Ford E-Transit First Drive – New Transit electric van review / Electrifying

Its going to be something like this, the new ford e transit think about it. The delivery van is the unsung hero of transportation. They are the backbone of all of those deliveries that you order online and then end up at your house, and they really suit electrification, theres no diesel idling as they […]

TATA Tigor EV Review | Electric Car | Electric Vehicles |

Today, we are here at terra gadda in hyderabad, at tatas, showroom where we are here to uh review this tata tigor ev, which was one of the best selling electric car in 2021.. This is the third most selling electric car in 2021, after uh nexon and mg zv. So for you all today […]

Audi eTron review 10000 miles Part 2, cockpit and power regen

It looks like every other audi. It looks like a um looks like a q2 in terms of the shape its um. You know its just a few angles on it, but you never know if its a q2 up close or a neutron in the distance um, because theyre quite a similar silhouette and […]

Fiat 500e Electric 2022 Full Review | Better Than The HONDA E?

It was created to be a car of the people, one of the worlds first true city cars. It was small, easy to drive and economical, to buy and run fast forward 65 years, and the fiat 500 is still one of the best small city, cars and now one of the best electric city […]

Tata Avinya walkaround – The Tata EV from the future! | First Look | Autocar India

The gen 1 platform that underpins models like the nexon, eevee and tigor ev was derived from ice platforms and the gen 2 that we saw most recently on the curve concept, is a derivation of that with certain ev centric features like a flat floor. This, however, is the most advanced of the three […]

Introducing AVINYA concept EV I A New Paradigm of Innovation

I welcome you to an electrifying day with tata motors. Clearly, the world needs new mobility solutions, mobility, solutions that are well designed state of the art sustainable and that reduce the planets carbon footprint, both the tata motors and jaguar land rover. We are very passionately committed to achieve these future focused mobility solutions. […]

TATA Nexon EV Ownership Review | Electric Car | Electric vehicles |

So lets start the video. Now mr saket is with us hello saket. How are you hi, pawan hi to everyone watching? Okay, so please introduce yourself to our us hi everyone. My name is saketh im, a cpa, im, a finance, professional and im working as a financial consultant. Yes, okay, okay, ill start […]

Mazda CX-60 review: Most powerful Mazda ever! Plug-in hybrid electric luxury SUV (inc 0-100, range)

Its also the most powerful mazda thats ever been built and mazda believes that it represents everything its put into its own dna over 100 years, so its kind of a big deal. Then this video will be split into chapters, so you can use the time codes to skip ahead to wherever you want […]

I Just Bought a Kia Niro EV! – Initial Review

I i drive a lot so ive already put on like almost exactly 3 500 miles in that time, so uh my my day. Job which is not youtube um does require about a 100 mile round trip commute. You know five days a week plus running errands and all that stuff, so ive already […]

2022 Gmc Hummer EV Full Review – 2022 GMC Hummer EV Price,Release, News, Review, Interior & Exterior

Please subscribe to this channel to get the latest video updates. Thank you. What Music Music? Throughout my day with the hummer ev, i heard about how it was a moonshot effort that saw gm cast aside the usual auto industry bureaucracy to shorten the time from conception to production. Its easy to dismiss this […]