This car is just dripping with style check this out. As i approach the flush door handles pop out automatically, as do the wing mirrors just to say hello and then, as i get to the front, these lights illuminate. How cool is that? This actually has one of the coolest keyless entry systems in the game, but im not going to show you that right now lets focus on the design, because i think its a really handsome car. First of all, this really distinctive, looking front grille with lots of dual elements embedded inside it. Youve also got almost diamond looking headlights at the front here, really cool e tense logo, which indicates that this car is the plug in hybrid. The only thing im, not that keen on are these led lights at the side, which look a bit like ostrich legs, badly drawn ostrich legs. Anyway, around the side, youve got 19 inch alloy wheels, which look interesting, but they do have some plastic cladding in there, which spoils the look ever so slightly, even though they do increase the cars aerodynamic efficiency. Some nice textures, which look really interesting without being too fussy and lots and lots of chrome, chrome on the door handles chrome on the lower section, chrome above the windows and chrome on the ds badge on the c pillar. Im not normally a fan of this much chrome, but in this color with this contrasting black roof, it really works. Well, now, the back end again, another really stylish angle on this car again interesting rear lights, which almost hello almost look like jewels again with this thin contrasting chrome strip and in the lower section you got these exhaust fake exhausts, tucked away on the bottom, still really Good looking nice design, ds, theyve nailed it.

The ds4, like all dss, is designed to appeal to people with a passion for style its a rival for cars like the a class and bmw one series, despite looking like a fusion between a hatchback and a crossover entry level, dss will set you back from just Under 27, grand with this top spec plug in hybrid model, the e tence 225 costing 43 grand pricey at the top end. But look what you get the interior is nice im not quite sure where to start, but lets start with the doors. I really really love it. It sounds weird, but i love these window controls up here. Whoever designed this must have charged an absolute fortune for this design because it looks really cool. I love the piano black underneath this textured satin, chrome, lovely plus youve, got a floating door, handle design down here and its not all about aesthetics theres, also some useful stuff, for example, the door pockets are lined in felt, so your loose objects, dont jangle, all over The place as you drive steering wheel, nice and compact, with buttons for your volume controls and your media playback and just in front of that, a small screen for all your driver information plus a nice big head up display, which is quite useful on this dashboard youve Got a fairly large screen were gon na come back and talk about that a bit more later on ive got a lot to say believe me below that some shortcut buttons for heating controls well definitely talk about that later and then a nice stylish engine start button Below which youll find some storage, which includes a usb port and a couple of cup holders, a second screen which we are definitely going to discuss later on a physical volume, knob knob gang stand up and down here, a little bit of storage in the center console.

With a usb port and one of my favorite things about this car in the glove box, look at this youve got almost like a designer handbag to carry well whatever you want around and its got like. You know the manuals and the welcome booklet and whatnot, but just look at how stylish that looks very cool in the back theres ample space leg room is okay and head room is fine for me at 5, 11, but taller passengers might struggle theres a central armrest With a hatch giving access to the boots cup holders and two usb ports, there are vents there too, although these felt a little sticky in our test car, there is a sunroof available, but its not panoramic and the blinds are manually adjusted so the cabin doesnt, let In as much light as it could, as for the boot, well its a pretty decent size, 430 liters on the petrol model, which is reduced to ‘0 on the hybrid as it has a battery under the floor Music on the subject of hybrids, this is the ds4 E10 and its a plug in hybrid, that means it uses two separate methods of propulsion. One of them is a 1.6 liter petrol engine and the other is an electric motor together they make 225 horsepower, hence the name ds4 e10 225 and those horses are quite responsive. You put your foot down and it takes off its not too bad, but actually this car isnt about power in a straight line.

What its about is efficiency and its very good at that that battery living under the boot is a pretty healthy size, 12.4 kilowatt hours to be precise, and this allows the electric motor to lend a hand, meaning the petrol engine. Doesnt have to work as hard and burn as much fuel. The fuel economy numbers are insane, although that does depend on the state of charge and on which mode youre in theres a little switch down here on the center console right now, im in sport mode thats, the mode you want when youre driving enthusiastically. But if i dial it back into hybrid mode thats, when the car is at its most efficient in this mode, apparently the ds4 can manage between 183 and 232 miles per gallon, which is absolutely insane. Obviously, when the battery starts to run out, you get a bit less economy, but wow still pretty impressive. If i use this button to select the electric mode well, then the car runs entirely on electric power alone. According to ds, it will do 38.5 miles on electric power, which is actually pretty impressive. Now, youre not always going to get that if youre driving around with the air con on or the heating on and youre a bit heavy footed, then you can expect around 22 to 25 miles which isnt too bad, but ive been averaging. When i try really hard 3.2 miles per kilowatt hour, the battery in this car is 12.

