Are you going to do that hello and welcome to a first look at another midsize electric crossover suv, but wait because this one is premium now andy andy! Come back! Andy andy mate: do you think the idea of covering another blobby electric suv sets my trousers on fire? It does not my friend, but just hear me out. Okay, because this this is quite an interesting car. Quite an important car. You see this is the new smart. One editing room jack here, just a quick thing. Smart, were very keen that at least once in the video we refer to the car by its full official name, the smart hashtag one yeah. I know anyway, its the first car of the new era at smart and where previously smart was 100 owned by mercedes, its now 50 50 split between mercedes and chinas jili. You know the same gila that gave us pole star the new look volvo, the new look lotus this. This is german design with chinese hardware, and that is quite a recipe, but more to the point, this could be quite an interesting insight into how our cars get made into the future. So, like i said, andy its interesting. So this is the new smart one and this andy andy, so new, smart car, new, look smart brand whats it all about. Well, let me just caveat very quickly by saying excuse the slightly unorthodox filming space today. Do excuse me if you hear a bit of low level chat in the background or someone sort of frantically runs across the shot, with a box of champagne theres a fairly swanky event here at the british museum this evening, thats, where we are its sort of a Showcase of the new car for uk retailers.

This is not a filming event, theyve, just very kindly snuck us in when no one was looking for a little quick shoot because well were quite interested in this thing, and we wanted to see it before everyone else, because you know thats fun, isnt it so new. Smart car new smart brand in their own words, the mission, is premium all electric urban mobility, which is posh talk for fancy city cars thats. What smart car used to be its what they will continue to do when we say city cars, its worth noting this thing is quite a bit bigger and quite a lot longer on range than your run of the mill electric city car, but well come back to That, in a little bit, the other little bit of pr spiel that ive pulled out of the marketing literature. That id like to share with. You is this that this car is the nucleus of all things to come from smart, which is to say all of this design, language, the look and feel of it inside and out that will set the tone for all subsequent electric smart models, and they will only Be electric im, certainly hoping the compact two seater akin to the old four two is coming next, because it wouldnt be smart without one of those. Now, as i mentioned in the intro, this car is uh the product of the new mercedes, mercedes, jele merger. Smart is now 5050 owned between mercedes and julie and, as i understand it, the agreement is quite literally, mercedes will do the design and the stuff you can see.

Geely will do the electric vehicle hardware, the tech, the stuff that you cant see the stuff that theyre really really good. At its worth, noting merc does have its own bespoke ev platform. It uses it on the eqs and the eqs suv in the eqe, but its a bit of a long boy and its quite posh and premium and not really suited to a lower priced city car. So theyve borrowed this one, which is called the cea platform from geely, and this same platform is going to underpin a small electric volvo very soon too. As far as prices, we dont have an exact number yet but smarter saying that they want this car to be in line with an id3 im. Guessing they mean a specked up, posh id3, because this thing is specked to the gill. So i think that probably means somewhere in the mid 30. Thousands mark and first deliveries are expected to begin roughly mid next year. Enough of that, enough of that lets have a nosey round this shiny, new car, Music, Music design. Then well can i just say. First and foremost, i was lukewarm when i saw the pictures of this car, but seeing it in the metal, i think its absolutely lovely its a really smart, hey, hey, looking car im ashamed of myself. It is, though, its a nice looking thing, its quite unusual, looking from certain angles, the back end in particular, but it works for me.

Let me take you on a little tour of some of my favorite features at the front. We have a very identifiably mercedes, eq light bar type situation that, to me is kind of straight off the mercedes eqs brand heritage. Lineage is the word i was looking for not too much else to speak on quite a clean, simple soft and rounded face quite a happy. Looking car weve got some end air intakes down here. Are these real? Do these go anywhere? They do weve got a little bit of air curtainage there so that air sweeps across those aero wheels maximizing efficiency and range very nice. Coming around the side. First thing: you notice it is a proper little crossover, suv, quite high riding quite a tall car. Its almost the exact same length and has almost the exact same length of wheelbase as the id3 again its a perk of that bespoke ev platform. What does it allow you to do? Push the wheels right out into the corners of the car maximizing cabin space and the cabin space is saying a lot in this car. Well, come to that in a second rims i like these rims. These are the big 19s theyre, the biggest you can get. I dont imagine many people will spec them, but i think they look fantastic, really unusual design, big fan of those coming around the side. What have we got? Weve got a kind of floating roof. They call this theyre sort of hiding the a and b pillars as best they can to make it look like this.

Roof is well floating. This back end piece to me very voxel, adam anyone no charge flap its got one of those you know for charging and that thats good design, thoughtful 150 kilowatt charging up to on this car. Pretty quick also lets just talk about the battery 66 kilowatt hours, which is good for a quoted 273 miles of range. Thats, no city car range thats, a big battery thats an everyday whatever you need it to be type of range. One assumes that means that smaller, cheaper uh variants will come with smaller, cheaper batteries. I should say in fact im sure they will and the the clear clue that this is a top of the line. Launch spec car is the motor, because this rear drive single motor car is good for 268 horsepower and a 6 second, not to 60 time thats quicker than a cooper ball. That is hot hatch, quick, its really fast for a car like this, a bit unnecessary, potentially but its there. If you want it im sure smaller motored versions, with more modest power, outputs will follow back end again, really distinctive mercedes eq style light bar. That, for me, is straight off the eqs, its very recognizable as a mercedes product and its just a really smart. Looking thing, you know what im going to say. I think this is better looking than any electric mercedes that you can buy right now. I think its certainly more interesting looking than that slightly frumpy eqs suv that they just unveiled.

