. Now the ionic 5 is a pure e vehicle created by honda to compete with the likes of the tesla model y and the ford mach e, very, very competitive segment. Right now so did hyundai succeed with this brand new ionic 5.. Well, in this video ill, let you know ill tell you everything there is to know about this brand new car and also go for drive, of course, and let you know how it is on the road and compare it to the market leaders like the tesla model Y, the ford maki and even the kia ev6, so you can decide whether or not this is the ev vehicle to get all right. Lets get started all right. Im behind the wheel lets see how good this brand new ioniq 5 is, and let me tell you more about it now. First of all, i have reviewed the sister car of this iottic 5, the kia ev6, and if you havent watched that yet wait until the end of the video, where i will link it. But that ev6 and this ionic 5 shares the same platform same engine and shares many of the same technologies. But hyundai and kia made sure to change a few things up so that each car can stand on their own. And there is a. There is a difference and theyre not virtually identical. Now when it comes to the ionic 5, i think the biggest difference you can visually see right away is the exterior look.

The ionic 5 does look very, very different, almost futuristic, slash, cyberpunk, slash, Music, uh suv, slash hatchback, look its very hard to explain, but it is very different theres something about it. That looks analog like the headlights and taillights, but also it does look like it belongs in the future. So hyundai didnt make this look very different, but not in a bad way where the ev6, for example, looks more like just a futuristic, aggressive sport hatchback this doesnt – and that brings me to my other point – is the ev6 – does look and feel more like a hatchback, While this ionic 5 looks and feels more like a suv, just one thats pretty low to the ground, so when im driving around, i do feel like im still above most of the stands i see, but its definitely lower than most of the suvs ive driven. So you still have a little bit of commanding height but its a really easy uh entry and exit from this ionic five, but once you get inside it feels big. I mean shoulder room up here. You know hip room leg, room! Look at this head room right! There theres plenty of it; it just feels big and airy inside, so it does make you feel like youre, an suv, its just its just a little bit lower to the ground. Now, in the back, i would say its the same thing. I have plenty of legroom. I am five feet ten, so behind my driving position you can see still have at least like six inches of leg.

Room left headroom a little bit smaller about two to three inches, but again it does not feel tight at all. Now i do remember in the ev6, it felt a little bit more cramped and it could be just the overall design makes you feel more snug, but it does feel like its a little bit smaller in there and to compare to say the mach e. Well, this rear second row room is definitely much bigger than the maki. I remember the maki i did not have much legroom at all did not have much headroom and i would bang my head when i was trying to get out, but compared to a model y. Its similar model, why does have more headroom but leg room? I would say this: one takes the cake, and this is the winner and of course, if you look at cargo room, you got plenty of it too. If you open up the power, tailgate youll see behind the second row, theres plenty of space, theres, no hidden trunk, underneath at least not usable trunk. You have a little bit of space really just for your cables. So, unlike a model y, where theres a huge trunk underneath, you dont really get that. But you still have plenty of space in the back. And if you fold down the second row, youll see that you have even more space just as big as a compact or mid size, suv so again great for families and plenty of room inside now.

As for the drive, i had this ionic 5 for a couple days now, and i will tell you, i am very very very impressed with how this ionic drives. It is so comfortable and maneuverable and agile, but overall its just good. It is a great great daily driver and i think anyone that goes out and test drives. This car will fall in love with it. Now one of the big differences between this ioniq 5 and the ev6 is the suspension tuning. The ev6 is tuned more firm supposed to give the ev6 uh. You know more of a sporty, you know sporty drive and i did feel it sometimes. I did feel like the ev6 was a little bit harsher over rough patches. This ionic five, on the other hand, is tuned smoother, and i love it. I love it. I love the way the suspension feels its very comfortable, even though this one comes with 20 inch wheels very big wheels. I think the design is okay but very big wheels with smaller sidewalls going over anything imperfections, rough patches, potholes, heres, an impressive thing, its so comfortable its better than a ev vehicle that costs three times the amount, something like a model x or model s. You know this is more comfortable that thats, how good the suspension is. I love the suspension and combined with that is the steering which i i think its great. I like the steering its not as precise as say the model y steering but thats okay.

