I praise place customer review. Mr manikantarji is with us to share his experience. Mr manikanta has clocked around four thousand kilometers with this electric vehicle and he is ready to share his experience with us, hello manikanta. How are you hi so first of all, uh welcome to our electric vehicles channel, so you have purchased this uh okinawa eye place plus right. So why did you purchase this like? It is not a brand one till now uh now its becoming a brand uh. So why did you especially choose this uh? I praise place. Actually, okinawa is in uh electric vehicles, industry since 2015., okay, so uh according to that they have a vast experience and electric vehicles. Okay, so and uh range point of view and uh some budget point of view. I have choose this one. Okay, so especially range only made you to choose the specular right. Uh range command experience, they have uh since 2015, they have and they have experience in uh purchasing this electric vehicle. Yes producing these electric grids, okay and exactly at what price you have for purchase at this vehicle, 1.25, lakhs 1.05. Is it including fame to subsidy after subsidy only after subsidy only you have purchased this vehicle for a 1.25 lakh. So is this your first vehicle or have you ever tried any other electric vehicle electric vehicle, only um? No, no, no! So its your first electric vehicle right, okay and uh. Do you have any petrol vehicles? Do you have a yeah? I have bajaj bajaj disco, 150, okay, im using uh so from petrol, vehicle bajaj 150 like but discovery 2.

You have shifted to this one right. Yes, so have you ever faced any kind of discomfort with this using these vehicle discomfort means if you want to go long drive, so you nee you. You need to plan uh below or like uh, 60 kilometers or 70 kilometers, just because uh, 60 kilometers onward and 60 kilometers return. Okay, so we need to plan before 60 kilometers, okay, its okay! If you, if you, if you charge your battery fully okay, only okay, so otherwise uh uh, like uh, if you, if you are choose a petrol vehicle, you can go. Uh enter distance uh. Whatever you want. However, you want okay, so uh. In our eevee point of view, it wont possible, like that, only so so we have to calculate whenever we want to go uh further, like above 60 kilometers exactly so, and okinawa praise company, saying that it is having a claimed range of 1′ kilometers. Have you ever tested that range yeah? I did that, okay, how many kilometers you you got uh. Actually it is showing 150 150 above okay in auto meter. It is showing 150 above kilometers but uh. Actually, if you compare with the gps meter in mobile, so is that kind of facility available yeah, exactly okay, we can uh. We can download many apps in a pla from play store. Okay, so we can come completely calibrate uh, this uh speedometer and automator with our mobile apps, okay, what is it showing and what is this vehicle showing yeah coming to that point, uh vehicle showing uh? If you, if the vehicle is showing uh around 60 kilometers, then gps is showing uh like 50 kilometers 48 kilometers around that so which one is accurate.

Gps is accurate. No, oh gps is accurate and well coming to speed. Okinawa price is saying that it has a top speed of 59 kilometers per hour yeah. So have you ever attained that speed, yeah uh, actually uh? Our speedometer? I mean uh. The vehicle speedometer is showing 72 kilometers, okay top speed, but uh uh, whatever they said. No and 59 kilometers is top speed. We can, we can obtain 59 kilometers, but the speedometer is showing a false reading. Okay, so we should not trust it yeah, okay, all right and it is having three modes like uh echo modes, fourth mode and also one more thing: is there uh its a turbo mode? Yes, so what is turbo one like? Is it uh? We cannot use this turbo mod continuously, okay, uh, if you, if you push the button off turbo mode uh, it will uh enable for 30 seconds only okay, it can use for vertex, and if you want to uh, attain more more speed. Okay, then, we can choose turbo mode at that particular period of 30 seconds right. Okay, so i think this vehicle is having 3.3 kilowatt hour lithium and battery right, so how much time its taking to charge this vehicle uh to get fully charged uh from zero to 100. It is taking four to five hours around that four to five hours. Exactly right, okay, and also while coming to boot space, it is not having a booth space.

Yes, then, what about uh things you want to carry when i purchase i didnt uh, i mean uh. I didnt consider the boot space because petrol vehicles uh, i mean like not uh. These kind of vehicles like if you, if you consider the bike, so we dont have any boot space in the bikes. In that point of view, i have considered a good space like pedestrian space. Okay, so we can carry luggages and all we can place it here, all right. Okay, actually, i have heard that this vehicle hes not having a good suspension. So what whats your view on that? I do agree that okay, uh suspension point of view like a little bit uncomfortable. Is there okay and front and back suspension also having the same issue right? Okay for our hyderabads, we need to have good pickup, like we used to have a much traffic right, so whats your view on pickup of this vehicle in traffic point of view coming to the electric vehicle uh, especially i press, plus, we are having a good pickup. Okay, so, while talking about pickup brakes also comes into picture, so what about brakes uh coming to brakes point of view brakes are good, no problem, but a little bit easy noise. Is there service team will fix the okay? So you are having some problems, but they might. They will fix that? Yes right: okay, maybe so, while coming to ground clearance, is it comfortable, uh, ground clearance, point of view? It is comfortable for uh like who are having 5.

5 inches 5.6 inches people who are riding this bike is comfortable. Okay, beyond that height uh, it might be, gives a little uncomfortable, so food space is very less yes foods, not foot space. Ground clearance is very high. Okay, so, according to that uh, the height of the vehicle have been increased okay compared to the other vehicle. So thats, why little bit uh i mean our knees will comes to the handlebar right, okay, okay, so thats, why a little bit uh uncomfortable will give for uh taller people taller people like have you purchased this vehicle by paying all the cash for uh are? You are you using any kind of emi options: uh they provided. I mean uh uh. The dealer provided uh uh emi facility through kotak mahindra; okay, so you are using emi option only yeah okay. So that means you are paying a petrol by fuel price. To this uh emi yeah yeah, i have diverted the federal price to young man that that is the benefit yeah. Yes, yes, exactly so coming to service point of view is showroom. Persons are providing good service or not uh, im unable to say that, actually, im, sorry to say, service, im uh, unfortunately, im not getting satisfied with the service. Why which which they are provided like how many times we are seeing little problems? They are not willing to fix all the problems, so their customer service is not good yeah, they are escaping little little escaping skills are having so okinawa.

