Today we get to test drive the all new 2023 kia, nero ev, so first drive coming right up, i mean hybrid was very quiet too, but this is even quieter. So very nice before we do talk about anything. I really like to point out that i really like the new exterior design and interior design for the second generation kia niro i mean kia niro always has been very good, efficient and comfortable car, but it always has been a bit ugly, but you dont have to Worry about that with this second generation, all new kia, nero whether it is hybrid or electric, so handsome now, okay, lets get the numbers out of the way. Since this is all electric vehicle lets do talk about the range first theres, no epa or wltp numbers. Just given yet, but when we do comparing korean government standard, this new one has actually better range. How much well about four percent, because this new one has range of 401 kilometers per charge and, of course, its a little bit less compared to kia ev6 long range. Turning the rear wheel, so im really curious guys do let me know if you had a chance which one would you get for yourself, tie v6 or kia niro ev, because kia ev6 is more expensive. So let me know in the comment section please and yes, theres. No international pricing given just yet but kias, asking about 200 us dollars more for the base model and charging about same price for the higher trim starting price wise here in korea.

So when you guys do get this all new kia, nero ev in united states or in north america, i think it will be very similar or quite the same in terms of the price. What about charging well kia is not so much advertising about charging with kia. Niro on their website, so i guess its not really outstanding when you do compare it against the kia ev6 about halfway 700 volt versus 350 volts so were going to definitely check how fast this kia niro ev gas charge when we get it as a press. Car speaking of charging kia, niro ev also comes with heat pump and also battery heating system. So you can return good range even during cold days and charge quickly when using fast charging system. Interior is pretty identical to the hybrid model. We have a head up display on the top tenon quarants for the gauge cluster. Antenna coordinates for the infotainment screen, really wish. We had blind spots monitoring system because we already have good looking screens, but at least we get blind spots alert system which will greatly help you during your lane. Changes and visibility is quite the same. We have large windows all around and sitting position is quite nice too. Its a nice and nero ev also comes with the zero gravity sitting position, so your body can take a nap while you drive okay. Now, let me just put the car into sports mode and do talk about what 150 kilowatt electric motor can do.

Oh pulls very nicely feels very similar to hyundai kona ev, but i think it pulls even a little bit better than kia ev6. Turning the rear wheels should be adequate for your daily driving huh, i mean yes, it. The power seems to fade away after a while, but wow feels pretty nice uh very responsive, much much better than the hybrid model. Definitely because the instant torque is there with electric motor and definitely compared to kia ev6, nero ev feels more compact and lighter, which makes driving easier look its just wow woohoo, i would say more than adequate for your daily uses, even fun. So definitely, yes, i i we drive a kia ev6 with single motor. This one is more responsive than the kia ev6, with single motor, not as much as compared to dual motor system, but wow im quite impressed just like ei v6 nero eevee also come with eye. Paddle systems, you can actually use these paddle shifters to change the intensity of the regen. Braking so can go from zero one, two, three four. So actually in theory, you can drive this car using just one paddle and when you do really get lazy, you can just set it to auto in auto mode kia. Niro ev will automatically change the intensity of the regen, braking by observing the four traffic using the front camera and also by talking with the navigation, so pretty smart stuff there. Okay, we have some hill coming so lets.

Do climbing and also do check out the handling capability? Wow pulls very nicely feels much more responsive compared to hybrid model uh. Its raining so were gon na have to drive a little bit carefully uh and because we have a large electric motor up front and right behind 64.8 kilowatts. Our electric motor feels very stable and even chassis feels more solid too, and we have a multi link at the rear, so providing quite a nice grip. I mean its got tiny tires. So when you do really floor it uh it will shake the tires. So yes, this is not supposed to be a sports car, but you can definitely have some fun with this uh. Definitely uh when youre alone, without your wife and your kids, but im genuinely surprised how responsive it feels and also how nicely handles um. Like i told you, its more compact, so its more fun and easier to drive compared to kia ev6 yeah, it just goes wow very nice, wish it didnt rain today. So we can just push a little bit more, but definitely it feels stable and solid nice. We have safely arrived to the turning point, so let me just quickly show you what has changed for the exterior design for the kia nero ev. First, we have a charging port right up here that supports up to dc fast charging, so pretty nice and revised to grow up here, because this is all electric vehicle.

