520L BMW iX has 500L. So 520L is not that big, Because KIA leaves most of the space in the back seat.

If you feel that is not enough, where its at the front of the car, There is also a storage compartment. You can put some pairs of shoes When you go to a duty free shop to buy duty. Free alcohol Can also be placed in …. We dont know yet KIA EV6 GT Line Long Range Price, But for sure It will be more expensive than Hyundai Ioniq. 5. Max The price of the Ioniq 5 Max in Malaysia is RM259888 Equipment. Ioniq 5 Max uses 7 speaker Bose sound system. The Malaysian version of the EV6 Meridian sound system with 14 speakers More Premium than Ioniq 5 elsewhere. So I boldly predict KIA. Ev6 GT Line will be priced at RM299800, Maybe more than RM300000. We will be there by July. 2022. Just know the final price of EV6. The end of the video Remember Suscribe, to subscribe to this channel.