You only get one option and its this: the 580 all wheel drive power to front and rear thanks to two electrical motors. But what is the eqs? A lot of people say its the s class of the electric realm of mercedes, but i dont like to think of it that way, because if you do that youre comparing an s class to an eqs – and i just dont – think thats fair theyre, not doing what The bmw 7 series is doing with the 2023 model year of the i7 and the regular 7 series, both on the same platform, its two completely different cars. So lets talk about the eqs here, a little bit more. Starting with the looks this specific eqs here. Has the amg night package so the things well that are supposed to be chrome. Well, some of it is dark enough, but you still get chrome dont. You worry, as there is definitely chrome up here. The front end is distinctively mercedes. You still got the three pointed star right in the center, and you got some amg looking like grills on the bottom off to the side. Here is where we get the well egg shape that it is the wheels on this. One are 21 inches, but the standards are 20 and you can go up to 22. If you like the front here, it doesnt open for ume, it doesnt have a frunk, it can open, but only for technicians.

So if you need to fill up your windshield washer fluid theres, just a little flap right here, allowing you to do so off to the side. Of course you have these automated pop out door handles and they are illuminated at night, which makes them so so fabulous to use, and then back here we get this full width led light bar that stretches across the entire midsection. Here, of course, speaking a north american vehicle, we do have these bumper knobs on the back, which ruined the look a little bit for me, but i im okay with it. I understand why theyre there protection right, if you open up the trunk, it actually is quite large, because the eqs is a hatchback. You get plenty of space in here. Obviously you can remove the tonneau cover if you like and, of course, fold down those rear seats to expand the storage a little bit more and theres a little bit more space on the back here, underneath the cover but lets head to the inside, starting with the Rear seats, alright, the rear seats of the eqs honestly, its not bad back here – im: 5 11.. I dont get as much headroom as i really want, but its sufficient. If i slouch a bit its absolutely fine, the thing i will complain about is the seats, the rear bench, how its angled its just a little bit weird because of the eevee architecture. The batteries underneath the floor, so you dont get as much room for your legs.

So what they do is they raise the bench a little bit to make it so that you get a little bit more leg room its weird, but it just doesnt feel right back here, and another thing is because this specific model doesnt have the executive rear seat Package, thats, 7, 000 canadian dollars well this blank switch to my right is very blank and just looks odd. I mean sure if you opt for that package, you get the heat of rear seats, the massaging seats and all of that. But i get nothing and it just looks odd in a premium vehicle like this. Maybe if they just cut it a little bit smaller. So it doesnt look as weird but hey thats, just nitpicking, but i mean when youre spending this kind of money, youre youre kind of allowed to nitpick arent you if youre going to be fitting car seats into this vehicle. Well, i am a child passenger safety technician and here you can see. I have the collect link on the drivers side. It does fit with no problems, but because of the seat position, it is a little bit awkward and not all seats will fit in here as well as this in terms of a rearward facing click on the passenger side. Also theres no problems here, but once again because of the angle on the bench, it does makes the install a little bit awkward and you might have to use towels or poo noodles to make sure that the seat is installed properly and safely within the vehicle.

And if youre looking to fit three car seats, to my surprise, the eqs was able to fit that with no problems but thats enough of the rear seats lets go to the front where all the action is alright. The front seats of the eqs, because this specific vehicle has the premium package. I have heated cooled as well as massaging seats and theyre just as comfortable as youre, currently thinking its perfect in here, and of course i got these pillows, because why wouldnt you have pillows in your vehicle, its just so comfortable in front of me. I do have the updated mercedes steering wheel and, of course, its heated, the buttons im getting used to it now, but at first it is a little bit harder to use, but its certainly better than the two tier steering wheel that you can get on some other Mercedes product behind, of course, theres a digital cluster, in fact that digital cluster is connected to all the other displays. This cluster, though it shows you everything that you need and, of course, its customizable. Currently i have this sport display, which shows this ball, so you can kind of see how much gs youre pulling in corners. Honestly, i its not something i care about, but i just think its cool and futuristic. So i have that up. As for the heads up display its an augmented reality, heads up display, so that shows you plenty of data and information, and of course you can have this ball thing going on on there too, to have a more futuristic look of your vehicle.

I think the display technology in this vehicle is absolutely great, because this hyper screen its it really wows you and anyone that sees it its like. Damn that thats a huge display because it spans the entire dash. You got everything that you need: carplay, android, auto a really really good mapping system thats built in and of course you got the hey mercedes and that works really well in here and of course you got a display for your passenger side. I mean, while im sitting here looking across it, looks like a picture. It looks fake, but its a full display that your passenger can use to control the climate audio system, whatever they want this system, i mean its so amazing to look at the only thing is, depending on some sunlight scenarios, because it is a giant display. The reflections are a little bit kind of in your eyes and because it is a giant display, theres, no physical buttons other than, of course, your stocks and the hazards button and thats. Really it everything is built into the screen. So youre going to get used to that over time. Another thing is well because it is a giant display. Everything is moved up a little bit, so the height of the dash is actually a little bit higher than you might imagine. So it feels a little bit more cocooned in here than you might like. There are other vehicles which give you a bigger dash, teslas, of course, because of well just their displays and their dash is lower down.