Everything is pretty much closed up here, but openings on the bottom different pattern and thats radar sensor for the adaptive crisp control also comes with fog, lamps, so nice kia, and because there isnt any engine under here. They also give you 24 liters of front space right here. I also give you some nets, so thats pretty nice and look at the core from the side. We have a 17 inch rim designs, not too ugly for all electric vehicles, its pretty nice and our tester. Actually came with the uh body, color matching c pillar, but if you move over here, you can also get it with the uh contrasting stippler. So guys do. Let me know what you think about it. If you ask me, i would personally go with matching ones. So let me know in the comment section and from the rear we have revised skid plates and trunk pretty much the same space, and i give you a mobility kit and subwoofer for harman kardon, okay and i almost forgot to show you but theres a v2l. A per b roll v2l charger right here under here you can also connect it to the front charging system, and one more thing just like i told you this also comes with the uh. Let me just turn on the car zero sitting. Zero gravity sitting position so can actually relax like this, so very comfortable. Okay, so, with the one more push one touch, you can go back to the original position.

Okay and before we start driving back. Let me just uh show you different colors. We have uh this greenish greenish, contrasting c pillar. We have a blue one over here, blue one with the uh black cipher and if you see far over there theres a black one – and i think we have a over here – we have a white one white, one with the body color matching white. I think quite looks clean and nice and we also have a grey one, which is our press, color, color, okay, so were gon na, take a bathroom break and head back to seoul, okay, okay, on the way back, its quite addictive. Definitely having battery on the bottom makes a car feel so much stable compared to the hybrid model. Um front wheel drive, so it will understeer when you really do push it butts wow, really surprised how well kia niro ev handles. I mean i think hybrid was aimed to be an efficient car, but this ones when you do put car into sports mode, it can really be fun better, slow down its wearing 215 by 55. I believe, and if you really just push it, it will peel that you see that, but if you go really overboard, yes, it will catch it for you, so thats it can be quite fun and kia. Niro evie will actually close the window before entering a turn on so see pretty smart and kia. Niro evie also comes with hda2.

So when you do set the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist its very smooth and delicate one, it will actually keep a safe distance with car in front and also place the car right on the center and also well change the lanes for you. We have undotted line on both sides and when you do turn on the blinker, it will say lane type not supported, but when we do have dotted lines just give me a minute. Well, when we have dotted line, it will actually change the lanes for you, but it will say: keep your hands on the steering wall because by the law in here in korea were supposed to always have our hands on the steering wall. So yes, its not perfect system yet, but i really like to see kia and hyundai and even genesis take it to next level and so that we can enjoy something better in the future. Pretty good, very smooth one well show you how it actually feels smooth on congested ct area, pretty sweet. Okay. Now let me just show you the adaptive cruise control working with stop angle, functionality and congestion city area. We have a traffic building up and when the lead car comes to a full stop, this guy will too and if it does start driving its going to automatically follow – and you know compared to something like my hyundai palace. That is very, very smooth, and you know this is all electric vehicles so and slow driving situations like this, its very quiet, smooth and just lovely.

So i mean we have lots im sure you guys have lots of traffic in la everywhere and everywhere, but just having this adaptive cruise control loans, topical functionalities alone, really saved my ankles and just when i we do commutes its really helpful right, so yeah so lead Car departs, it will follow pretty good one all right guys. This has been a quick drive with the new 2023 kia. Niro evie hope you guys enjoyed it and well show you more things in detail when we get this as a press car. So thank you guys. So much for tuning in and well be back with much much more. So if you love cars and car reviews, please do support us by subscribing to our channel and also hit that bell notification, so you dont miss out in the future.