Cupra Born 2022 Review: Is Cupra's first EV Born to be wild or Born yesterday? | WhichEV

The volkswagen group started its electric journey in full force with the id3 a couple of years ago. Now that has kind of developed into the id4 and the other brands in the volkswagen group, audi and skoda have headed off in an suv direction, but cooper has decided to come out with a their […]

BOUNCE INFINITY E1 Electric Scooter Customer Review | Latest Electric Scooters | Electric Vehicles

Even now mr aditya is with us to share his experience, hello. How are you first of all, welcome to our channel so aditya? Is this your first electric vehicle or have you ever tried other electric vehicles? I do have uh ola s1 pro, which i have bought a month ago. Okay, then, after […]

Tata Nexon EV Max Review in Tamil | ஒருமுறை சார்ஜ் செய்தால் 473 KM | TATA Electric Cars

24 lakhs, uh and, of course battery when the previous stations order. Energy, bigger battery capacity so evmax large 40.5 kilowatts, uh battery repair, ip67 rated high energy density, lithium ion battery, so another 33 percent, higher capacitance on the market for 33 percent higher capacity and, of course, uh safer surrounding abs, 3. Also […]

How Toyota Shocks The Entire Car Industry ALL NEW Bz4X! (Toyota Ev Release, Toyota Battery, Best Ev)

. It is a super car that can fly on the sky and travel to point A to B in no time.. Imagine having a car like that in real life.. Well, It will certainly take few more years to actually bring a super car like Spinner in the car industry.. However, the car industry […]

💢Car Review of 2021 Porsche Taycan 4S Sedan Electric Vehicle (EV) Automatic 4 Wheel Drive

Today i will show you a very, very simple luxury car porsche tycoon: 4s: the full option: 2021 model with the mileage of 9500 kilometer, only its very, very red, color, very nice. One super luxury: car: okay, please follow me, you it Music, very nice, one right, very red and also electric vehicle db […]

No One is Telling You the Truth About Electric Cars, So I Have To

Electric vehicles today were looking at the cost of charge and ev versus pumping gas. Well also talk about the average evs lifespan and replacement battery costs for many consumers. These numbers will surprise you a key selling point for teslas and other major evs is the cheaper cost of charging an ev compared to […]

Tata Nexon EV Max Quick look review

Well, this here is the tata nexon evmax, the nexon ev is already a very successful and very popular car in indian market and tata. Now wants to take the game further up by launching this new ev max version well on the exterior. What is different, nothing to be honest, all the detailing all […]

Kia Niro Plus Full Details Revealed! Camping? Uber? Taxi? All Ready To Go!

Ev makers of late is cooking up yet another electric vehicle under its sleeves that has the potential of outshining the all new nero and maybe even the prolific ev6. In continuation of the initial introduction on the new kia, nero plus in the prior episode. We will further explore the new yet very familiar […]

आज तक की सबसे Hi-tech TATA SUV | Tata Nexon EV MAX Full Launch Review

. thats, why customers were worried. So for these kinds of customers, Tata has launched a new version of Nexon EV., whose name is Nexon EV, ultra Pro Max 512GB., In which youll find three cameras and A little big battery Means there is nothing like that. The New version of Nexon EV, whose name […]

Porsche Taycan RWD Review

What we are dealing and the staggering price tag of 1 50 lakh rupees only creates a buzz around it. A silent burst, though, because we have porsches first tv in our mills: Music, yes, weve, driven it earlier in the us, and siddharth had his mind blown by its performance, but india is a […]