But lets go for a drive and see what its like on the road, because it is a mercedes. After all, its, not just a tech company, mercedes well driving matters lets go all right on the road with the eqs. As said this is the 580, so you got two motors in here: 516 horsepower 630 pound feet of torque. All that equates to a 0 to 60 time and about 3.7 seconds according to car and driver which is well slower than the model s as well as the lucid air. Both are well kind of in the same category. So where does this stand? Well? Mercedes has taken that comfort route and you certainly feel it while driving it. I mean its still quick, as i will now demonstrate, with my acceleration face its absolutely fine in terms of its acceleration, its more than quick enough for anyone really its fantastically quick. But if youre drag racing this against a model s plaid youre gon na lose, unfortunately there are definitely faster options, but i think thats, absolutely fine. What mercedes is aiming this as well its a luxury vehicle that just happens to be quick and the amount of power that this has its not designed to just rip your face off its more so that you can get to your destination faster or keep up with Autobahn speeds thats what its designed for, and it certainly feels that way because the suspension on this, its its so plush its so soft, maybe a little too soft for some in comfort.

I just find it a little bit too floaty. For me, my wife actually got a little bit of carsick in here because of the floaty suspension, so ive been using it on sport, mode or individual, where i have the suspension a little bit tighter just well to make it feel a little bit better in here. Instead of that, floaty kind of feel that you might have in well the standard configuration in corners. Well, yes, its still a very heavy vehicle, and you absolutely feel that, but i think its fine, no ones taking this to autocross or anything like that. But what i will say is its very, very sure, footed and because it has all wheel, steering low speed. Maneuvering is amazing on it, because this has the optional package, so it has the 10 degrees of rear. Steering. It just means that its super maneuverable in parking situations, its absolutely amazing. This is a very long vehicle, but it doesnt feel like it in any situation and because it does have that longer, wheelbase and the rear steering while goes with the front wheels on higher speeds. It means during high speed lane changing its super, confident there as well its well its just an amazing place to drive an amazing place to be in terms of all the active safety features being a 2022 model and, of course, as high tech as it is. It has everything that you need adaptive cruise lane keep and has a really good system.

Where i mean you signal and it does the lane change for you, it works really really well thats, nothing new. I mean a lot of cars have that these days. What is different about this vehicle is well the regenerative braking thats on this. When you start off the vehicle, it always starts off with normal recuperation, and you have to use the paddles to change that you press the left for more. You press the right for less it. Doesnt have one pedal driving, so it doesnt come to a full stop for you, but what this vehicle has. That is very, very weird, is if you press and hold that left paddle, it goes into intelligent recuperation. So its really really smart, maybe too smart for its own good. So what it does is, it knows the speed limit so, for example, right now, if im driving above the speed limit – and i let off its like – hey youre – probably going above the speed limit – you probably want to slow down to that. So it actually slows down the vehicle for you. It sees the vehicle ahead. If the vehicle is slowing down, it slows you down as well its not like going to fully brake for you at least i dont think it does. I havent been gutsy enough to test that i dont want to run into the vehicle in front of me, but its so good at predicting that information. So i was driving down a hill, for example, and the speed limit there was 50 kilometers per hour.

It kept me going at 50 going the entire way down. Thats crazy. It like i didnt, have to press the brakes. Nothing but whats weird is the brake pedal. It moves because that brake pedal isnt actually well static. It moves when the vehicle is braking for you. So its a little weird so, like you know, when youre, in a situation where you want to press the brakes, that brake pedal isnt, always where it normally is so its a little unnerving at first but over time you get used to it, then its fine. But the first few times im just like whats whats, going on with that pedal. Where is it going, but i think this intelligent mode if you get used to it over a while it actually could be very, very good, but initially the first few days or even weeks or months of you driving it yeah youre, just gon na absolutely lose your Mind of how it is and when it breaks for you and all that good stuff, because its its absolutely crazy overall, the eqs is an amazing electric vehicle from mercedes its exactly what you expect from the automaker, its a very plush, very soft, very elegant, very luxurious Machine theres everything that you really need on the outside and in to say that it is a mercedes. The fit and finish is amazing: on the outside theres no gaps, theres, no body panels, thats just out of alignment and on the inside well youre just bathed in luxury, its, not a simple interior with just a center screen like a tesla, might have.

Everything in here feels luxurious and it feels great and thats what exactly this hundred and sixty two thousand as tested canadian dollar eqs gets you sure its not as fast as some others. But why do you need you know that kind of acceleration? If you do sure, get your model s get your lucid you. You know you can get that amazing speed that you can get, but this is not about that. This is about luxury, and i think this does luxury better than the tesla i cant save for the lucid. I havent been in one of those, but you know this comparing to even a plaid. I sat in the new model s, but not a plaid, but it it just feels better in here. It absolutely does and thats really it. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments as well, comparing this to a tesla as well as a lucid. I i really want to get my hands on one of those. The lucid airs because everyones just been raging about how good it is, and i want to see it for myself and give you my two cents in any case, thats really it.