Registry has gone electric because today, im testing the new 2022 audi e tron gt. Now this car comes in two flavors this, which is the sort of base car and the rs, which is the faster variant, its actually the fastest ev audi currently makes. Now audi positions this car as the brands first, electric grand tourer, and i took it on a road trip to verify just that, but today were in the canyons, were gon na see how it does with a little bit of performance, driving and just for a bit Of context, ive already driven the rs version last year and i came away very very impressed. So you kind of know what this review is going to be about so e tron gt. Let me run you through some specs. This car develops 469 horsepower and 460 foot pounds of torque with boost mode engaged. However, that figure goes up to 522 horsepower, allowing this car to reach 60 miles an hour in 3.9 seconds now. Obviously, the rs is faster, reaching 60 miles an hour in 3.1 seconds. Do you really feel that difference in the real world, maybe if youre really looking out for it, but what youre really picking is between a fast and a slightly faster car? Both are fast full stop. There is nothing base about this car. Top speed is 152 miles. An hour and this car has a claimed epa, estimated range of 238 miles 238 miles. Doesnt really sound like a lot, especially when you compare the new competitors such as the vehicles from rivien.

The lucid 238 is starting to seem a little low uh. However, in my u living with this car for a week, i havent found it to be an issue. I actually have a charger near my house, so it kind of feels like gassing up a normal car, except i sit at a charger reading for like 20 minutes. Thats the only major difference for me, but i can totally understand how, if you dont, have a charger at home or one easily accessible nearby. That could become a problem. However, if you find a charger thats fast enough, this car can take up to 270 kilowatts, which charges up to 180 miles and a little over 20 minutes which is pretty decent. This car has an 800 volt architecture and a 93.4 kilowatt hour battery, so it definitely will be able to keep up as charging becomes faster just because of that architecture, but for right now i think its plenty fast and its on par with its closest competitors. However, on the range aspect, its definitely a little bit lagging behind, but i would argue that for most people and ive heard this argument made before. I think that for most people, 238 is more than enough, but that is 238 around town on the highway. On situations where youre not really putting this car under really really heavy load, because up here driving up this canyon to get up to where i filmed my videos, ive wasted about a hundred miles of electric range during ive covered about 35 miles.

So far. So as soon as you start going up at speed or in any kind of elevation that range trickles down very very quickly, there is regen. There is no one pedal driving in this car, but with the paddles behind the steering wheel, i can pick how much regenerative braking i want and in the most aggressive setting i have seen my range go up a little bit, especially when im coming down parts of The canyon, so there are ways to kind of make up the range, but im definitely feeling a bit of range anxiety being up here. But as we pick up the pace a little bit, the e tron really starts to demonstrate what its strengths are and that being handling this car handles extremely well, especially when you consider that its about as heavy as a freaking chevy tahoe. The fact that it manages to still be pretty balanced and pretty stable um through these corners is, i think, still quite surprising. Now. I may have mentioned that this car shares a architecture with the porsche tycoon, so think of this like the porsche tycon 4s and the rs version of this is the taikon turbo, which means that again, like i mentioned earlier, its still a very, very fast car. But up here you see the benefits of that platform, because this car handles really really well, as you can tell, it was designed theres a bit of whiff of porsche in here now this car isnt exactly the same as a ticon in the way it drives.

There are some differences, its sprung, a bit softer, so its more comfortable around town, and you get slightly more body roll up here, also the steering, even though its quite direct theres, really not a lot of feeling coming through, which kind of is unfortunate. Given the fact that, because you dont have that sound and all you have you have fewer sensations, having some steering that would be nicely dialed in would have been really really welcomed, but, like i mentioned still pretty direct and for the most part, i think it matches Up well its quick enough to really uh sort of match what, with the overall performance of the car. Now, this car does have a two speed automatic transmission and on paper, that may not seem like a big deal. But if you remember early criticisms of vehicles from tesla was the fact that yes, theyre, very, very quick off the line, but once you get up to speed they slow down quite a bit. That is not a problem with the e tron gt or the rs, because its almost like you get immense power off the line and once youre going fast it kicks into that second gear and you just have immense immense power. So lets talk about design because this is easily one of the best looking evs ever its absolutely one of my favorites and i know thats subjective, but the e tron gt looks stunning, regardless of the color. This tester is finished in tactical green.

