This will be the first small ev by the vw group. So is it something like a electric polo gti well find out more right now with thomas and autography, you can see here the cooper urban rebel so far an early stage, but we will continue the coverage throughout on our channel. If you subscribe a very sporty front, a lot of curved lines, really strong performance character here by the way this looks like carbon fiber, but they dont build on carbon, but use a natural fiber for that. Sustainability is also a key thing about this vehicle, but of course, also design. They have this illuminated cooper logo. Here in the front, we will see if this one will be allowed and also on, for example, german or european markets. It really depends on market regulations. They also introduce a new design scheme here in the front with the lamps see they are always like. You know these triangular features, and this will be a new krooper design scheme throughout the whole brand. In the side profile you can see, it is indeed a short vehicle, its not too low. It has this, i would say, like cross over character here. In this early stage, vehicle 21 inch wheels really massive styling. The rear car will probably come with. You know some smaller wheels, but nowadays we see, of course, bigger and bigger wheels. Here you can see once again these crossover claddings here in that natural carbon fiber look so to speak and really stylish side mirrors here.

Everything is also set here on this design scheme. Look at that its a blacked out a pillar and im, not sure if you can really see it, but when you combine this area here, the glass area blacked out a pillar and then here it looks like a motorcycle helmet. Do you see that? Do you see a motorcycle helmet tell me in the comments, if you really see that and here in the side profile, if you can take a look, the length actually is just 4 meters, 0, 4 or 159 inches. So indeed, this is the length of a vw polo. Acceleration figure will be 6.9 seconds if you compare apollo gti its 6.5. So then a little bit slower. It is sitting on the meb platform, the module electric building platform of the vw group. In this case, however, its not rear drive but its front wheel driven, i asked them why, and the first answer was actually for packaging reasons that they have a little bit more space available here in the rear, and you know for rear seats in the trunk, and So on, but still i would say when you do this performance, ev style, you could have made it rear wheel drive. So i would prefer the rear wheel drive here, as it is also for the cooper bond, for example, for that compact segment leaker here than the small segment, and you can see that the window line is raising here.

It looks really coopei shape alike, so this overall design really dramatic the charge board by the way is here in the front thats very interesting also with this touch sensor. Also, of course, dc. Charging figures are now not yet out and the whole vehicle also like these things, and so on dont, they remind you a little bit of the lotus electra like this lotus supercar weve recently seen. We also have a video of that. This really seems to be like a small version of that. Well, it looks like that. The small ev for everyone will also look like a supercar in the rear right wont. It interesting light signatures here and also this very cool tribal, like illuminated logo. I think in this way it also makes sense when you really style the car in that dramatic way, why not being a little bit more joyful and the system model, for example, that might be, for example, vw id2 will then be a little bit more conservative and Cooper will take over the role to be the more dramatic uh you know, sister or brother, in the design. Why not, actually, and also in the rear here in the lower part, now like this diffuser, look, probably wont be that dramatic in the very final model, but cooper have told us that the way we see the car at this moment is already quite close to production. So indeed, it wont change that much in design, and that will be, of course, something really remarkable.

Battery sizes are not out yet, and there will still be some development, but at this moment our first estimate is that the range will be somewhat a little bit less than 400 kilometers or 250 miles well, see about that and keep you updated. Of course lets move to the interior. You can see here. This does offer a soft close. Even so we havent seen in this segment yet thats funny right and then there will be like this function. You see here this mark and this will be then the possibility to open the door actually and well. The interior might not be super fine, but we see a lot of solutions that will come to the car. Well, this is, of course, the most obvious thing, thats steering me here and they want to bring together gaming and racing world, and definitely here you see these – you know gaming gauges here left and right its a funny idea, because you get something that you used to. Maybe from gaming controllers to the car, why not being so joyful for that here for electric boost function, for example directly at the steering wheel to be, you know to be able to control very well already at the inside of the doors, with a lot of interesting Materials, the whole car is animal free, so you can say the car is vegan from the interior by the way here, also the fabric, its all done by recycled materials, so really moving forward the brand to sustainability here also structured surfaces.

