Nexon ev max 2022 full detail review – More Range and New Features | Nexon ev max live launch

Eb max offers significantly enhanced range safety, performance and luxury. To give a truly max experience for our customers lets take a closer look at these features. Music. The next one evmax will feature a battery pack, that is over 30, larger, which aids in enhanced driving range, unlocking the freedom to travel farther on […]

2023 Volkswagen Id 5 Gtx in depth review | the EV of the future

. The ID5 name implies an equally distinctive model, but it looks like a coupe ID4.. Like all coupe variants of SUVs. The ID5 is a car. Nobody asked for., Hello, friends, Welcome to Tech Scoop your one stop channel for everything, EV. Welcome back if youre a returning subscriber.. If this is your first […]

MG ZS Electric Car Ownership Review || Part – 2 || Pros & Cons in தமிழில் || Rider Machine

You have to prepare your mindset. We have to go for that. Evie, no question on that.

Volvo C40 Review | The Electric Car I Would Buy With My Own Money!

The septic go is a small cool and stylish home charger that can be had in a whole bunch of different colors, and it can charge up to 11 kilowatts on ac charging, so use the discount code chrisrifa down below to get 10 off your purchasing price here In norway before i take this […]

Nissan Ariya review | first impression in Ireland!

Uh in mid june june july, well have first production cars available. This is a pre production car, its the smaller battery were getting a very first look at it today and then well. Take it around the track here in mondello and weve got a very short, 30 minute slot here, so theres two […]

Genesis GV60 – Driven: First all-electric car from luxury Korean brand

The premium arm to hyundai arrived only 12 months ago in 2021, but it has already launched five models with this: the genesis gv60 being the sixth and arguably the most important. That is because this is the brands first pure electric car. It is based on the same platform as the kia ev6 and […]

2022 Honda City Hybrid review – இது தான் இந்தியாவின் Supreme Hybrid car | Motor Vikatan

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Tata Nexon EV Max Walkaround | Upgraded Alternative! | All changes and details

I should let you know right away number one theres going to be no opinion or impressions in this particular video, its just factual. Just to give you an idea of what you would expect, if you see one of these in the showroom, but with a more in depth perspective as far as possible […]

VW ID.5 GTX – Full In-Depth Review

My name is derek reilly. We are in austria for the launch of the volkswagen id5, this beautiful suv with a coupe roofline. This is the gtx version, so with this gtx version at the front, its pretty much the similar as the id4 gtx that we already have on the channel. First of all, […]

Which is the Better EV? Electrified Genesis GV70 or BMW iX3?

But now they have been turned into electric cars or i should say suvs anyhow. Well be comparing these two suvs, both in terms of interior, exterior design and driving dynamics, and at the end, gon na also tell you, which is a better buy for you. So lets start the show right now: Music, […]