It has a little give a little forgiveness and the model. Why theres, no forgiveness at all its like uh any little input in the steering wheel. You will feel in the car this there its similar, but just a little bit more give and i think thats, okay and i overall, like the steering, feel around corners, not hard corners, just everyday driving. I think its good. It makes this ionic five feel agile. In a way, just very comfortable overall – and i never feel like this – is a high riding suv where the body is rolling around thats, not the case at all, because its eevee, the batteries of course, is on the bottom. So center of gravity is very low, which makes it great for carving corners, but i like the steering, also the steering wheel. Futuristic. Looking is two spoke steering wheel, which is nice, but you know you got your usual buttons on both sides. You do have a drive mode button, so you cant go on the eco sport or just leave it normal eco does take the fun out of this car id say normal sport is very similar. I dont notice much difference, but whats unique is the paddle shifters right? Not that you go change your own gears in this, because there are no gears, but you could use the paddle shifters and change the level of regenerative braking which hyundai refers to as ipedal, which is genius genius, because if you are coming from a normal car, a Ice car and youre not used to regenerative braking the driving experience, just you know is, is not as good and it takes time to get used to, and that is the reason why a lot of people when they first get into ev car.

They say i dont like it, because theyre just not used to the regenerative braking so with this you could slowly gradually build up to it, so you could turn the whole system off, so the car does not have any regenerative braking and it feels like a normal Car, you still have the normal creep and you let off this accelerator. The car is still moving right and it just feels normal. But if you wanted to enable it, then you could use the paddle shifters and start upping the regen break and you could change the level from zero to one to two to three or max, which is even more aggressive than i would say, a model y im. Very familiar with the regen breaking the model y and a model, s um, and if you have this turn on max mode, it is very, very aggressive. So i dont i dont even enjoy that, but yeah you could slowly ramp up and its a its a genius. Its really a genius move by hyundai. You know great use case for the paddle shifters behind the steering wheel now, as for technology, this ionic 5 is fully loaded with pretty much everything, especially this limited one im driving. But there are things in here that you just cant find on a tesla which drives me crazy. First of all, heads up display cant, find it in any teslas, and this heads up displays utilizing augmented reality. So theres, like a 3d layer to it, everything has a layer to it and its just really cool its its a gimmick but its a cool gimmick, because all the other heads up displays outside of the ev6 does not have it.

Also you get this 12 inch. Digital gauge, cluster and thats not really a special thing right now, other than the fact that you cant get one in the model y which drives me crazy, but it tells you all the essential stuff right. Your range power – and you know your trip, computer and compass, your settings stuff like that also does show your blind spot. When you make a turn, it does come up in there right, um, so just a few things in there just makes it really really simple um. Others, like the ev6, does have it: the machine does have it and others. Almost every manufacturer, every ev manufacturer does have some kind of digital gauge cluster. Just with the you know, with the bare essentials right, something that that i wish tesla had but uh they dont. Well, i take that back the x and the s does, but the three and the y does not also to complement that you do get another 12 inch screen for your infotainment system. Now this one in ionic 5 is really good. Ive tested it before its. The same interface that youll find in the other vehicles like the palisade but its its really nice, its very, very quick, youre, very responsive, very bright resolution is fantastic, so usual stuff, but a couple things missing: wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay. For some reason you have to hook it up still, but outside of those things you get everything.

Also the camera system is fantastic. I like that 360 view. You know it simulates your ionic vibe and gets spin all around. I think thats a nice touch but outside that you get views from all around your car, so thats good and if you didnt, like using touch well, hyundai still had plenty of buttons underneath with a volume knob thats very easily accessed with the ev6. There was a volume knob that was hidden, couldnt, find it with here. You do and also another big difference in this ionic five versus the ev6 is the lack of center console, so the kia ev6 does have a more of a traditional console makes you feel again more like a normal car. This one is more futuristic, so they remove the center console um. You have plenty of space underneath, so you have plugs right and and just space for your things like your bag or whatever you want to put in here right. So lack of center console does make this feel different and uh more futuristic. Also whats cool is you, do get a giant sun roof or moon roof or whatever you call it its a its a giant piece of glass, but it cant open, but there is a cover that opens up and closes midway, and i havent seen that with any Other car so again its a gimmick but its a cool gimmick where it opens from the middle and something you know, teslas does not have.

