But before we begin do hit subscribe to the auto car, india channel and press the bell icon to stay notified on all our latest uploads lets start with the big news of the week. Mg is reading an entry level ev for the indian market, based on the wooling air ev that was recently unveiled in indonesia. Mgs entry level ev4 india will be a small two door model designed specifically for urban usage. Mgs india, spec ev, will be around 2.9 meters. In length making it around 400 mm shorter than the maruti suzuki alto, while the car for india will have much in common with the wooling air, including the 12 inch wheels, it will be modified and adapted for in conditions. For instance, it is likely to have a better air conditioning system, as well as a robust battery thermal management system. The styling will be redone too and will be in line with other mg models in india on the inside. There will be seating for four occupants with access to the back seats via the front doors. The micro car will likely to be loaded to the gills with features like a large touchscreen infotainment system, digital instrument, cluster and a host of connected car tech. The minuscule mg is designed for short journeys and will have a real world range of about 150 kilometers from its 20 to 25 kilowatt hour battery pack. The car will feature cylindrical lithium iron phosphate cells in the battery and is likely to support a price tag of 10 lakh rupees, which would be a lot for a two door car in india, but will target customers.

Looking for a compact city, runabout, volkswagen has launched the vertus midsize sedan in india. The vertus comes priced at 11.21, lakh rupees for the 1 litre manual variant, going up to 17.91 lakh rupees ex showroom for the top spec 1.5 tsi performance line frame. The vertus is half a size larger than the window. It replaces and goes up against the honda city, hyundai verna, maruti suzuki and its own cousin, the skoda slavia. The vertus range starts with a one liter tsi, three cylinder turbo petrol engine that produces 1.5 horsepower, while the range stopping variant gets a more powerful, 1.5 liter tsi. Four cylinder mill that develops 150 horsepower. There are 6 speed manual automatic and 7 speed, dual clutch automatic gearbox options on offer. The vertus gets two distinct variant lines, while the dynamic line is for the one liter variant. The gt batch performance line includes the 1.5 litre variants. The performance line gets red stitching on the seats and dashboard as well as aluminium pedals. The vertus gets features such as a 10 inch touchscreen 8 inch instrument, cluster wireless phone charging and ventilated seats. You can watch the full review of the vertus in the link above french car maker citroen has revealed the india spec c3 ahead of its launch on july 20th. Bookings for the new citroen c3 will commence on 1st july with prices to be revealed at launch on july 20th. The c3 measures 3.9 meters in length and in terms of size will compete against the likes of the tata punch, renault kaiger and nissan magnite.

It has a 180 mm ground clearance and a 2540 mm long wheelbase, which is even longer than some of the compact suvs, including the hyundai venue, tata nexon, as well as kias on it. The styling is on lines of the citroen design, language with the chevron logo. Taking center stage on the front grille, which is flanked by split headlamps on its either side, while the upper portion forms the led drls, the main headlamps place lower down in the bumper feature, halogen bulbs, there are orange bezels around the fog, lamps and the side profile Sports large doors with flap type door handles there are 15 inch wheels as well as body cladding that give it a rugged appeal at the rear. The new c3 gets a halogen tail lamp setup with the boot lid, though whats clearly missing is a rear. Viper washer system on the inside the car features a 10 inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless apple, carplay and android, auto additional instrument cluster and a unique split design for the ac vents, however, features like an automatic climate control and adjustable headrests for the seats have been Given a miss, the c3 will compare by two 1.2 liter three cylinder petrol engine options, while the naturally aspirated unit will develop 82 horsepower, the turbocharged version will produce 110 horsepower. The engines will committed to a 5 speed and a 6 speed manual transmission respectively. An automatic transmission could be offered at a later date.

Toyota is all set to unveil its latest mid size, suv for the indian market. The all new toyota mid size, suv, codenamed, d22 and expected to be called hyder, will see a global debut in india on first july and is likely to go on sale around the festive season this year. The new crossover will be built at toyotas plant in karnataka and will also be supplied to maruti suzuki, which will sell the badge engineered version with some significant cosmetic changes under a different name through its nexa retail network. The new toyota suv will be built around a modified and heavily localized version of toyotas dnga modular platform and will rival the likes of the hyundai creta kia, celtos, soda kushak and volkswagen tygon. The new toyota crossover will come equipped with a petrol, only powertrain, with both mild, as well as full hybrid technologies, where the latter will also offer pure ev driving capabilities. Mahindra is gearing up to showcase its upcoming range of electric vehicles. Mahindra has announced that the brand will take the covers of its first born electric concept on august 15., while it had teased the first images of its upcoming bond electric vision, suv lineup. The models get distinctive c shaped, led signatures at both front and rear, as well as a minimalist theme on the inside with a dual screen setup for instrumentation and infotainment duties. Mahindras, bon electric vision range will include a compact suv, a mid size, suv and an suv coupe, and in some important news, mercedes benz has issued a major global recall.

The german luxury car maker has recalled three models sold between 2004 and 2015.. These models include the second generation ml suv, the first generation gl suv, as well as the r class mpv close to 1 million units are part of this voluntary recall, which is being undertaken to rectify a potential issue with the braking system. Mercedes benz india is yet to reveal if and how many cars in india will be affected. By this recall and coming to the news on two wheels. Bmw motorad india has revealed that its upcoming tvs, apache rr310 baseboard bike, will be called the g310rr. The company has also commenced bookings for this new motorcycle. The overall graphics and colors on the g310rr are quite similar to those on the bigger s thousand rr, but the bodywork will be almost identical to the tvs, apache rr 310. However, there are slight tweaks to the headlight and front fairing. Another major difference is that the bmw will come equipped with conventional brake rotors, in contrast to the petal type discs seen on the apache rr310. The bmw g310r is scheduled to launch on july 15 and the motorcycle is likely to compared by a 312.2 cc engine which, in the tvs, produces 34 horsepower. Tvs has slashed prices of the recently launched ntalk xt by almost six thousand rupees. The xt now comes priced at ninety seven thousand and sixty one rupees ex showroom. Delhi, which brings the price below the one lakh rupee mark.

The entock xg comes loaded with unique features such as a tft display that can show the aqi and also display the callers image during a phone call. The xt also gets the intel ego stop start system. The xt continues to compile by a 124.8 cc engine that produces 9.38 horsepower and 10.5 mm of peak torque. The scooter continues to be offered in the neon, yellow and blue color schemes. Honda, motorcycle and scooter. India has filed patents for the adv 350 and vario 160. Scooters in the indian market, the honda adv 350 is a maxi scooter that gets hardware like a usd fork up front and twin shock absorbers at the rear. It comes powered by a 330 cc liquid cooled engine that develops 29 horsepower and 31.5 mm of peak torque. The honda vario 160, on the other hand, is a sporty looking scooter with an angular front apron that houses the led drills it gets. 10 spoke alloy wheels and a slim tail section that also features angular styling elements. It gets a full digital instrument, cluster, with bluetooth, connectivity and navigation support. The vario 160 comes powered by a 159.6 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled engine that produces 15.4 horsepower and 13.8 nm of peak torque. The scooter could give competition to the yamaha airox 155 and thats. All the news we have this week.