This is chorlaghat one of the roads that drives through the western ghats and its special for two reasons: one its one of the densest parts of the sahyadri mountain ranges and two its one of the nicest roads to drive weve got the mg zsev. Here the updated car for 2022 and its got a couple of tricks up its sleeve its got a larger battery, its got more power and its got more range, and that means you can take it further than you could before thats. Why weve driven from pune to chorla, to explore this biodiversity hotspot in this electric car were starting our drive today from the town of belgaum, which is close to the chorlak heart? The cart itself starts kilometers outside the town of belgaum and from there we will hit the winding roads that slice through the forest and head down towards the coast of goa Music. Every road trip with an electric vehicle depends on the network of charging stations along the way. This particular charging station on the outskirts of belgium is the ideal place to stop if youre planning to drive to goa or the chollage. This charging station in fact has a set of solar panels behind it, so you know exactly where the electricity is coming from. This is the perfect place to stop and get your recharge and also enjoy a beautiful view, Music with the car fully charged. It shows about 400 kilometers of range on the dashboard, with the larger 50.

3 kilowatt hour battery theoretically youd get over 400 kilometers of range and thats more than enough to climb up and down the chorlak. Another added advantage is the extra performance on tap earlier. The car made about 140 odd horsepower now its about 174, and that gives plenty of performance on tap on these winding roads, especially with the battery solo down and the center of gravity much lower than what youd get in an ice vehicle. Its a lot of fun. On winding roads, Music, im genuinely surprised by how much performance the cv has Music. You know on a winding road like this one, when youre stuck behind slow moving traffic. The talk at zero rpm really helps in the real world. This narrow road just have to find a spot and accelerate and youd be quickly passing that vehicle in a nice vehicle and probably think twice, not in an even Music. Once you pass the village of jamboti, the dense forests start and you get a real sense of how vibrant and teeming with life this region is. It may be the peak of summer, but it remains a lush, rich green. The weather here is always cooler than a few kilometers either side of the mountains, and the freshness can be felt. The minute you drive through these tree lined canopied roads, Music, its surreal driving in an electric car here, weve driven in all sorts of vehicles before performance cars hybrids motorcycles, but it never felt as appropriate.

As this, you know, weve driven here in absolute pin drop silence. The only sound you can hear is of the rolling of the tires and thats barely anything. The wildlife here theyre affected by the sound and the tailpipe emissions of the vehicular traffic on these roads driving in a navy were not creating any sound here, were not affecting them in any way. The sensitive wildlife, the ecosystem here is left untouched, unaffected and feels great. You know we talk about evs being clean and green isnt, this the perfect place to showcase that another highlight of chola is the road itself, its narrow, its winding its well laid out so its fast, its definitely challenging thats the best bit of a road trip isnt. It a nice winding road. This is probably one of the finest driving roads in the western part of the country. The battery of the car obviously is in the floor, and that reduces the center of gravity considerably. You will not realize what it does to the handling of the car in the city or out on the highway, but on these winding roads it gives it some serious handling chops. You can carry a lot more speed through corners, theres lot, less body roll compared to an ice vehicle of similar dimensions, and that means you can hustle the car on these winding roads. The mgz cv also gets three driving modes: eco, normal and sport. If the car is fully charged and youve got such a beautiful, winding road put it in sport, you may lose a bit of range, but its a lot more fun.

The zscb also has region its got three levels of it, so you can set it on how aggressively you want it uh on a winding road. If you set it in the most aggressive setting, you wont even need to use your brakes most of the time. Its definitely going to increase the life of your brakes. This car has a massive touchscreen and an excellent entertainment system. So ideally, i would be playing my favorite tunes but were driving through a nice winding road through a beautiful forest. So let me open the sunroof turn. The music system off roll down my windows and enjoy the drive Music, so Music, this place its teeming with life. You can hear it, you can see it, you can feel it. The western guards are nothing short of a treasure and weve got to keep it. That way, weve got to protect these forests. This is the first time im driving with an eevee here and its so refreshing, certainly not gon na be my last time.