Ford Mustang Mach-E Review | Driving an EV in 2022!

What we have mackie this is a standard range car, um and theres. Some really quite funky funky things on this, and some of it is thats the handle i mean who knew really really clever. This has got a range of a wltp of 270 miles, but of course, as i always say, and […]

Rundown of Latest Electric Car News and EV Debuts for Early 2022

After all, electric power can be unlimited, so lets support the electric revolution by learning about the latest news within the ev world. We have got all classes and body styles and bear in mind that this is just the first volume of the video and more evs will be shown in the next episode […]

2022 GMC Hummer EV Interior, 80's Deja Vou Vibe!

Now, before you switch the channel and go to somewhere else, uh were going to be talking interior design of cars. Okay, and this is the way, the concept. What is modern, what is new – and i know its all up to interpretation and your flavor so im just going to show you two […]


The 201b hp 58 kilowatts outbourne driven here a cheaper entry level, model 148b and 45kwh and a slightly more powerful one, 227bhp and 7t7kwh will both follow later in the year. Theres no word yet on the range range topping dual motor version for the time being: trim levels range from v1 to v3 […]

MG ZS EV Exclusive 2022-₹25.8 lakh |Real-life review #mg #electronic

India, china or thailand assembly hotel 4.3 meter length or 1.6 meter height tomahawk have designed a 17 inch origin beam suspension, milling 600 kilometer range 72.6 kilowatt hour battery, maybe at the azv, but for indium, available, rear fog, light rear, sensors, Music, blind spot detector, driver visual Or acoustic signal safety, gender, six […]

Renault Megane E Tech Electric review – better than a Volkswagen ID.3

Over the last 10 years, the french brand has sold in excess of 400 000 battery powered vehicles. The most popular is the renault zoe, but its also got the twizy and kangoo light van. But now its got an all new flagship, c segment, competitor, its called the mcgann e tec electric and it […]

FreeGo DK200 EV Budget 1200 Watt 32 mph Adventure eBike Review

Free go dk 200 and there wasnt a lot of information about it. On the internet. There was one guy who went by the name of solar cabin ill, put a link in the description but uh. He had done a review on it and so thats. What kind of kind of made me decide […]

2022 Chevy Bolt Review – Better than Kia Niro EV?

So in person, yes, it looks a bit tall but really liking the new front design. So lets do take a closer look. I mean i liked how the original bolt looked like, but this one looks much better. In my opinion, we have a black bowtie emblem in the middle divorce headlamp system, the […]

EVERY electric car should be like this | Cupra Born Review

They dont have the soul that some cars used to have Music. What is that all about to change with coopers offering the koopa born this car is set to offer sporty performance, sharp styling and funky interiors hello, electro heads im, tish and today ive got my hands on this. The cupraborn im going […]

2023 Kia Niro e-Niro is Finally Released! Is the Kia EV6 in Trouble?

After just four years in existence, as we have previously reported, the all new kia nero has improved leaps and bounds over the previous model. As far as the aesthetics is concerned, as the new second generation model is a true rendition of the stunning habanero concept. With its trend, setting design features that include […]