Stop its all about courtesy, isnt it it is. Yes, charging is stopped, so there you go thats how quick it is to stop the charge so range check. We are leaving knutsford services south with 80 of range at 180 miles, but youre in normal. So if you change it into, are you in eco? Now i am not you are. I just put it in oh well: 190., so thats good, its perfect thats enough to get to the nec. The new long range zs can also tell up to 500 kilograms, making it ideal for a small trailer or even a bike rack its also fitted with vehicle to load capability. So you can charge your equipment when you are out and about thanks for the heads up. Jake when it comes to charging a 7 kilowatt charger will get you to 100 in 10 and a half hours. If youre using a rapid charger of 50 kilowatts, you can charge up to eighty percent in one hour and three minutes and best of all a hundred kilowatt can get you to eighty percent. In just forty two minutes, prices start at twenty nine thousand nine hundred. Ninety five pound on the road, meaning it is eligible for the government – grant apologies for the pricing. We gave you in part one they were accurate when we filmed them. You got ta love that plate egg, its, not a bad sound system. Considering its got. Two speakers. Look at the hat: is it yellow its green, oh, its old school kawasaki colors.

It is that is fantastic. What a color! I think that is the heritage collection for the range rovers. We now seem to be in a restricted speed limit area again. So this time, 60 theres absolutely nothing around it found about pans. Now youll see its enforced as well, because the red circle 45 miles left to go. Weve got 168 miles of range, so weve not used very much since guttersford, so traveling at 60 just seriously economize. The vehicle doesnt it it does all the tall tall time now that was a noise, the v8 in that g class, all of a sudden, i just heard it vibrated the car and off ski thats, the benefit of an electric vehicle. If something super goes past with a big engine, you can hear it feel it as well as hear it now were at the toll gate. So lets go. Go back into eco as well. 129 miles of range and weve got 14 miles to go 13. 13 miles to go excellent, so we are going to be there for weve, actually managed to shave off three minutes. The seats are comfortable, weve been sat in them now, for what about two and a half hours on and off, yeah and yeah, i am a fan of the fabric, the supportiveness and the whole style of this scene. Would i go as far to say theyre better than the leatherette ones, maybe possibly yeah? The only thing i do miss is the fact that you dont have the heated seats because im kind of used to those now in pretty much everything we drive itd be nice.

If it was available as an optional upgrade, yes, it would look at a 4.3 miles three miles to our junction and we can head in and see some classic restored cars, a good old muscle, workhorse, with a trailer in half a mile proper telling beast that isnt. It uh the saracen, my favorite pickup in the world. We do a swirly thing there and then yay and there we have it. The nec sat in front of us you so there you have it. Our business at the nec classic and restoration show has concluded and its time to climb back into the zscv. Our aim is to try and get some knutsford fuel up and let us regen as well isnt it annabelle were both a bit knackered now. To be honest, quite looking forward to the drive back were about to set off back on our 150 mile journey. Yeah annabelle and i are both damn exhausted, its the first event that weve done after covered isnt, it yeah and its really taken it out of us plus i wore new shoes, which was a really bad idea or bright, yellow basketball boots. So my feet are killing, but the thing is this has got adaptive and its easy to drive in eco mode. We have got a 50 and 116 miles of range. Yeah were going to stop at knutsford service station north, which is about 78 80 miles. We need dinner, dont worry yeah. We need to refresh ourselves and charge up a little bit hello.

Ah gooses w124. It is oh thats, a dorothy coupe wow lets wave with the lady dorothy compatriot sibling, hmm good spot by benjamin yeah, oh dear lovely, but theres lots of benefits to having an electric powertrain. I mean this pulls note 60. In around eight seconds. It claims eight two, but i think its a touch quicker and the other interesting thing about it is well if you need to nip through traffic up to 30, its like lightning were at 60. That did not take long at all. No, it doesnt its even faster at the lower speeds. No, you can just nip in and out of traffic and thats the thing its agile on a motorway. So you can change lanes. I mean you cant like heavily swerve, but you can take quite a sharp turn and its perfectly fine. It feels well anchored to the road its an interesting combination because of its weight, its just well its nimble yeah, but it doesnt affect the passengers. Ride experience either. Does it no its a very comfortable place to be weve spent many hours in it now slow traffic, fast traffic? You know you maneuvering and its all been comfortable held. Well, yes, obviously theres going to be many yeah, there is going to be an element of lean. Its an suv so nice and straightforward digital readout on the left on the right hand, side. If i back off, you see the percentage dropped to a minus figure.