However, whether you go with scary, blue or any of the other amazing colors, the itron is available. It looks wonderful. I know people talk about cars having hips, but this car has hips the rear. Three quarters of this car is absolutely stunning and i will say that you know i get to drive a lot of supercars for this job. Just last week i was driving a freaking aventador, but this car gets so much attention and i think its the fact that its so beautiful and it manages to be elegant without being over the top it. It knows its good looking, but its not overstated its, not sort of shouting. Look at me. It just sort of has this presence wherever it goes, and that really translates to people outside of the car. I think originally the sort of gloss black contrast in the front. Grille looked a bit like a mouth guard, but its grown on me. So so much and i think this car doesnt photograph nearly as well as it looks in person because in photos, i would easily say well the ticons, the better looking car, but in person its the e tron. The e tron has that special secret sauce. That makes it the better looking of the two siblings and, frankly, the e tron. To me. I think the rear three quarter, the way the roof line sort of swoops down – and you know you have contrasting elements in gloss black and this car has those five spoke.

20 inch wheels, i think, its absolutely perfect. Now, on the tech front, this car does still have a lot to offer. I have a 12.3 inch instrument cluster in front of me and a 10.1 inch infotainment screen in the middle like most modern audis, its incredibly configurable and the colors the layout its so nice and vibrant. I really dig that screen overall, this interior. One thing i love about this interior is that it feels like a car. It feels very conventional car, it isnt overly futuristic and there are all sort of like haptic feedback buttons and whatnot. You get regular buttons, its really easy to use, really easy to live with and, frankly, as cars are leaning more in sort of like that, futuristic interior design. I really like this car. I really like that. It feels like a normal car. It drives like a normal car. It just just so happens to be electric, so you do get a ton of tech, but its not over the top trying to be tacky or modern or sort of minimalistic in any way. It feels really really well made, and i can say that about the entire car, the build quality in here is incredibly high. Now this car does have the optional leather package, which gets you nappa leather seats. You have leather as standard, but this is an upgraded leather and everything in here is whisper quiet, not a single rattle, nothing out of place its beautifully beautifully made.

I love the pattern on the seats, theyre heated theyre cool and they actually have a pretty good bolstering up here. They do a great job of holding me in place, but overall, this interior is just the kind of place where you could drive a long long time and not get tired at all, because its a wonderful wonderful place to be. But you didnt expect that, given the price point which we should talk about right now, this car has a base price of just under a hundred grand its actually ninety nine thousand nine hundred dollars. However, this one aspect with the performance package, leather package and all sorts of other optional extras. This one comes in at 118 000, which is still significantly below what an rs would cost and rs still has a pretty significant premium above that. But i feel like for the money this car delivers a really premium driving experience. I think it delivers a in experience, a six figure driving experience. I think the fact that this car just does so many things well and it does so like in such an effortless way, i think thats, where the money is going and i think the audi absolutely nailed it with this car. Now the big question that i was trying to answer for myself, if i had to pick between a tycon 4s or an e tron gt, which one would i pick i think to drive, i would take the 4s because its a little bit sharper and it just Feels tighter, the e tron is the one to live with.

This is the one you want to get in every day and drive because its just so good at exactly that, put it in drive and just go basically wherever you want to go completely effortlessly and the e tron delivers a premium premium experience. So i think thats pretty much sums up this car with that. I want to thank you guys so much for watching, please make sure to like and subscribe. I want to make more and more videos like this and also ill be checking the comments for suggestions.