I just wanted to know what the bourne was like on a uk back road in the rain and even though it isnt raining, because the rain has obviously stayed in spain on some sort of plane. Its fine im going to test this car in the uk. Now, for the record, i trust nikki with my life, just not with my biscuits, and i am fully aware that i think those two things should probably be the other way around. But before we get to the bourne, just a quick reminder to like subscribe and comment on whether youd be tempted by a cupraborn rather than a very similar vwid3, or maybe something else, whats the best electric hatch out there in your opinion, so the cupraborn its a Five seat pure electric hatchback, based on the same platform as the volkswagen id3, but with a supposedly bit of a sporty cupra twist. The range starts at 34 grand for the slowest one, with this smallest battery up to just under 42 for the one with the biggest battery in the longest range, although thats not the fastest one because of the heavy battery. That would be this one with the right options and also the most popular one in the uk, the cupraborn 58 kilowatt hour, which means its got about 200 brake horsepower and a 58 kilowatt hour battery good for just under 250 miles of range. There are three trim levels from v1 to v3 and this is a well specced v3, which starts at 38 ‘0 pounds.

You got that good theres, no getting away from the fact that this ball and the vwid3 are very closely related. The boxy proportions, the short overhangs. This window line and the c pillar are all things you cant change. So if you stand back a bit and squint, they are twinsies, but i happen to think the cupra looks better. Its got a meaner look at the front and all borns sit slightly lower than id3s, so its 15 millimeters at the front and 10 millimeters at the back. Now it doesnt sound like much, but it does make a difference and then, when you add in the fact that most balls have slightly wider tires, this car has a much better stance than an id3. When you add, in these little flicks in the side, skirts a slightly longer rear, spoiler and really quite dramatic wheels. Now these are standard on the v3 trim. Theyre 20 inches. Some people hate them, but i absolutely love them. The copper detailing the extra little bits and bobs this car becomes more than the sum of its parts. I think it ends up looking like the kind of funky training shoes, the young people wear now. Interestingly, this vapour grey colour is the only standard, no cost option. Every other shade is a 560 pound option, apart from aurora blue, which is 840., although that does look really rather good. If youve ever sat in an id3, the bournes interior wont be unfamiliar, but again i like it more than the vw.

All cars get a 12 inch central screen and it controls everything so its a shame that some of the early ones couldnt be trusted. This one seems: okay, though its still a little bit laggy and theres, the usual suite of driver assistant systems and optional extras. Obviously they get more kit as you move up the grades, but the base v1 trim gets 18 inch, wheels, led lights, all round, adaptive crews, a rear camera four usb sockets, a dab, radio, aircon and a heated wheel. The other trims add progressively bigger wheels and even more functions, but its not a bear car as standard the big beat. Stereo is 450 pounds worth spending. In my opinion, though, youd only want to shell out 925 pounds for the sunroof. If you really cant work the standard aircon in terms of the rest, well, the seats are super comfortable. They do feel slightly high when you first get into it, but you get used to it and the heated slash cooled seats feel even better bucket seats by the way are standard theres. Also, just a few more soft touch plastics than in the vw id3 and a few 3d little printed patterns that just make. It feel that little bit more classy and theres plenty of storage from decent door pockets to this center console which, while not revolutionary all works, and yes, i do like the copper accents, this being a bespoke electric car theres plenty of room in the ball.

That is a 385 litre boot and you can drop the rear seats. If you need to hum something big around, though theres no frunk and the split floor in the boot is actually a cost option. So be aware that if you dont go for that, you might have charging cables all over the place, mind you a normal hatchback. Like a say, leon has a 380 liter boot, so its slightly bigger than the average hatch same goes to the back seats. Theres. Plenty of space back here, although its not exactly an opera house, it is a little bit lighter and brighter than i thought it was especially looking at it from the outside, because these tints are actually standard on the v3 model. But you know what its pretty good. All told, especially if youre, comparing it to a more traditional petrol or diesel hatchback, the bourne comes with three possible battery sizes, a 45 kilowatt hour with 148 brake horsepower and 211 miles of range that isnt here. Yet this 58 kilowatt hour with 200 brake horsepower and 249 miles and a 77 kilowatt hour with the same outputs, but a possible 340 miles of wltp range theres. Also, the e boost performance pack standard on the bigger battery car optional on the 58 kilowatt hour, which has a little button on the steering wheel. That gives you a jolt of extra power to just under 230 brake horsepower for 20 seconds, like digital nitrous oxide.