That means were regening were set on three at the moment. I should probably be using one, but i dont think it makes that much difference. It might be marginal, but this is how i normally drive. I prefer one pedal driving if i can do it now, thats the site weve not seen for a while annabelle driving into the golden sun. I know its super bright in comparison to what weve been used to recently range check, 90 miles of range and 58 to go so we are using more than a mile, but we are doing uh touch over the limit. I am on the toll and everybody else is doing a touch over the limit. Few things i want when im motorway driving one, as we mentioned before i dont – have blind spot detection, but i think a really important one is a foot rest. So youve got a nice rubbery foot rest on the left hand, side that steals removals. Oh one, two, two, nine, eight, twenty seven, seven, seven baron as we mentioned the interior, is comfortable. Youve got a lovely padded area for your arm. It would have been nice if this had been soft touch. You do get that in the hs, but its kind of soft hard, its quite interestingly its interesting to explain, whereas this is harder but solid construction, its a pretty good plastic. To be honest, thats the thing about this compared to the early mg3s theyre, far more refined, soft push padded bits here: ergonomically styled minimalist, looks and soft touches even up here.

A whole section, including the surround over the cluster entertainment, works far better than the previous one. Isnt, that about far more responsive and youve got these shortcut buttons here. So even though a lot is done within the infotainment screen, theres no lag, so you can actually get to where you need to be. They really have improved on that its straightforward to use as well and its crammed full of stuff, depending on which one you go for. If you go through the trophy connect, you also get things like weather and amazon. Yes, as you can see, weve got your range and all of that here so thats where were charged up to, which is 63 miles 27 battery. We do have a start discharging button, so the capability is there in the main home screen. Youve got your apple, carplay, android, auto and then youve got your charging and discharging at the top left. Then youve got your dab, radio and your navigation, and if you screen left, then youve got your vehicle and your settings light and dark. Yes, usb storage, and here we go mg pilot yeah. You can also connect this to the ismart app. If you want to see that go back and look at our silverstone video, i enjoy my road trips and mgs. I really do and weve done a fair few of them now, if you want to see a really crazy one, why not check out the mg3? When we went to goodwood revival, it was only.

I think we ended up doing something like 900 miles, 1.5 city car. It handled it really well, he did now mg have come on and leaves and bounced up in the annabelle yeah they have and its been exciting to be part of their journey with the last well, considering we cut our teeth with the excess. Sorry zs right at the beginning, my word things have changed havent they all the vehicles theyve got in the pipeline. I mean theyre selling them hand over fists now and people are loving them huh. You can see why yeah, but we drive a lot of them. We do a lot of miles its not like. We get one and do five miles. Is it we do three to four hundred miles in each one minimum? We just had our first warning to recharge 54 miles left in eco, which is what percentage is that about 21 percent theres, nowhere near as many bings and bombs and things is there used to make loads of noises the first one? Yes, Music well weve just had a warning that says state of charge: low 42 miles. So what itll do the lower you get and start throttling back things, speed, trap recorded ahead, so itll reduce power, and it will also disable some of the mg pilot because thats what it did. Last time i mean weve always got a red amber green system on the actual display here on the entertainment were now showing red, whereas before it was amber yeah and sixteen percent of battery well weve got one point one miles to go and then were at knutsford.

35 miles of range weve now got looks like a warning symbol. Can you see a warning symbol? Yes, i can see the triangle on the top right in yellow yeah. Is there anything on the actual computer, no, its just uh red, so weve got to find the charges exit left and once again this is good, serve well final charge feature killing and uh lets ccs it. This is a beast of a connector italian. There we go here, we go sorted that was quick right, well, im going to get in the car. While you go and grab the goals and uh, we shall refresh ourselves. 81 47.845 kilowatt hour delivered its interesting. It says 50 kilowatt here on both sides, but theyve. Obviously been upgraded, but theyve not actually noted that in the app definitely right so to stop press this, okay, so its stopping and its done. Let me just wait for the worm. I mean that worked there. We go its because its such a look at the its a hefty cable, yeah yeah, so so much easier, its so much easier isnt. It faster charged cars than say three years ago. Oh my gosh! Yes, it was such a rigmarole. Then yeah it just isnt there. The infrastructure is so much more advanced plus. No one else is charging exactly turn right. An hour and 15 minutes 72 miles and weve got 201 miles now and that cost us was it just 18 pounds 76.