I didnt mention about the drive already, but other things that make this ionic 5 really really nice, its very quiet, extremely quiet. In here, of course, theres no engine exhaust noise, but overall well insulated from the outside, so thats, very good and the seats fantastic, fantastic, beautiful, looking seats and this one is all white. I love. I love white seeds for some reason, but its very comfortable up front. You could adjust it a hundred different ways and uh hyundai did say that they made it so that uh, if you lay it back into the very comfortable position, so you can take a nap, not that you know. I normally do that, but uh you could do it. You could do it inside, but you know overall the seats up front and in the rear, all very, very comfortable, so it adds to the comfortable drive im really really really liking how this ionic 5 drives. Now another thing i want to mention that hyundai fixed are the handles with the model y. I ive always said the handle just doesnt make sense you have to manually push in then pull people that are first trying to get in do not know how to work. It and it should be Music, you know automatic or self presenting which in this car is as soon as you get close to it. It will sense your key fob and the handles pop out and present themselves its that simple, its a non issue for almost every single car out there other than teslas.

They wanted to reinvent the door handles and it just makes it so confusing, but not with this ionic, 5. So im glad its a very easy thing and again a non issue. Also theres cool led lights in here. So, behind the grab handles and around the speaker surrounds right, you know little stuff like that again, its a gimmick, but you usually find led lights within high end luxury cars, so its a nice touch, especially at night, so thats also pretty cool. At this point, you may be wondering well what about power and range and charging and all that good stuff. Well, let me tell you a little bit more about it now. This one does come on all wheel drive, which means you get the extended battery pack and you get more power, so overall youre getting about 320 horsepower and about 446 pound feet of torque and keep in mind most of that torque comes in at zero, so uh Instant torque, so its plenty of power, and this one comes in 0, 60 comes in around 4.5 seconds, which is a tad tad faster than the ev6. However, with this performance theres, a trade off the range is around 250s 250 to 260.. So its not as good as say. A model y model y is around 320 330, so theres a big gap there, but the one thing that i cant wrap my head around is the difference between this one. The limited long range all wheel drive, which is the same powertrain that youll find in the kia ev6 gt line.

All wheel drive, okay, its the same powertrain, same output, same everything, but that ev6 gets about 20 more miles of range, so that one comes in around 276 miles. This ones like 250, something so i dont know where the 20 miles went. Why is this ionic 5? Getting less range per charge than than its sister platform, it doesnt make any sense. So almost all the vehicles have level three charging, which is extremely quick charging, but this one can charge faster than the machi and even faster than the model y. So you could get about 80 of your charge within about 18 minutes. Okay – and there are certain chargers that will allow you to charge at maximum maximum speed, and it does allow you to charge faster than a mock e and a model y, so how they tries to make up for the the difference in range with charging time. But again you got to find certain stations that support the max level 3 charging most stations out. There have not been upgraded to it yet, but in the future they probably will be. As for pricing, there are seven different trim levels to this brand new ionic 5, but only one has the standard range. Six of them has long range, but the base sc standard range that comes in around 41 000 and if you take into account the 7 500 federal tax credit. Well, then, that pushes down way low into the low 30s after the sc standard range.

Then you have the sc long range long range, all wheel drive, then the sel long range seo long range, all wheel, drive and finally, the limited long range and limited long range all wheel drive this one is the range topping limited long range, all wheel drive and It comes in right under 56, 000, but again, subtracting off that 7, 500 federal tax credit. This will put the sciatic five in the highs 40s, which would make it very competitive with others into space and just general suvs overall. So it really depends on whether or not you need all wheel drive and what kind of features you want. So to conclude, im a big big fan of this ionic 5.. I think hyundai nailed it. The exterior look is, unlike anything out there, its like a suv, slash, hatchback, look but very futuristic, and i like it, i like the way this looks the inside is plenty big, theres plenty of technology. You know ive already shared my thoughts on those things and, as for the drive ill put this right at the top its either at the top or the top two, because i cant think of another ev card ive driven recently that felt more comfortable than this one. It is really really comfortable the brake. The steering the acceleration all feel fantastic, its quiet. The seats are comfortable. You have great visibility all around and its just a great great vehicle, thanks for watching smash it a like and subscribe to the channel and stay tuned.