Is your new age friendly automobile guide that helps you choose the best, so today we are going to find out if mg has done enough updates to make this car the next go to electric suv in the country. So lets take this car to the old town Music, so the battery in this car is slightly bigger, but keeping in mind the safety of the car. It comes with asi, ld and ip69k safety ratings, which means that it can withstand high pressure and steam cleaning. Also, it has ul 2580 safety certification that meets the official designated safety standards, ac, fast charger charges, hundred percent in just eight and a half to nine hours, which is okay for daily commute. So this one i left on charging last night before passing out and when i woke up it was 100 charge all set to go on the road Music in a single charge. It can drive the distance with 461 kilometer range larger than the konas electric ‘.2 kilowatt hour battery pack, which costs more than zs with less price tata nexon is offering 30.2 kilowatt hour Music. I would give the engine a 4 out of 5.. The battery has improved a lot as compared to the previous models and its competitors with its advanced 50.3 kilowatt hour battery and a horsepower of 176.75, as well as maximum torque of 280 newton meter. That can make it go from 0 to 100. In less than 8.5 seconds, the performance of the new zs is nice and smooth, and it pulls strongly now coming to the outer aesthetics of the mg zs 2022.

So this model is the facelift version of zs av 2019 model. They look very similar, but with a much more modern exterior and some specific changes like this new closed off grille with the charging slot beside the logo. Now the closed off grille is custom to the colors. That mg is offering. They are not like those metallic grilles on the sides. Are these full led hawk eye headlamps visually? They look quite nice. According to me, at the bottom, sits the latest r17 tomahawk hub design alloy wheels complementing the entire design of the car in terms of ground clearance. It has plenty but relatively lower at 180 mm now coming to the rear part of the car. The trunk is kind of sportier, just like the front, but, as you can see, they have these sleek led tail lamps just below that they have the rear fog lights. To open the trunk, they have this beautiful mg logo. You just have to push it and there you go thats a pretty cool mechanism. The trunk has a wide width, as you can see its very spacious. Overall, it looks more like an eevee, but more premium and much more modern. The in cabin is also a lot like the previous model. It is mostly equipped with everything that makes the experience even more premium, with high quality, look and feel black leather interior. It makes the inside look classy and premium here we have the fairly decent, modern design dashboard with a 25.

7 centimeter hd infotainment screen. We also have a 360 degree camera feature in which i can see all the sides of the car just like that im. Getting a very james bond feeling where i have my eyes on everything around me so as you can see theres this app short pedia. This is a feature in all mg cars uh. Here you can use this to stay updated with the news from around the world. So that you dont miss out on any important updates. Also, there is a very beautiful space for wireless charging where you can easily put a phone and its charging now coming to the beautiful steering wheel, controls on the left. You have your volume buttons and your calling feature on the right hand, side you have the infotainment control and apple carplay. Also, the mg pulse hub. The mg pulse hub, helps you to contact mg in the case of any emergency anytime anywhere in any distress. There are several features which are easily understandable, very, very cute im, getting a call hello mg im listening call back on the recent number. So although the legroom is enough, but the under thigh support is uh normal for an average heighted person, but for a taller passenger, it might be less. On top we got the dual pane, panoramic sky roof to stand and scream as the wind blows across the face. It is massive as compared to some vehicle that comes with the sky.

Roof mg offers zs ev2022 in four astonishing colors. My personal favorite is the current red, as the vibrancy of the color prominently highlights the beautiful exterior of the color. This variant of the zs series costs 25.88 lakhs, and it is a lot better than other popular evs available in india. I think, overall, i would give this car 4 out of 5.. So if you are planning to join the green plate, club now is the right time, especially with the inflating fuel prices.