I mean this has been a whole new thing for bmw, uh, all new electric ground up car for the family, like a luxury suv, a sign of things to come. This is going to be a very short drive, so i wont have time to go through the full features, because this thing is packed full of features and everything, but were at an event today and so were having quick drives in the car so ill. Just give you a little bit, i will have a look around the car. This is a bmw, i20ix x, drive 50 m sport. This retails total for just over 99 000 pounds so thats a fair heft of money for a family electric car, but anyway its a heck of a car ill, put all the rest of the spec up on the screen. Its got 523 horsepower, the electric range in the city is said to be 681 kilometers ill put. The conversion on screen and the electric range normal is said to be 597 kilometers so again, ill put that on screen lets, have a quick look at it and then well take it for a drive. So its got this distinctive elongated, massive kidney grilles, but obviously theyre blanked out theyre, more just graphics. On this one, really i mean theyre, even grills, really. This is just purely a graphic um display here, its just basically patterns and theres some lines and stuff there, but obviously has a glowing thing as well: doesnt it that comes on at night, theres blue lines inside the headlights, so thats quite interesting.

It has a very distinctive, quite a bluff front end. You can see another one just pulling up there interesting architecture around the wheel, arches, but quite a slap sided side, but a huge presence look at these. These are interesting the buttons, if you open them, theres just a button under there that actually you press and then that actually opens it um, and then the window drops automatically frameless doors same with the some of the other electric cars theyre going for frameless doors. Now i dont know if that opens. Yes, it does and thats where you got the charger ix on this little c pillar. Here, i suppose, is that a version of a huffmeister kink there, you tell me, let me know you think um back at the car here. Equally, distinctive, with very slim, rear lights on it as well so lets just uh. Do that there you go lets see what the rear passes the cargo space is like, and the cargo space is quite generous. So you get over the lip and theres a flat floor here under the floor that oh theres actually quite a deep cavity, quite a deep bin there, which in this case is packed full of cables um but yeah and a little bit more space there. So you couldnt hide some things in there as well, but otherwise got split, folding seat and all the usual things weve got buttons back here. I assume that they are to drop the seats and youve got tie straps and things um like that too um.

So lets see what the rear passenger space is like were getting into this car. Now i have not gotten into the front of this car yet yeah, so i dont know if that front seat is set for me or not, but it looks like its pretty spacious, regardless the seats look like theyre quite far back compared to that see. This one looks like its further back anyway: massive headroom loads of headroom and then a massive roof there. I dont know if you can make that out and its opaque. So i wonder if that sort of electric thing can actually change that um its opaque. At the moment, loads of room here loads of room there, plenty of knee room, wiggle room for my feet, no problem at all, no problem with the shin, no problem with the knees down here. Weve got our ac full ac control with digital display heated seats as well. I reckon there are usbc ports, two of them in each of the seat, backs very interesting back here i like the design. I like the way its done its got. This continuous sort of triangular theme see this pyramid shape for the bauer and wilkins speaker and this the triangular theme, the cuts and everything that in here, including with the rest of the design. I saw a geometric shape thing going on here and its very, very nice. Actually, quite like it, but yeah, very its a very spacious and quite an airy environment back here you will not get feelings of claustrophobia, despite the fact that this high back on these front seats so yeah, quite an achievement.

There window goes down check this out. Look at that and look at what its doing the crystal effect. It literally is crystalline and it is refracting the light and causing these weird kind of patterns to emerge just around that outline. This is actually the seat controller thats also crystal. That is absolutely crazy. I like that that is bonkers um, but in a very good way and the crystal thing. Obviously you can see on the other door, but it continues here as well. So in this kind of wood center panel, this volume control is crystal and the idrive button now yeah its the idrive on this massive one piece screen here that you can see go on there like that, so thats thats also uh, i drive so did it just Start up, i dont know if it started up, or did i start it up? Oh now it started up wow. This suppress the crystal star. Everything is crystal here, including the gear selector, and then it starts up and then its got massage ill have a massage, please its been a long day already ive been driven driving quite a few cars and um. So what i have to do to start it. Oh yeah, its going its going 20 minutes. Oh, i should cover it. Look at the steering look at this flat bottom and flat top really interesting. Then youve got drive mode start stop my modes. So how do you press these? Oh wow? That is a button.

How is that even a button that looks like a one piece wooden panel but thats like these, are actually buttons here: theres: a symbol for home and wow? How is that? Even how? What is that? What is that i mean this is oh, what a thing wasnt! This is an extraordinary thing. I mean bmw and down here. Youve got a compartment more usbcs, cupholders and here youve got more compartments. Okay, this is really cool. Lets. Take it for a drive up here, its kind of a crystalline effect as well, but extraordinary thing really um and i think im comfortable in here cause. I could go down a little bit. I could actually move forward a bit, so actually ive moved forward a little bit so actually would have been even more room in the back. So pull this crystal lever down to b to d. I think that should drive yes and drive now. Does this come out? Yeah, it does come out a bit further and uh. We can now move off, and here we go so we are now moving in this thing. Oh, the massage seats are working if nothing else to drive this uh car. Today, okay, im getting a bit of a massage thats good enough right, if nothing else thats at least thats something i could do with a bit of uh climate control. Can i figure that out climate menu – oh my goodness, theres, just so much here? How do i just okay, let me just do the temperature, its already on low okay, so, hopefully itll sort itself out.

