1st Drive of an EV in our Volkswagen ID 4 – These Girls….

I know theyre like like well dont, rub your engine at me, little mister! I will do it. No sorry! I dont understand i dont either stop trying to talk to us youre, not as cool as us doing a car review and talking about makeup, i want to sing the jd by ryder song. […]

Does this ELECTRIC 4 Series deserve its M badge? | 2022 BMW i4 M50 Review

This also happens to be the first fully electric car to wear the m badge. Now its not a full on m car just has the m sports package, but its still pretty cool. This is the 2022 bmw. I4 m50 were going to take a look at how it drives what it has to […]

Tata Tigor EV and Nexon EV | Electrifying Movement | Feature | Car India

We go polluting the environment, extracting every ounce of natural resource, thats left in her its heartbreaking isnt it well it quite literally. Is electric vehicles are the best current sustainable future and today at car, india, we have two very interesting evs, the nexon ev and the tigari v. And we are here to […]

Citroen Ami EV: in-depth review and drive

There are plenty of other videos that have shown you kind of a bit of quirky things to do with it. You know going around a mcdonalds takeaway that kind of thing, so im not going to do any of that. What i am going to do is im just going to show you around […]

Mercedes EQS review: the car of the future is HERE

Welcome aboard the mercedes eqs, the most advanced luxury car currently on sale. The eqs is essentially a cutting edge electric version of the s class and, as a result, mercedes has crammed everything it knows about technology into it. There is so much to dig in here from the remote control parking feature to […]

BMW i4 M50 review [It's Fast!] over 540bhp from an all-electric 4 Series Grand Coupe

The bmw i4 ive been waiting to try this one for a while. It is, of course, a fully electric version of the four series. If you like this one is the bmw. G26 i4 m50 is about 540 horsepower. This thing ill put all the uh the facts on the screen, all the stats […]

The all-new Toyota bZ4X starts the pure EV revolution @ Toyota! First REVIEW

That was yesterday today its about the toyota bz4x, the first all electric vehicle for mass production. Here with thomas on autograph fuel lets dig into the details b: z for x or b z for x, doesnt, mean b, z or b. Z stands for beyond zero and thats the new electric vehicle lineup. […]

Tata Ace EV – Electric Commercial Vehicle Is Promising! | MotorBeam

Now this is an exclusive commercial vehicle for e commerce. Companies tata has got ‘ 000 bookings, yes, thats right ‘ 000 bookings on the day of the launch of this ev theyve. Also signed an mou with the likes of flipkart amazon, big basket and much more so lets. Take a quick look at […]

2022 Honda City Hybrid review – The most technologically advanced City yet | Autocar India

Ev is obviously the future that is where we are headed to, but even that isnt completely ready, yet thanks to the weak charging infrastructure. What makes a very strong case, though, are strong hybrids, and that is what honda has focused on with their latest car. This is the city e hev, and it […]

New 2022 Subaru Solterra electric family SUV first look – DrivingElectric

The electric car bandwagon subaru has been slower than most, but that gaping hole in the makers range is about to be sewn shut. With this, the all new subaru solterra Music, the solterra is yep. You guessed it an suv and if it looks a bit familiar theres, a good reason for that. This […]