Good. For overtakes, but probably quite gimmicky, the 58 kilowatt hour e boost car is actually the fastest born being about half a second quicker to 62 miles an hour from rest than the car. With a bigger 77 kilowatt battery pack, theres 11 kilowatt ac charging on all of them, with the 58 kilowatt hour like ours, getting 120 kilowatt dc charging and the 77 kilowatt hour battery getting slightly faster 130.. That means five to eighty percent charge on a big 150 kilowatt public charger in around 35 minutes for both, even though one has a bigger battery. The smallest 45 kilowatt hour battery only gets 100 kilowatt dc charging, but hey smaller battery, so again, 35 minutes ish. Now it starts to rain anyway, home war box, well youre, typically looking at about nine hours for a 58 kilowatt hour battery and about 12 for the 77 kilowatt hour and an efficiency aiding heat pump is a 925 pound option on the higher grades. I know this is all a big slew of numbers and figures. So if you want to know more, then please do log on to electrifying.com and well clear it up for you right. This is an important bit because the cupraborn is supposedly the sportiest electric hatchback weve. Seen so far according to cupra, this is an emotional driving experience and promises electrifying performance. Well, seeing as this is electrifying, we shall be the judge of that. The basics look good. All borns get a rear mounted motor that drives the rear wheels which i like, and they all get the option of a thing called dynamic chassis control, which is basically a system that allows you to have some say in how the suspension and damping feels they.

Also, all get the option of a thing called e boost, which gives you an extra 30 brake horsepower 30 seconds via a little button on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, i have none of those things, because this is the most popular born its not been optioned on this car and nobody has as yet tried any of that stuff. So i cant tell you about it still, theres, nothing wrong with the way the ball works. The battery, like all electric cars, is mounted quite low in the middle of the car, so theres decent weight distribution. The steering is a little bit light, but its quite direct and the brakes are fine. Although the e boost cars do get slightly bigger brakes, apparently – and i can see where that might be nice – its not hugely essential, but i kind of get that. But you know what it goes around the corner with enough positivity to feel like a bit of a laugh. It doesnt heave around the body. Control is good theres. Also, a setting here called esp sport now thats supposed to loosen off the traction control and give you a little bit more sort of playful handling, though i cant really tell much difference so it cant be that mad its interesting that its in there, though, because cupra Is supposed to be a slightly more sporting brand, so its trying to give this car a little bit more character, its not exactly a drift machine, though i think the issue is that although the bourne is fast and flat and competent enough to hit all its numbers, The way it goes about things is just so undramatic that it never feels very sporty.

It gets down the road dont get me wrong, but is this an electric hot hatch ill have to say no, no, not really see. The thing is, i can see why cupra has invented something like the e boost, because its a manufacturer who is trying to give an electric car some sort of character its giving it just that little bit of extra thing to play with, so that you get away From the fact that the drivetrain is essentially the same as all other electric drivetrains, its very competent, its very quick, its very torquey, but its not very exciting, the e boost gives you a gadget that makes you feel like youre, making a difference. Dont forget they could have put that extra 30 brake horsepower at the end of the throttle pedal rather than a button on the steering wheel, but its just a bit more fun. I suppose so its good, though its not quite as it might have been billed as a sort of electric fast car, though that rear wheel drive, does have its advantages, its still as quick, easy punchy away from the lights, its good for overtaking, and it has a Really really nice turning circle, because the rear wheels are pushing while the fronts are doing the steering its all really quite nice, and even though the cupra has bigger wheels and slightly lower suspension than the volkswagen id3, it still rides surprisingly. Well. These are all really good things.

Well, i prefer the cupraborn to the vw id3. It feels an ambiently nicer car, its a bit more precise to drive, but still as comfortable, and i prefer the way it looks its just as practical and some of the interior finishes are just better. I think the 58 kilowatt hour battery is probably the right mix of range versus weight. Although the 77 kilowatt hour, the slightly bigger battery isnt that much slower and the appeal of a little hatchback with more than 330 miles of possible range, is always appealing as ever, though, these cars arent exactly cheap, especially if you option the bigger battery and lots of Nice things a 58 kilowatt hour born, starts at about 36 and a half thousand pounds, so once youve stuck a few options on it, its probably near a 40 grand now, when you consider something like a bass, kia ev6, which is a bit of an electrifying favorite, Starts at 41, 695 youre gon na have to get creative with company car schemes, salary sacrifice and lease deals, although they should be quite cheap to run ive been getting between 3.5 and 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour, which is pretty good. Is it worth it? Well, if you can make the numbers work and this size of car suits what you need to do day to day, then, yes, its a nicely sorted practical, slightly sporty electric hatchback. Is it an electric gti, no ive, yet to find an electric car that actually is but thats not too much of a problem? Now i just need to find one with e boost to see if it makes any difference.

If you want to know more about the cupraborn or any of its competitors, then please do log on to electrifying.