New TVS IQube Electric Scooter Review | Latest Electric Scooters | Electric Vehicles

Kumar now im here at tv, sushil motors, which is located at cook at pali hyderabad telangana state in this video im, going to review, tvs iq, which was recently launched and its been only four days in launching even previous motors, have launched three vehicles. That is tvs. Icube tvs, iq s and tvs […]

Top 10 Electric Cars from Korea – A New World Leader in EV Manufacturing?

Hunty motor group is collecting awards for their new evs left and right. Domestic manufacturing is thriving, and by 2025 they have even promised to invest 10 billion dollars in the us to boost the production there as well. In this episode of automotive territory, well review all the existing and upcoming electric cars and […]

All You Need To Know on the upcoming IONIQ 3, EV4 and the New Kona Electric!

True competitors to the likes of the vwid3, are eagerly being anticipated by people all over the globe. As the current egmp electric car offerings from hyundai and kia are either too big, as they are nearly as big as mid size, sedans, with a length of nearly 4700 millimeters or 185 inches and as […]

All-New Nissan Ariya 2023 – Full Review! (Amazing EV SUV)

Look at the all new nissan aria. The new aria is the result of nissans numerous years in leading ev expertise, and it embodies a perfect balance between dynamic beauty and the future of technology, delivering timeless japanese futurism and it results in a smooth, capable and thrilling ride. The aria we have on site […]

2022 Kia EV6 Review | Exteriors, interiors, performance, range explained | First Drive | evo India

It was 48 degrees. The delhi ncr region has never experienced this searing heat in ages and it is a timely reminder that climate change. It is real. Now, cars they arent the primary contributor to global warming, but the automobile industry is everybodys, favorite, ripping boy and thats. Why? The change that youll see […]

2022 Kia EV6 Review | First Drive | Kia takes on premium EVs | Electric Car | autoX

Ladies and gentlemen, im karan, saying youre watching auto x, and this is the kia ev6, quite possibly the best electric car in the world. Okay, so now before we get to driving the ev6 on track, lets talk a little bit about the design. If you only care about the driving impressions, i suggest […]

In studio with the All-Electric 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ

So here it is guys in studio. This is the brand new cadillac lyric. Now i had a chance. I had an opportunity to see it in its preliminary phase at the launch event, but now its actually here and we can go a little bit more in depth than we did the previous time. […]

the NEW 2022 Polestar 2 a luxury electric car Review

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KIA Niro EV new model review | Can it better the last?

It is a totally ground up new car with a totally new nose. The charging port is now here which is interesting from kia because on the plug in hybrid version of this car, its over just at the the side of the vehicle were just under 65 kilowatt hour usual battery, which is no […]

Tata Nexon EV MAX Review

Today we are driving the new tata nixon ev max, which comes with an additional range as well as more horsepower stay with us and well give you the entire lowdown on the new offering from tada motors. You know the one thing about tana motors cars is that they always have a rock solid, […]