Then, okay lets just focus on on driving this. What mode am i in, i think, im in its in personal mode at the moment, whatever that is um personal mode, active, okay? Well, i dont know what that is, but when we get up into the hill circuit area, i will put it up into uh sports mode and then well see how it performs, considering that this is a big big thing, this is a pretty much a futuristic. This is the future of luxury suvs. This is how they are. This is how they are now and how theyre going to be um, but it is a fascinating insight into the design, the technology, the layout, the interpretation of luxury suvs going forward. This is this is what its all about um. So, okay, once we get into that im, going to put it into sports mode and then well see how it does um really. This is not how you would be driving this car. Obviously theres. No, i mean the seats i mean, even though they look like their baltic seats in sports mode. Oh no youre picked up straight away, even though they look like theyre baltic seats, but they are not exactly holding me in theyre, actually quite theyre, more about theyre. Definitely more about comfort, no question about that um, but boy has its picked up speed very quickly, already um very smooth. Actually so it wins out compared to some of the other electric cars in that its able to not have that that well, it doesnt have that sense of rigidity that harshness of some of these other.

Even the mercedes eqs that i tried earlier um. This one actually feels much softer more uh, well, damped, more supple. I just go over these hard bits here. Oh no man yeah, you just hear them. You dont feel them. Oh wow. The ride is amazing. On this and yeah okay, its a little were. We are sitting high and we are maybe roly poly a little bit, but you know considering um what it is, although i mean having said that, i mean im not being thrown around too much. Oh brakes need a bit of work, so its got that big. This sort of i have the same sense that you get when you drive a big truck or something like that, and suddenly you find that okay, the brakes need. You need to be a little bit more. Oh, my goodness, okay yeah, this is oh, the volume has come on somehow lets get rid of that um, but this is a yeah when you start checking it around. Is when you really? Oh, my lord, i mean it will do it but whoa this its a bus, its nah. Now you start to get the sensation that yeah this is oh gosh, but all that interesting, its actually throttle sensitive to its uh, its its pitching its angle in the corner. Um, it will respond to the throttle, but – and the steering is weird – this kind of you know rectangular steering, but just oh and then youve got your corning on the door handles pitching onto its side rolling.

It is rolling around a bit. I am in sports mode. So im, assuming that it selected the sport suspension uh, where if there is a formal sport suspension, so its definitely compromised more towards comfort. There is no question even in this setting, i mean youre still not getting any harshness or anything like that from the surface, but i am getting thrown around im. Getting moved around there quite a bit um in this car. But you know the massage seats are still working im, still getting a massage whilst im working hard, so thats all good, but so far its so good. I think what very quiet very fine. The steering is nicely weighted. No feel, of course, nothing like that, but quite accurate, um and responsive, so you know its its. How youd want it to be. But again you know uh, okay, so its the traction control it cuts in and it just kills the power there um. Here we go going into this corner and were gon na go out boy. Oh boy, oh boy, thats, a lot! You can feel your internal organs moving up and down there, because this is a big old beast to be uh. You know chucking over a crest thats for sure, but that will accelerate so thats for sure. I think the sports aspect of the sportiness, the sports mode of this, is about what its like that, its like. As soon as you hit the accelerator youre like whoa.

What happened to them thats what it does thats, what its about so quite crazy, really um. What do i make of this thing? Um, i think its an amazing car, its not as sporty as you may have been thinking its. Not that thing its not meant to be that thing um, but thats, not to say that its a slouch thats not to say that its short of performance. It certainly is not um but its, not a car that you want to be checking around um. But it is a car that you can cruise long distances and comfort and at considerable speed, so yeah amazing theyd, be interesting to this is a sort of car that actually would be interesting to try over a period of days and some time to get a real Feel for it anyway, let me know what you think of the bmw ix is that a car that you would consider having if you were looking for a new electric car for the family, and you had something like 100 grand to spend catching the next one big Shout out and thanks to jay williams over at air technic, who are top tier sponsors of brown, car guy check them out at air technic, co, uk for exhausts brakes, suspension and body kits, plus our other major sponsor naijan solutions, much appreciation also to tier four sponsors. Muhammad ali, you made tom conway, gordon and reza deal and, of course, all these other guys who supporting on patreon brown car guy is eternally grateful, hey think about joining them over at the three and com brown car guy.