Thank god, the half shafts the front, half shafts i started noticing some vibrating they went and then some other stuff went and its uh not a good thing. But tesla has been excellent in taking care of me. The great people at the norwell store in massachusetts very accommodating. They gave me this model three, and so i figured id just take a quick demonstration of it, pretty cool its its new theyre selling it today. I think heres the key quite a bit different than a model three its a card. This is a stripped, i think, a stripped down version, its pretty cool, very, very simple vehicle. One lever there, one lever there really cool feature that the model s doesnt, have that i think they should update the software on is when you put the blinker on look at that your rear camera on the left side shows up or the rear camera on the Right so, if youre on the highway or driving, then youll see if somebodys coming up beside you thats a great feature um to get going, you take the key and you oh its actually showing you see that you have to kind of tap it and now im Ready to drive once i put my seatbelt on um, so there we go, we are driving lever down boom. This model 3 is very quick and it doesnt feel like a very small car. It um drives really nicely, and hopefully doesnt have a similar problem with the half shafts, so thats a real, quick review of the model.

3. uh. I would get one if i didnt have the s it its totally uh. You know a more economical version of the car, but very quiet, very peppy. You know it. Doesnt have ludicrous, but you dont really need ludicrous lets face it thats, just a ludicrous luxury, so theres. My review of the. I believe this is a 2022 model 3 and uh its a little bit different, but pretty cool. Yesterday i reviewed a model. Three was sort of a loaner car from tesla and they sold that car. So they asked me to bring it back and they gave me a different loaner. This is a 2018 p100d, so its a performance model, its the 2018 version of the 2021 version that i have so i just wanted to show the components of how this vehicle works. Im much more familiar with it than i am the model 3.. So you know this is your standard 17 inch screen, i think, is what it is. Uh, maybe its less than that. But you know your music streaming. You can get spotify uh, they have a premium connected subscription, i think its like 10 bucks a month or something so that you can get all the radio stations. And you know whatever you want in terms of music and connect your phone streaming through your phone. The way the the system works is you have? Essentially, you can adjust your suspension settings interior lights, driving modes theres.

I i tend to drive in chill, but occasionally ill go up into sport or ludicrous ludacris plus warms your batteries up, so that theyre at the optimum temperature for acceleration. If youre going to drag race or something like that, i tend to keep steering mode in standard regen braking standard. I dont think thats an option on the 2021 version or 2022 and then also you know if youre stuck in uh snow thatll help uh creeping forward. Slowly and then range mode again, this is 2018, my 2021 does not have range mode, and it has an option called hold, i believe thats, what its called and that will make it so that, basically, you almost dont need to use your brakes. So when the car comes to a stop, it holds you there um autopilot, so this looks like it has full self driving yeah, which i do not have in my car, because im not totally comfortable with uh the way that works after riding with somebody that has It i think, another couple three years, maybe itll be enough, so that im feeling pretty good about it, your vehicle. This is where all your stuff is, and its very very user, friendly navigation software downloads. Oh, it has the enhanced autopilot, so i think thats fsd im not totally sure but um. You know you can do all that fun stuff and then moving over to the steering wheel. You have knobs so thatll control, your air conditioning fan, speed and then this one over here is the volume of your phone or your stereo.

If you ever once in a while, this will freeze uh its probably happened to me in six or seven months. Its probably happened to me twice where my screen freezes, which is a little unnerving. You just hold these two buttons down and itll reset the computer and it doesnt affect driving. So this is your shifter reverse is up park is push the button and then drive is down this guy. Here is your windshield wiper blinker, obviously, and then it looks like theres lights on there, but i dont use that for lights. I just use automatic then this guy is the interesting stick. If you pull it towards you twice, you engage autopilot and then you can change the distance between the car in front of you, sort of like pacing up would be farther distance. I keep mine between five and seven car lengths, something like that. I like to drive pretty conservatively and then you can adjust it all the way down to one car length. If you wan na, really irritate the driver in front of you thats. Basically it in terms of the model s and the model three, so i didnt do quite as good a job as the model 3, because im not totally familiar with how that technology works with the side, computer screen and all that. But both are great vehicles and i hope this was informative. Reviewing the last tesla, because i think i get mine back tomorrow.

This is a model s its a model 75d. I think so its like basically kind of a a baseline model, s uh its been great to drive that one downside and maybe its not a downside. If youre, if youre a city driver, total mileage per charge, is like around 200 miles, which is a lot different than mine, i get around 340, something like that: wood accents and its like real wood, its not like plastic wood, which would be like what i have Driven in the past really cool but um ill, just close this off real quickly. I never looked at the entertainment features of the last couple of teslas that they, let me use from the factory. So if you want to see how that works, youve got all of your display here, entertainment and toy box, so you can have games and so forth, and so on. You can put in different sounds for your. I honestly dont use this hardly ever, but because im doing a quick review, uh youve got you know: backgammon chess asteroids, the thing thats crazy about this is: if youre playing these games, you have to be very careful not to hit the accelerator or this lever because Youd be in a pretty bad spot, if you did that, but you know missile command the old, the old atari games, pretty fun thats. Really all i wanted to show you again its a its a great car having a lot of fun driving it, even though its the the standard version, as opposed to the performance version like literally this standard mode, its super quick.

So, even if you dont get like the crazy, fast version, these things are really really quick off the off the line so thats it thatll close out my tesla review. Anybody that ends up watching these three car review wants me to review a different brand and somehow has a way to get me into lucid or rivian or pole.