New 2022 Genesis GV60 electric coupe-SUV review – DrivingElectric

The same platform, batteries and charging even much of the same interior tech, so look, we wont, beat around the bush – were excited about this one. We were given a look around the new gv60 in a studio a few months ago and i admitted at the time, but i actually quite liked the […]

Porsche Taycan vs Audi RS e-tron GT 2022 : Performance electric cars comparison test review | autoX

The porsche tycoon and the audi e tron gt are the first high performance models from their respective car makers and they both claim to offer similar levels of driving thrills as their internally combusted counterparts. Now that is a bit of a tall order, because these cars are electric and, as we know, electric […]

Kona Electric Car Review | Is it Worth it

We are going to be interviewing jim to give us his thoughts. His opinions on the kona hyundai ultimate electric vehicle were going to try to go through some of the big major questions. People have before buying an electric vehicle to hopefully answer the ones that you might have. First and foremost, jim tell […]

Mini Cooper SE review – It's Electrifying! | First Drive | Autocar India

Its always been all about its attitude, its zippy nature and its drivers appeal, but today, its about a little bit more its about being socially conscious, because this is the first ever all electric mini while visibly it may look pretty similar to the internal combustion version. The key difference is that theres, just […]

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Is A Crazy Affordable Electric Work Truck

Now all the buzz has been around the top trims. However, if you guys are on a budget, this is the base. F, 150, lightning pro designed more for contractors. So in this, video were going to take a quick little walk around and show you guys exactly what you get for your forty thousand […]

Citroen e-Berlingo – Are you looking for an EV with lots of space?

My name is derek riley today were looking at the citroen eber lingo, and is it the best value for money in the electric vehicle space at the moment, because it has space it can have up to seven seats. It has three isofix along the rear. If youve got five seats, its got a […]

2022 Hummer EV Review| Crab Walk

Only the most expensive edition one model will be available at first. Less expensive trims will come into the picture soon for the time being. The hummer evs only powertrain option is a three electric motor setup that produces one thousand horsepower and about one thousand to eleven hundred foot pounds of torque all wheel […]

2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric Review – We Need More EVs Like This!

Direct drive transmission. Now i am super excited to be driving this here, ionic for a couple of reasons, but mainly the fact that it is one in ev and two only sold in certain states in america back in illinois. We cant buy these. However, out here in new york, you absolutely can so […]

VW ID.5 – Full In-Depth Review

My name is derek reilly. Today we are in austria and if whether this is the first video or the second video youve watched, we are all about the id5, and this is the pro performance version in this beautiful moonstone, blue. With some of the id versions, you may not know the difference when […]

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning First Drive Review: An Electric Freight Train

Even people who drive pickups truth is texas. Is us in extreme pickup trucks are a mainstay in american society, trucks to haul and work, of course, but trucks to get groceries and trucks to go on vacation too pickups are a way of life and their utility is paramount trucks, typically top the sales […]