But today we are heading out to marrickville metro, to check out evs new dc fast charger in the car park and there it is right there. There is marekville metro right there ahead of us, so as always look for the car park and also look for the charger at the same time. Okay, […]

2022 Pure EV EPluto 7G Electric Scooter Review – Fantastic Range!

A lot of people are shouting out and suggesting people to go green, but today we have for you a little bit of orange, which is on the greener side. This is the pure eevee e pluto Music. How good is the design the fit and finish, and how good is the performance of this […]

2022 Tata Nexon EV Max Review – Can This Be India’s Next Bestselling EV

If you see a green plate attached to a car odds, are its a tata nexon eevee as a car that fell right under the rupees 15 lakh government. Subsidy price cap it hit the sweet spot and, with the 250 kilometer real world range, it was ideal for inner city commutes. Not only is […]

Hyundai Sonata Killed Off? Find out why and what will be killed next!

, its no secret that the korean auto giant has become A leading ev manufacturer due to the success of its state of the art evs such as the ionic 5 and the ev6, with the impending release of many more exciting evie products to come, which include the ionic 6. The prophecy concept inspired […]

Citroen AMI 2022 – FIRST look & Review in 4K | CRAZY little EV (Exterior – Interior)

Auto show in front of us is the new citroen ami. This is a fully electric little car. It kind of reminds me of the smart when it launched, but its not even close to smart, because this is just like a plastic box on wheels connected to a battery and its. I dont know […]

MG ZS EV First Impressions & Test Drive Review | Rob's Reviews | Buckle Up

I havent been in a modern mg, so this is my first experience out in one of these since mg folded. However, long ago it was 2005. right. Well, i just put my foot down and despite the fact that this is supposedly only about 120 horsepower, it feels a lot quicker than that woof. […]

Tata nexon ev max – jyada range wali electric gadi ! nexon ev max live launch – price features range

Nexon evmax offers significantly enhanced range safety, performance and luxury to give a truly max experience for our customers. Lets take a closer look at these features. The nexon ev max will feature a battery pack that is over 30, larger, which aids in enhanced driving range, unlocking the freedom to travel farther on a […]

NEW BYD Atto 2 review; specs, battery & power for Australia

I dont know how this person knows this information, but hes released the actual details and specifications of the bill d dolphin. That is coming here to australia. Very interesting review. Im going to give you all the details, all the information, everything we know and everything that i think you would want to know […]

EV with 80% Charge in 56 Min 437 km Range | Tata Nexon EV Max – The New Benchmark Full Details

I am here in namma, bengaluru and guess. What parked right behind me is the nexon ev max uh, more than just evolution. I can call this a revolution in the eevee segment, because the way tata have packed this car to the brim is beyond imagination. Now, every detail that you need to know […]

2022 Tata Nexon EV MAX | Electric Attack | First Drive Review

I need a bag now, while the tata nx on ev saw substantial number of sales figures. What a lot of customers complained about was its range and its battery capacity now with the new launch tata, has solved all those problems by offering a bigger battery capacity of 40.5 kilowatt per hour and an […]