I praise people, so you have to consider these uh feedback, so please improve your uh service also, so you said you have faces some kind of problems. I know what kind of problems you have faced till now. Problems are uh um, speedometer automator is showing a false reading. Okay, so that that could be taken as a major uh issue. Yeah major issue and uh like brakes coming to the brakes brakes are giving uh easy noise. Okay, some kind of uh noise will be there while you are rubbing just that kind of noise will coming while applying while applying the brakes. Okay, uh so and one more thing we dont have uh like a foot, trust okay for pillion rider for pillion rider. We dont have footrest for this vehicle. I have additionally uh fix that fix that one okay, so you have only manually uh like uh. I added this one. Yes, yes right! Okay! So if i ask you what are the three positives and three negatives of this vehicle? What do you say? Okay, coming to the pros, uh close means uh. First one. I will give five five out of five for uh range: okay, im fully satisfied: 122. 130 140. Also, it is giving right. Okay, so range point of view. Uh range point of view. We can consider the major uh pro okay and one more pro is uh. We can cut the petrol price through this vehicle. Yes completely and uh.

Now the nation is saying: uh go: go green, go electric! Yes! With this vehicle, it can possible. Yes, okay! So three point three major uh pros can say. So what are the negative points of this vehicle? Negative means every vehicle, every eevee and every petrol vehicle. Anything anything can have. Negatives, okay, but especially particularly in this vehicle. We can see false automated false reading. Reading is showing so that is a negative one, and one more negative is suspension, suspension, okay and little uncomfortableness, while applying a break and horn button. Okay, if you try to apply brakes and hand button simultaneously, uh we having little uncomfortable uh. So these are the positives and negatives and also it is not having a cruise control mode right. No right, so you have spent almost 1.3 lakhs yeah. So is it value for money? Okay, no problem, no problem uh nowadays, uh uh, if you, if you want to purchase petrol vehicle, also it is around one lakh should spend. So if you feel uh 1.3 1.25 is more than uh the budget. You can go pro. Yes, i price pro. Is there? Okay in okinawa – i i will say this to i price pro okay, so it will come around your budget and i like 90 000.. If you take consider in a budget point of view, you can, we can go uh. I press pro, if you, if there is no need to take uh, worry about a budget point of view, you can go.

I press plus right okay. So in recent days we have seen some kind of some okinawa vehicles catching fire. Oh yeah, right at that time, whats your feeling. I scared a lot uh when i purchase uh. I think i i purchased 23 of march 2022. after a couple of days. Incidents have coming in front of me like. So what is this? What is this? A lot of vehicles are catching fire. How about my vehicle im im, getting dilemma in that uh at that time. So after that uh couple of weeks, uh every company is telling uh precautionary actions. Yes, so they are also recalled their vehicles, yeah yeah yeah. They also recall their vehicles and um uh. I i have take that uh necessary actions. Uh belongs to what they have said. Okay, so now watch your feeling: okay, no problem, no problem. So at that uh time of taking this vehicle, what your relatives are whats your friend said. Actually after i kept the status in whatsapp, my relatives called me. Okay, you take electric vehicle. Uh, you took a electric vehicle, so be careful. Uh go green, go electric, its okay, but life is very important more than that, so so take precautions against that uh. So no problem all the best, and they congratulate me. Okay, now what they are saying: no, its okay, no problem right! Okay! So if i ask you to rate this vehicle out of five, how many stars will you give four star? Okay, may i know why this vehicle has lost one star everywhere.

You know i mean i am repeatingly saying that uh false reading is coming out. Okay, so even okinawa people knows that uh this issue, why they cant uh, solve this uh problem. Why this uh con to solve this problem? Okay, before the production right before they are delivering. So that is the one star reason: okay, so thats! Why suspension its okay? Reminding forced us uh it can get that right. Okay, so how many months you have planned to uh clear your email in 36 months, i have kept so what? If this vehicle got damaged in that 36 months? Okay, they said uh for battery point of view. They said three years of warranty will be there, so if any uh range drop or any any kind of issues uh coming from uh battery, okay uh, they told me uh. We will replace the battery okay coming to the controller and bike motor motor they give they. Given 30 000 kilometers, okay or uh two years, sir, something i i didnt remember exactly: okay, 30 000 kilometers are uh accurate, accurate reading, whichever is coming earlier, that that could be climb warranty all right. Okay. So thank you. Thank you very much, mr manikanta. For your time and valuable information so guys this is mr manikantas take on this vehicle. Uh hes satisfied with this vehicle and hes saying that some problems are there like when brake is applied. Some kind of noise is coming and hes getting some issues with the suspension and also false reading is there in this vehicle.

So these are the problems hes, quoting and hes, saying that his overall experience is good and also hes, quoting that we are in the first stage of electric vehicles industry. So some kind of issues will be there and we have to understand that issues and in future. Well, get n number of models like in scooters and bikes also so in that model, so we might see a flawless electric vehicles so thats all for now guys if you like this video, give it a big thumbs up and also share this video to your friends And family members for more such videos, please subscribe to our channel and press the bell icon to get instant notifications.