Genesis GV60 review | A 700Nm luxury EV with drift and BOOST mode?

What do you think porsche tycoon? Probably something like that: youre wrong, taikan doesnt have a drift mode, silly, no, obviously its the genesis gv60. So lets lets, go drive it and probably not use that drift mode because its a small family car and were in germany and wed probably get in trouble. If […]

Are EVs Difficult to Drive – Tigor EV Review (Episode 2)

I drive for about one and a half hours, one way to work, and it doesnt seem that long. So i think that is uh. That is the best feature of the car. In fact, is cooling bother? Chad, cooling kelly have not faced any problem as yet, in fact it cools really well. There […]

First Look Review: Rimac Nevera EV | Next Electric Car

I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im […]

It’s seriously FAST for an EV! (BMW iX M60 2022 review)

Is this? The new ix m60 ive come here to berlin to get a drive of this uber fast five seat, suv before it makes its way to australia soon and for bmw. The ix m60 really is a big deal, even though theres m sports, a plenty back home in australia for a car […]

Here’s Why My Mom And I Both Drive Electric Cars!

Video. My name is alyssa, and this is my mom here and were going to explain to you today why we both got the cars that we have. So if you guys have recently been watching, we just bought this audi e tron its a prestige, uh kyle, definitely wanted to make sure we have […]

2023 Genesis GV60 Performance // Have to Keep this Away From my Wife

Now i really have to kind of keep this car away from my wifes scent that you see ever since the introduction of genesis and their gv series suvs. She has really turned in from a a german badge, snob into a huge genesis fan, and she really really wants a genesis, and we are […]

FIRST Chevy Silverado EV Delivered to the West Coast! *EXCLUSIVE ACCESS & REVIEW*

Silverado ev for its first official trip out here on the west coast, were here in los angeles area and seeing the rst model for the silverado ev the new first edition. It looks absolutely stunning, with this new metallic blue im, not sure in the exact name but ill put it over on the […]

MG ZS EV Standard Range 2022 – FULL review in 4K | Exterior – Interior (Facelift)

Auto show were gon na check the mg zs ev, so theres a lot of people as you can see so uh. We have the key here so just to show you the key fob. We have the lock unlock button and to unlock the cargo as the sticker. You can see mg and its […]

Mercedes Vision AMG Concept Previews AMG's First Stand-Alone EV

Why it matters it will be underpinned by hands dedicated amg via platform whats. Next, the production version will be out in twenty twenty five ng. Will launch the first fully electric model on its new dedicated mg? He a platform in 2025 which has been developed completely by the ng division in filter by […]

Tesla Model 3 used car review – is it a good family EV?

For years and years, the best selling cars in the uk have been things like: the volkswagen golf, the nissan qashqai, but nowadays youre much more likely to see a tesla model 3 at the top of the sales charts. Its teslas most affordable car and its now the best selling ev of all time […]