So, even though, when some service a hard pack, they bring premium touch to it because it has a structured surface, thats, a very cool idea – and you see here there are some screens im, not sure if you could see this like um. You know like this illumination. All weekend at the ins of the doors, this will also be a big theme of the vehicle that you can have. You know like like a like a some something is alive. That is something they want to create right here. As for the seats, this is also a leather red material, a new one contrast, stitches, really soft, also for the touch, and then they used more more recycled fabrics here. Very, very interesting. Look here with the contrasting yellow and then this one here is actually from 3d printing so that they can use less materials actually be. You know more useful, making more use of the resources and also to speed up the whole development process. So very interesting touches to the interior. I expect the final version to be a little bit less dramatic, but the whole scheme you know of this more enclosed, look very sporty atmosphere. This will remain the same. Then these instruments – you can see theres like this demo movie here and you can have some augmented reality arrows inside that looks really really fancy. And you have this the split view. You know the big one in the middle and on the outside.

You have the more thats classic gauges for you know. You know the power boost on the right side, then the opposite side will be the rip of the speed. So this also an interesting new idea. The shifting stall column is right below that you can turn it in to put in the gears and theres not like a simple head up display, because when you look here above you already, you know see some more lighting effect and it will be there. It is all around the vehicle, basically, so not a single help display, but like a head up windscreen, we could call it like this and then you can have, for example, arrow commands there, which direction to turn in you can maybe also project the speed there. So this is a very interesting new approach we havent seen yet in this way, and maybe also some warnings. You know like exit warnings, then on the side and so on. In this case, it looks a little bit more. You know from gaming once again, but hey, why not then the central infotainment there we go yeah, then central, entertainment this in the demo mode. At this moment we see there are still temperature sliders, but theyre at least backlit now. So we can also expect these to show up in like vw, id3, id4, id5, um and and so on very soon so then, the backlit temperature sliders and the infotainment system has a common size, some hot keys and actually a very nice resolution.

So this is to come, oh, and have you seen that in the middle part a little bit lower? This is like the cupra energy beverage. Maybe they also launch an energy energy drink brand alongside that, in this case, for demo reasons here for the cup holders and below that, you can see theyre used as this new kind of copper tone. You guys want some light on there, yeah thats, better right. So there you can see it has an interesting new copper touch to it and then it dissolves basically into the rest again. So i would like to know from you guys: do you, like this dramatic design on the interior? Tell me in the comments rear door also this nice structured patterns here and by the way im, not sure if youve seen in the front, but this is actually the door opener, so hashtag capacity, bs door, opener yeah. We leave it like this. Then here you have. The window control, so this then for raising – or you know, hiring the lowering the window here. You can see the floor by the way. Also has the cooper logos. Why not? I mean i like these playful designs and if people like it, they can also make it to the very final design and the same leatherette seats here in the rear, with the contrast stitches and how much space will that be because thats, the thing here i mean Weve seen the floor, the batteries are in the very bottom center of the vehicle, and so the floor in the rear is actually very plain, and even look at that so theres no middle tunnel whatsoever, so really using this ev platform, hello, hello.

So, as for the legroom, this is actually totally fine, and this is really showing this ev platform used, because in the polo i can hardly sit behind the seaters, and this is also like it cant – be changed in the angle at this moment and it looks really Cool right here, very sculptural, headroom wise. Actually it does work for four tall adults me with one with 89 or six or two. It gets close, though, because of this kopech, but actually this also reason they went for a rather cross overlook because they have the battery than in the lower part, and then they make the car a little bit more higher urban crossover, small suv style to be able To offer exactly this kind of headroom here and at the moment the um, the seat surface, is a little bit stiff, so this will be softer softer cushions than in the final version in the middle part is not that. Well, just this is more like a single it up, but you can also have this middle seat and then for short periods of time. You can actually house five tall adults as for the boot or trunk opening. You just use your hand here as a sensor. Now it was unlocked in the final version. It will also lift automatically now in this case here since the you know in early vehicle, i help a little bit. This is the only thing that will be different.

You see its rather tiny now this trunk area. This will be bigger in the final version because theres, you know some prototype tech hidden underneath this cover, but the scheme we already see is that they rather put emphasis on space on the rear seats or you know, and prefer that in comparison to using more trunk Space, so this is supposed to be an urban vehicle where you use more space for the people on the inside. Definitely super interesting: when will it be released should be on the roads in 2025, and would you actually go for this kind of urban electric vehicle? The small one tell me in the comments and also compare the cooper born. The compact model is already on the market and we also have a video of the vw id2.