4 kilowatt. Hours multiply those two numbers together and you get 38.5 miles, ish ‘ to be precise, but you get the point now. My average commute is only around 20 miles, which means i can drive this car on electric power alone, most of the time, while that might sound like the best of both worlds, electric power for short, commutes and petrol power. For when you want to go a bit longer, allow me to issue a public service announcement, not just for the ds4 but for all plug in hybrids. If youre not charging the battery every single night, then effectively youre driving around with an empty battery carrying a heavy battery pack and a heavy motor for no real benefit weirdly a fully electric car is better for someone who doesnt have off street parking and charging at Home than a plug in hybrid, because the plug in hybrid must be constantly charged in order to deliver its optimum efficiency. Remember that another big advantage that this car has is how refined it is, especially when youre driving around in electric mode, so much more smooth than refined than the average petrol or diesel car, especially when youre driving in stop start traffic. There is a small problem with this car, though that ive noticed, and that is whenever youre parked up. It does have cooling fans that run pretty aggressively and they can be quite noisy when youre stopped outside your house at night, for example, and even when the fans stop, the car still makes a faint kind of electrical noise.

That almost sounds like you got tinnitus like a ringing in your ear constantly. You might also want to bear in mind the charge times seven hours on a three pin socket or around 2 hours from a 7 kilowatt home war box. There is no rapid charging, so charging away from home will be slow, but because its part, electric, you can enjoy other benefits normally associated with an ev like proper preheating and pre cooling. So the car is at an optimum temperature before you get inside. You can also choose to drive on petrol power for a selected portion of your trip. Saving your battery for city driving okay. So earlier on, i did promise you id show you around the technology in the ds4 and it is good, but its also infuriating. At the same time, ill start with the good. The main menu is quite straightforward and easy to understand, and also there is a physical button for taking you back to the home screen. So if i go into navigation and i want to go home – i press that – and it takes me back good. But how do you do simple things like i dont know, turn the heating or the aircon up well to do that. Youve got to use one of these columns on the left and right of the screen and youve got to press the plus button to turn the heating up. But then you ask yourself: how do i adjust the fan speed? What youve got to do is press the number of the temperature and that will take you into a totally different screen where you have to use a slider to adjust the fan speed on most cars, its color coded youve got blue for cold and red for hot.

In this, everything is the same color its its just, not intuitive, and also check this out right. If i happen to be in navigation, i cant actually adjust my temperature in the car while im using the nav to do that. Ive got ta, get out of the nav, lose where im going and then adjust my heating, which all just seems a bit sort of complicated and unnecessary, and then theres the heated steering wheel right, which is good, its got one. But how do you actually turn it on well, youve got to press that column and then go into the steering wheel button and then press the on button over here. Why cant? I just have a button on the steering wheel. Keep it simple come on look theres! Also some shortcut buttons down here, but it seems to be for shortcuts for things that you dont actually use that often and then look at this theres these weird little triangles for adjusting the direction of the vents up and down. How do you adjust the direction of the vents left and right on another switch over here, a little circular dial for some reason which moves the direction left and right? Why cant? I have just a little knob in the middle, where i move left and right up and down without having to faff around and wrap my head around whole new types of systems and technologies that just dont make any sense in any world that i want to live In also lets talk about this little screen down here, shall we now the point of this? If i go back into the home button, is that it gives you shortcut access to your six favorite features in the car.

You hold your finger on it and then it changes screen and you can move left right up and down with your finger on it kind of like a mouse track pad. But is it any good? Well? No because, as youve seen, if you want to get to your shortcuts, like navigation, for example, theyre on the screen anyway, so that just seems a little bit unnecessary, another thing you can use it for is fingerprint recognition. So if i want to enter an address into the sat nav, i just type it in here lets see if it works, shall we ill type the letter, a b c d, e, f g? What have i got absolutely nothing its ju. Look that probably cost 2 000 pounds either give me a system that works for 2 000 pounds or knock two grand off the price and get rid of this its infuriating right. Is it worth your money? Well, as i said, pricing for the entry level, petrol starts at 26 grand on the road thats in line with what youd pay for a one series or a class. But on that model you dont get niceties like the chrome, grille keyless entry head up, display or reversing camera for those youll have to spend 30 grand or more. If you want everything you see here, including the plug in hybrid powertrain, thats 43, grand a mercedes, a class plug in hybrid, will set you back 36 grand worth bearing in mind okay, i was letting off a bit of steam there, but i feel, like i kind Of have to because the negative points do stand out, especially when the rest of the car is so good and the rest of the ds4 is brilliant.

A couple of things i love about it, the suspension, its really really smooth, even when youre driving on rough roads. It seems to iron out the worst of the bumps really really well, and that means its just a pleasant car to go for a driving and then, when you want to have some fun in it, its actually really enjoyable. So weve got a couple of bends coming up here: ill go in hot! Look at that its got a tremendous amount of grip, theres a little bit of feedback through the wheel as well. So you know exactly when that grips about to run out and its just composed and calm, and then you put your foot down. Do you know what this is actually its a good laugh? I know its efficient and thats the big thing about it, but its also a lot of fun. I guess the big question then is: do i like it? I think it holds its own against the likes of the mercedes, a class and the bmw one series its quirky its different, but to me its right up there with those rivals. This is a brilliant car to look at a brilliant car to sit in and a brilliant car to drive.