KIA EV6 Electric Car Review | 530 KM Range, 350KW DC Fast Charging, 192KMPH Top Speed, AWD

This is bharat watch, and that is the kia ev6, and we are here today in good international circuit to test out this electrifying powerhouse, so lets get straight to it. Before we get on to the driving of the ev6. Let me tell you how the design of the car is. As you can […]

Tata Nexon EV Max 430Kms Range Review || 430 Kms Range | Hybiz Automotives

Yes, staton evmax has been introduced into the hyderabad market right now and let us see what are the upgraded features in the evmax. First and foremost, the range has been upgraded to 430 kilometers. So apart from that, what are the other changes ill? Let you know Music so right now we have funiram, […]

2022 Genesis Electrified G80 review (inc. 0-100): The big Model S competitor from Korea!

There are sort of not really all that many options here in australia, but this is about to go on sale. It is the genesis electrified g80, so its basically an electric version of their g80 limousine. This competes with things like the tesla model, s, the mercedes, benz, eqe and, to some extent the […]

A Sporty Surprise: Porsche Taycan EV first drive and review

While some players have failed to reckon the force, the others are doing pretty good case in point. Porsche now this traditional sports car maker decided to enter the electric vehicle market with the thai can and what a success it has turned out to be so here we are with the porsche ican to […]

2023 Kia Niro Hybrid, PHEV, and EV In Person First Look

We still get the plug in hybrid, with more power than ever before and a new ev model as well. Now, unfortunately, in this video, i cant tell you how much they cost or how they drive, but well talk about everything else. On all three of these models up front, we have a much […]

2022 Kia EV6 review – Futuristic 325hp all-electric Kia driven | Track Drive | Autocar

All information right in this video lets get started. Kia has announced additional specifications for its upcoming ev6 electrical crossover, which includes the fact that the one of a kind electric vehicle will have a maximum range of up to 328 miles when it is fully charged. Prices start at forty thousand, eight hundred nine […]

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So i have three already – and i have this other boy: okay, well, give him a chance! Why dont you come in the next one, next, one okay, who is? Who else? Who else is joining us? We dont have any ladies yeah any babies. Yes, the lady with a pretty smile, you can […]

Kia Niro EV (2022) | De heilige drie-eenheid | Review | Autovisie

We met deze vernieuwde versie op pad in de buurt van of flow om te kijken of het nog steeds de beste. Keuze is voor de gemiddelde nederlander of dat het misschien beter was dat. Kia ja, zegt toch, het storten, op een, volledig, elektrisch platform van auto in deze klasse dus kom, mee stap […]

Thinking About Buying EV6 or IONIQ 5 Now? Think Again and Wait!

That seems to be just a normal part of car purchasing these days, its even more frustrating, because you have to make yourself fit into a car that you are lucky to find. Rather than buying a car that fits you, price, gouging is rampant and availability is non existent due to production problems as […]

2022 BMW i4 – All electric BMW sedan for the price of a 5 Series! | First Look | Autocar India

The i4 comes after the ix. Now this is really a junior bmw or a junior ev. One thats meant to be more affordable and more accessible. Lets see what its like Music for a bit of perspective. The i4 is the all electric version of the 4 series grand coupe, which itself is the […]