If you just sort of multiplied, one of these by 1.5 thats a much more interesting looking card boot cant say i have the numbers for the boot to mind off the top of my head, but uh im going to eyeball it and tell you whether i think Its big or not, and then editors who are cleverer than me, will put the actual number down there. Small Music right its time for a look at the inside of the smart one. But before we do worth noticing these bad boys, hello, hidden door handles these combined with a very surprisingly aerodynamic design amount to a 0.29 drag coefficient. That is a properly slippery bit of design. Considering its a high riding crossover, also worth noting that these flush door handles these lovely frameless doors and this floating roof will likely be smart. Car design staples anyway, have a look in here, its well nice, Music. Now then interior of the smart one. This is really nice. Its really really high end stuff in here a reminder that this is allegedly an id3 rival. The idea that this interior is going to cost me the same as the one in the id3 is fairly hard to get my head around, because this feels proper mercedes. This is a mercedes designed cabin and you can tell there are aesthetic details in here, like the emphasis on slightly posh air vents that remind me of a merck interior. This material here, which im not sure about the bronziness of, but i do quite like, is quite familiar to anyone that sat in a high end, mercedes car, its an extremely premium interior 12.

8 inch touchscreen, i believe, thats as standard there isnt a cheaper version with a Smaller screen, this is what you get again really stating this cars intention as a properly posh small ish urban electric car. I really want to touch it. I really want to touch it and prod around it and tell you what its like, but ive, been told thats. The one thing im not allowed to do today. Sorry this is an early look, so we cant do absolutely everything, but i can tell you that this user interface is geely made so the design of the inside and outside thats mercedes, but the platform and the software thats glee. I expect to see a lot more of this kind of collaboration in years to come, where our european brands are sort of doing the design and making it look like theirs, but underneath they are sharing chinese made componentry, because it is just quite a lot further along By digress not allowed to touch that, what i can tell you is, there will be a heavy emphasis on ai with this user interface. Dont really know what that means: theres a fox in the corner, whos sort of chilling out having a little stretch and yawn. Every now and then fox heated seats on okay, never mind that didnt work, im, sure itll be fantastic. We will get around to testing that when were allowed to other things of note. Well, this is a bespoke ev, meaning they could have given us the flat floor.

Open plan, cabin like say an ionic 5. Instead theyve gone with this kind of floating center console. In order to give you lots of storage space weve got wireless charger in there. A couple cup holders nice little cubby for your phone there worth noting its just theres. A feeling of quality theres, a kind of weight and tactility to the stuff that you touch in here, and that is very mercedes and its nice to see in a car of this segment. A lot of different colors going on in here. Im. Not super sure about that the fact that ive got bronze silver, tan and black, all just in my door, potentially a little bit much, but that is spec and preference isnt it and look at this look at this floating door handle design on the door. Just generally. The shape and aesthetic in here very snazz couple final things to mention really like this thin strip, read out in front of the driver. I feel like this is getting more popular as a design choice, skinny little readout for the driver, giving you the bare essentials and then all the extra stuff on the big screen same as the mackie same as the lotus electra that we had a look at a Few months ago, we need to stop calling these gauge clusters because theyre not that and then the final point, would you look how much space there is in here? It is absolutely cavernous.

I couldnt touch that roof of my head. If i wanted to the perks of the high riding tall, bodied suv, i suppose the fact that theyre giving you this much headroom, this much suv, feel but still getting a 0.29 drag coefficient. Ie. A very slippery car is quite impressive, but is there room for a jack in the back? Yes, in fact, i cant imagine that there is another car with this size footprint that has this much room in the back. This is extremely impressive tons of legroom seat. In my position, loads of headroom, there is so much space in here. I almost forgive them for that. Little tiny boot Music concluding thoughts on the new smart. One then well really a lot more impressed than i came here expecting to be like we alluded to in the intro its getting quite hard to get excited about new crossover evs, because there are a lot of them, but its nice to have choice and actually of This now quite congested segment of medium sized electric things costing 30 something thousand pounds, this id3 new, nero kona or a cat. I think this might be the most desirable of the bunch. I think the the design is fantastic. The interior space is remarkable. The idea of a mercedes jelly alliance really is quite a formidable thing. It really just seems like everything, the julie brand touches seems to turn to gold when it comes to electric vehicles. At this point, anyone with any lingering fears or suspicions about chinese built, electric cars, meaning lesser build quality or inferior tech.

It turns out the exact opposite is true: they are better than us at the hardware and the software, and that is why mercedes mercedes has gone to gili and asked them for help with building this new smart car, i think, were going to see a lot more Of this in years to come, as i mentioned earlier, i think that this formula of a european brand providing its distinctive design, its feel its heritage and a chinese maker like gili, providing all the difficult bits that theyve already gotten really good at, while our european brands Sort of sat around taking their sweet time could be a winning formula and it could be an effective way for european brands, who were a bit slow to start to catch up quite quickly. So the smart one, not just a very impressive car, but an interesting glimpse into the future of the industry. There we have it looking forward to driving this thing, hopefully well, be doing so soon really want to prod the screen as well. Please make sure to like and subscribe and if you have been thank you for watching Music. Well, if you enjoyed that episode with jaqen, how does he get in those cars? Because, honestly, he is still growing to this day anyway. Theres another episode with jack.