2022 Tata Nexon EV MAX Review

This vehicle will go on sale with the regular variants of the nexon ev. The highlight here is the increased range and a bigger battery pack. The 30.2 kilowatt battery pack on the standard nexon now grows to a bigger 40.5 kilowatt battery pack on the max Music, resulting in an increased range of over […]

Tata Nexon EV Max Review | 437km Range?! Worth Rs 1.8 lakh Extra? | CarWale

To further boost this, it has an interesting plan in the form of this Music: Music Applause, Music Applause. This is the nexon evmax or the electric version of the nexon suv, but with a bigger battery and an extended range, the manufacturer says it sees a good demand for electric vehicles. Now, in fact, […]

[PRODUCT REVIEW] EV HOVER Electric Vehicle Cable Management System (Trust Ted)

This is actually a mechanism that allows you to better organize your charging cable, and so you can see over here i have the tesla charger and so ill be uh connecting up the ev hover there to basically put it over the car when its charging and as Always you guys know uh, we […]

BMW i7 Review | BMW 7 series 2023 Reveal | The New King of EV Luxury?

Bmw is about state of the art, technology and revolutionary design, its the most innovative cutting edge automobile in the luxury segment, and for the first time in the history of the 7, the top performance model will be fully electric. The 7 is about creating great impressions, heres, how it welcomes you Music, its […]

2022 Tata Nexon EV Max Review : Real World Range Tested | Electric Car | autoX

So our job today is to find out how close can we get to the indicated range? Well, this car has a claimed range of 400 plus kilometers, but in the real world, as we have experienced with the old car as well, it drops down significantly, but then tata. Engineers have told us that […]

Used Jaguar I-Pace: Still one of our favourite electric cars

Actually, it was introduced in 2017 and was the first premium electric suv to hit the market complete with a wltp driving range of 298 miles from a 90 kilowatt hour battery. The thing is, while it may have been around quite a while longer than natural rivals like the mercedes eqc, the audi e […]

2022 GMC Hummer EV | CAR MOM TOUR

Please subscribe to my channel give this video a thumbs up because its a freaking, eevee, hummer and lets get started. Okay, so lets refresh hummer came out in the late 90s and she had a run right. They were there, they were gas, guzzlers 08 was not good to them and in 2010 they […]

Tata Nexon EV Max – Launch Details in Kannada #nexonevmax #nexonev #tatanexon

5 kilowatt hours as compared to 30.2 kilowatt hours on the standard nexon, a bigger capacity battery pack in the nexon av max certified range Eager 437 kilometers, which is a significant improvement of 120 kilometers on paper, though, on the significant difference so long, distance 143 horsepower as compared to 129 horsepower on the […]

Tata Nexon EV Max Review | 473 KM in a Single Charge | TATA Electric Cars | Ziptron Technology

com. In this video we will see a feature analysis of tata nexon, evmax uh, which will take you around 473 kilometers in a single charge. This is just a presentation, video guys, so apologies for that uh. This channel is dedicated to spread awareness about health insurance. So if you want to take health […]

Megger EV Adaptor EVCA 210-UK Review – Electric Vehicle Charging Point Tester

I recently did a unboxing slash review of the mega 1741 plus and in line with that, we used this to do our ev tests, so im just going to share with you whats in the pack and tell you how it works and all my thoughts as always. If you enjoy these videos, dont […]