Scooter is bajaj evie. The name is taken from the last pure combustion cheta and it is keyless, so you just need to have key in your pocket, and this motorcycle is on the go with just press of single button and im going to ride this on this beautiful open stretch in Kalan city, this motorcycle is so nice being the ev. It has instant torque and quality of materials is very nice, for example, the broad footprint plus a broad foot pack for pillion. Also it has nice boot space and nice instrument cluster. I am going to show you this motorcycle in detail, but first just check how this motorcycle rides Music. It is nice acceleration, because not only this motorcycle, i mean this scooter is easy, but also it is shaft driven thats. Why you get instant torque delivery, which is a cool thing about this motorcycle? So i just need to go to other lane, then well. Try little vmax run turning radius is not bad. It is good, especially this scooter comes with reverse gear, so there is no problem whatsoever. Okay, so lets do some v max nice. Initial acceleration. It keeps going around 70 kilometers per hour is the limit which is the fastest. This motorcycle can go and it is actually locked at 70 kilometers per hour, so it maintains this speed and for av you dont need much speed, at least for some years, yes, but uh, so very nice and comfy scooter for city, hustle and bustle.

This is 1.2 kilometer open stretch in kalin area. I have filmed many videos here, especially with my yamaha r15, which is significantly faster and irritatingly louder than this motorcycle. But this time it is my first av experience and they simply nailed it so big thumbs up for bajaj evie. I mean very practical scooter to ride in cities and also you can do some occasional highway run. Not for super long distance like you can do on pure combustion scooter. Nevertheless, who rides scooter for long distance, nobody right so thats why ev makes more sense. The safety related issue is common with all evs, about which i have made videos earlier, but big thumbs up for bajaj awesome. It has wide mirrors instrument. Cluster is also nice. It is digital Music because it is sunny day. It is not so visible, but it is a digital unit plus it has many control like this is a drive mode. This is reverse mode signal indicator. This is the main button for modes here is a horn button and slide controls. It also now lets have a little progress. It reminds me old days when i used to race my good buddy maggie on streets, but on much faster, pure combustion. Motorcycles. Oh, and we almost side by side, youre new to the channel, hit the subscribe button.