A car known for its honest, does what it says on the tin attitude. Long range, strong efficiency and family friendly practicality. Well, now, theres a new one from functional, fridge, freezer to cool design, led ev, its the same basic ingredients, but in a sharper suit, and while kia uk is insistent that we do tell you, this is a late stage prototype rather than a full production car. It says nearest is fully formed, so without further ado, should we find out what its like when we said same basic ingredients, we meant it. It still gets a 64 kilowatt hour battery a 201 brake horsepower. Electric motor and range is almost unchanged as well. The 287 mile maximum is just 5 miles more than before, youd think in this day and age that it might be able to rapid charge faster than you can say. Rapid charge, especially given the neros ev6 sibling, gets cutting edge 800 volt tech, but no the nero ev maxes out at just 80 kilowatts. So a 10 to 80 charge takes around 45 minutes, but lets just park that for a minute and take a look at this new nero ev, the old one. It was always just a bit clinical wasnt it. It was a bit boring sure it was more crossover or suv than your conventional family hatchback, but it was hardly an inspirational piece of design, unlike that ev6 that we just mentioned, but this new one just looks more modern, more fresh doesnt it this front end thats.

In keeping with the sorrento and the sportage and then down the side, youve got these cladding all the way along the side and along the wheel, arches and then youve got this contrasting c pillar and you can mix and match that with the body colors. As long as you go for one of the top spec models and then finally right around here at the back, youve got these boomerang, shaped tail lights and a roof spoiler its just a way. More cool dynamic, looking car as before the nero will also be offered. As a hybrid or plug in hybrid, but, as was the case with the original kia, expects this pure electric version to be the big seller on that theme of same basic ingredients, its priced on par with the old one, albeit theres, no smaller battery model to lower The overall starting figure, but given the mix of range kit and practicality, a 5 or under 35 grand doesnt seem too bad range. Toppers, like ours, start from just over 40k that sportage inspired front end isnt the only design streak thats carried over from that car into this one. You get a similar dashboard layout. Actually, you get the same kind of single piece curved display up here with the two screens, the infotainment in the middle and the digital dials behind the steering wheel. The only thing i would say is that here in the nero ev, you get a lot of kind of black border around this central screen and it just doesnt add to the premium feel elsewhere, though you get a touch sensitive panel down here again very similar to The sportage, it controls everything from navigation to climate control, but overall and ive said this already.

This is a late stage prototype, but still quality its pretty good. You get some soft materials up here. The seats theyre really plush theres some nice material up here on the dashboard and on the doors, its kind of like a fake marble effect. Quite nice actually, and then you get some ambient lighting buried deep there in the dash. In terms of other little complaints, you get this big bin down here, and it just feels like if you put odds and ends in there, theyre just gon na rattle around, and there is, as is often the case, lots of black plastic down here, which is just Gon na scuff and and mark over time for now then theres, just one battery an electric motor on offer with 201 brake horsepower. The nero ev will get from naught 62 miles an hour in 7.8 seconds which going back to that same basic ingredients, motto its actually. Three tenths of a second slower than the old car, but what does the nero ev feel like on the road? Well, not all that different to be perfectly honest and thats, not necessarily a bad thing, but neither is it particularly exciting. Above all else, this is sensible. Electric motoring: you do get that instant acceleration when you put your foot down on the accelerator and the nero can still scrabble for grip when you floor it too hard away from junctions. But this is not a car that youre going to be racing away from traffic lights and certainly not one that youre going to be hustling down your favorite back road but driving like that isnt.

What this nero is about, take things easier, and this is a swift and smooth car to live with wherever you do most of your miles around town, the car is quiet and there are several modes for the regenerative brakes which are operated by these paddles on the Steering wheel, the strongest of which is good for one pedal driving. If that kind of thing is indeed your thing, but dont worry if its not because actually the standard brakes are much easier to modulate than they were in the old car ride. Quality is on the firm side and you will notice a little bit of noise over rougher roads from the suspension. The tyre noise can be a bit intrusive over particularly bad roads as well, but overall, the steering is light and direct which really helps when parking, which is only aided by the standard, fit reversing camera as well. Overall, it feels like a nero 2.0, an evolution of what went before its exactly what you expect and its exactly what you want. The same goes for boot space at 475 litres up from 451 in the old car theres enough space for the nero to function as a family car, its a good square shape, and it goes back nice and far as well. Theres, even an extra 20 liters in the nose, so you dont have to worry about where youre going to put those charge. Cables. Space in the back here is actually pretty good.

Given the fact that this car has been designed for hybrid plug in hybrid and pure electric powertrains, the designers and the engineers have figured out a way to make this feel like a spacious car back here. Its helped by the fact that these seats are quite reclined. But ive got decent headroom, or at least i would do if i didnt have my sunglass on my head and decent knee room, these seat backs. They are a bit kind of hard and scratchy, but theyre not too thick. So you do get a decent amount of knee room. Theres some usb slots down here. Youve got a kind of hook. You can hang shirts over and while there isnt climate control, you do get some air vents, so its not too dark and stuffy. But overall, just a feeling of of space back here across its three available powertrains ev, phev and hev. The new nero will be offered in two three and four trim levels. Although the electric version gets a few extra goodies, even in entry level, 2 form all cars get led, headlights, rear parking, sensors, a rear view, camera and an 8 inch infotainment screen with android and apple connectivity, but the niro ev gets 17 instead of 16 inch alloy Wheels and the 10.25 inch fully digital instrument panel that we played with earlier three cars, get fake leather seats, a heated steering, wheel, front parking, sensors, plus keyless entry and start it also adds vehicle to device capability.

So you can power small devices like a laptop or a portable fridge. Remember that reference to white goods earlier from the cars battery the range topping 4 adds heating for the rear seats, ventilation for the front seats, an upgraded harman, kardon sound system head up, display and vegan leather upholstery. This is also where the option for 150 quid comes to have the c pillar blade in a different color to the rest of the car, as i suggested earlier, its evolution rather than revolution for the nero ev, its not substantially better in any one area. But nor did it need to be. Kia is attempting to turn the electric car market on its head with the likes of the ev6 and the forthcoming ev9, but it hasnt forgotten about its old, faithful head to drivingelectric.com for all the latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out On twitter, facebook and instagram.