. I was going to say just under 19 quid now people will be like thats expensive, not when you compare it to the 230 ce which is dorothy or the golf 16 valve or even civic. This is peanuts in comparison. Yes, you can do it cheaper at home, with wall boxes and charge. That is stuck isnt. It look at it yep. This is why were sat here waiting because his caravans invariably too big to go into the car park, so we should have probably used the wagon park. Is that a load of teslas, that is a load of teslas, were surrounded by electric cars? Today, arent we? We are oh look henry, oh hello, hello, hello, hello, miss hetty. Are we all betty wayne drop the hoover? If you hear the frog beat it, they are so quick, saying sport, its 190 normal its 200. and in eco is 209. It was an interesting day to be honest, its nice, to get out and do something with cars. Again, yeah look at the lights on that for low beam. I can actually adjust the height here and its a damn good system. It is responsive, isnt it as soon as the cars gone theyre back on full beam. Yeah, they dip pretty quickly. A mulliga tony everybodys been wondering whats this like if youre doing lets, say autobahn speeds, yes, not 170 190, but say 90 miles an hour. Whats range like that, well realistically at say: a temperature of i know 10 degrees, youre, probably using about 1.

5 miles per mile, so its nothing killer. Well, thats another zs ev road trip under our belt, isnt it it is, and yet again, simplicity, amazing, isnt. There yeah youve got everything you need the fact that you can get the long range within the grant as well. Im just gutted the uk government on supporting electric vehicles like they used to well yeah and also like they said they were going to. I mean the one thing you can be sure of is that the infrastructure is going to keep getting better and better by our experience today we came across no broken charges. Everything worked first time and we chatted to a lot of and helpful people yeah really nice. Even people have come back and commented and said hello im the person you chatted to the grid served knudsford. That doesnt happen with petrolhead. Sadly, but it does with people. You drive electric vehicles theres, just its almost like the kind of thing that i used to see when i was younger when youd meet up at a car park and chat cars that disappeared many years ago. You turn up people just look at you and go dont like that. Yeah, but theres been a revival of it with the obvious of a lot of new vids yeah yeah. Well, this, in your words, annabelle takes a lot of boxes, doesnt it. But you can really see why these sell and yeah there may be a bit of a waiting list because of hearts and chips, and you name it, but everywhere in the world, is having to be more patient at the moment with whats going on exactly youre.

Not the only one in that boat everybodys in it, even us with our duracell batteries. When did we order them december and they arrived yesterday yeah and thats some batteries, so it is worth waiting for the car. To be honest, definitely well i suv its been an interesting one, hasnt it its been an eye opener to get back into car events and do a long road trip to be honest, weve not done it for so long. This you can just about see the mushroom up there and i think its not even cold anymore. Is it its called lancaster? Its called customer services youre right yeah, so were now back at home in the drive weve got 98 miles. I didnt expect to have that much left. Did you no considering the way i drive on motorway, but it was very smooth on the way back. Actually, there was not much traffic, no there wasnt, and even though there was some average speed, it didnt really seem to affect it. No, so we were traveling the higher end of motorway speeds and it didnt deplete as fast as i thought it would either. The odd blip yes, but most of the time it was probably mile per mile weve got 48 of the battery. So on the way down, we had no heaters on, but we did have daytime running lights and at points i think the sidelights came on. But on the way back, weve pretty much had lights on well from the toll havent we yeah, but no heating nope its been a very balmy day isnt it im traveling it around whats 70 miles an hour, something like that.

Yeah touch over so that way, youve got a base level and the temperature has been anything from 13 degrees to 8., so yeah its its perfectly fine in uh. What would you call it? Clement weather, yes, climbing weather, so yeah clement atley.