Earlier this year, mg launched this zs ev facelift in india at rs, 21.99 lakh ex showroom, but thats the entry level excite variant. This one here is the top spec mgzs exclusive priced at rs 25.88 lakh ex showroom well weve spoken about the new equipment features and cosmetic changes. Earlier now we shall straight get to the interesting bit increase, claim range of 461 kilometer as compared to the outgoing model. Well, we all know, day to day driving conditions vary and hence achieving close to the claim figures is quite difficult, but then how is it for owners in day to day driving conditions? Would there be range anxiety, or is it going to be okay, well, thats? What we are going to find out lets start with the charging bit. First, owners can charge their zs with a type 2 connector at home work or at a public charging point. There is also a ccs connector for rapid charging. Then information is available right at your fingertips. Ng has tied up with various ev charging providers and in fact, at many places its even offered for free. Eventually, it will be redirected close to the public charging tariff owners, can download the relevant app register and keep a tab for their reference, while finding where these charges can be found. Once you put the car on charge, you can see the percentage charge on the instrument cluster. This is displayed for a few minutes. You can see this right from outside the car, even by just pressing the button on the door handle else.

You have the mg ismart app. That shows you all the details, so one can log in with the respective details. Then there are different tabs like remote control, travel, geofencing and many more more importantly, smart, drive and ev management. Now, as we start a test with 100 charge till we drain, the battery lets give you some details of whats under the skin. The 2022 zsev comes with a larger 50.3 kilowatt r battery pack as against the 44.5 kilowatt hour battery pack in the previous model. As a result, mg claims an enhanced range of 461 kilometer as per icat or icat, which is more than the 419 kilometer claim range of the previous battery pack. So is it more powerful as well well with 33 bhp more power? It certainly is not that the standard ev felt underpowered or wasnt quick well. Both of them have a sub 10. Second, 0. 100 kmph, sprint time. In fact, this one managed to sprint to 100 kmph from standstill in just 8.14 seconds. The 0 to 60 kmph sprint was achieved in 4.02 seconds. In short, getting away from traffic is going to be very quick and easy, theres loads of talk available and whether in the eco or normal mode, this car that weighs 1660 kg never felt bogged down. Moreover, the sport mode gives it that extra zest and the sprints do feel faster. However, you do lose out on some range Music. Now, speaking of the range one can achieve the max in eco mode, it reduces a bit in normal mode and then further down in sport mode.

We continued our test in the normal mode, with region set to 3 as any other normal owner or user. Would when we started the range test at 100, the range shown was 340 kilometer in normal mode. By the time we drove around the whole day and came down to one person, we had actually done 340 kilometer, this included 25 highway driving and 75 of city driving. The instrument cluster showed seven kilometer per kilowatt hour, as we average around 26 kmph for a range test. So yes, if the average speeds would have been a little higher, a better range could have been achieved. Well, what weve managed in a real world condition are way off the claim figures, but then we never aimed at extracting the best mileage. In fact, we put the car through real world conditions, as we do for normal ic powered cars, and, despite that, what it has achieved on a full charge is quite impressive. Again, it seems hassle free in well connected metropolitan cities, but might look like a problem in rural areas. However, the eva itself comes with a portable charger that can be plugged in into a regular 15 ampere power socket well. This takes around leisurely 18 to 19 hours to fully charge the car, but then a partial charge is still good enough to run errands. Nonetheless, mg has also installed 50 kilowatt dc fast chargers at some of its dealerships. These can charge from 0 to 80 percent.

In less than 50 minutes, more of these are coming up everywhere. Soon, the mg zs ev pretty accurately shows how much distance you can travel. In fact, if you put in the destination it will show you the estimated time of arrival and even how much charge will be left on arrival. So you can plan ahead plus theres the option of searching for charges or charging ports while on the go with connected tech. So i dont think theres going to be any range anxiety, especially with so many charges coming up at public places.