I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive and the current selling price, the specs, the engineering and everything that goes into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im reviewing the adorable mini cooper, eb ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not. With this, its significant luxurious interior design and promised dynamic performance lets see. Oh and one more thing before i start do you know how to tell if a car is electric well, it should be shocking. Obviously, okay, now back to the video the mini cooper, electric hardtop is the most accurate representation of alec is a goniss original design. Cirrus agonis envisioned a compact automobile with a distinctive engine that was both enjoyable to drive and cost effective with its supercharged engine. Bmws first generation mini, got it largely right, but the mini only kept becoming larger and more costly. We eventually received the paceman, which was a monstrosity, but even many would prefer to forget about that. Although the 2022 mini cooper electric has a lower range than many other compact tvs. It compensates for this flaw by being both more inexpensive and more enjoyable to ride the new peoples. Automobile is the mini cooper. Se, the mini cooper eb is the most cheapest electric car in the united states, with a price tag of just under thirty thousand dollars.

Its also said to have a lot of fun to drive, given the small body and electric motors power delivery, the cooper se is minis second effort at becoming electric and it will be available. In 2022.. In 2009, the first mini ev became available as a lease only vehicle. Although it was rough around the edges. Many people believe that the initial mini ev was more of a test than anything else. As a result, there is no earlier model to which the se can be compared, except for availability of electric charging stations in your location. It will have no sales limitations. The 2022 cooper electric is ideal for city dwellers who desire a nice travel pod, but only go within city bounds, design and engineering. The mini cooper eevee of 2021 is a fantastic recreation of the original it sports. The iconic round head light, as well as a contemporary twist on the upright back lights and a wheel on each corner. The side mirrors too, are a modernized version of the originals. The mini cooper is virtually difficult not to adore mini utilizes, yellow to distinguish the electric variant from the rest of the line from the block off grille to the thin yellow line. The outside rim of the model specific alloy wheels its all over the car. The 98.2 inch wheelbase of the electric cooper is the same as the rest of the lineup, its significantly longer than the previous variants at 151.4 inches. But it has the same 68 inch width, the mini cooper.

Electric hard top is somewhat higher than the normal hatchback at 56.4 inches. The main issue with this type was always going to be weight as an electric vehicle requires a large battery pack to function, and the one on this model raises the curb weight from 2767 pounds to 3153 pounds. The cooper thats not all awful as we had imagined, but a mini weighing more than 3 000 pounds. Just simply doesnt feel right. Externally, you can have a lot of fun. Mini allows you to customize the color of the body, the roof. The wheels in basic signature trim, you may select the chilly red midnight black british racing, green white silver and moonwalk gray. If you choose the iconic trim mini yours, enigmatic black is the only option: body, colored, white and black roof. Colors are available a total of nine varied and elegant alloy wheel. Variations are also available. Interior. One of the key throwbacks to the original cooper can be found in the mini interiors theyre, all equipped with a huge circular center console thats, designed to resemble the original speedometer display. The sc has the same basic appearance as the se, with the exception of the model. Specific shifter and smarterings of the same, yellow color used outside a completely digital oblong display replaces the cooper scs massive, singular circular instrument cluster. A more complete display was required, since it has more information about the drivetrain. To present standard equipment is superb across the board, but genuine leather upholstery is only available if you upgrade to the iconic trim, which costs seven thousand dollars that eliminates the cost effectiveness of the mini and thats all its going for mini claims that there was no consequence In terms of internal space, this is fantastic news, considering the cooper 3 door wasnt exactly a champion to begin with the 41.

4 inch legroom and 40.3 inch headroom in the front should be enough, but space in the back is severely constrained. Theres 30.8 inches of legroom and 36.9 inches of headroom in that seat back there. The kids would be all right and should have no trouble getting into the two door car, but the grown ups will be irritable after a while from the standpoint, the 110 mile range is fairly impressive. The cooper 3 door was never intended to be a family vehicle. There are very few mini cooper, electric hardtop hatchbacks that cater to this market, but the mini cooper, electric hardtop hatchback is not one of them. A leather wrapped steering wheel is standard on all variants. Carbon black leatherette seats are standard on the signature trim. Anything more intriguing than that necessitates a signature plus or iconic trim level upgrade. The former trim is offered in pearl black leatherette, with either black or light checkered fabric inserts. The final choice is full leather cross punch carbon black, the top tier iconic trim comes standard with chesterfield satellite gray leather, but you can upgrade to the miniors leather lounge in carbon black. For an extra 500 16 inch low, drag, alloy, wheels, dual zone climate control, the e drive digital instrument, cluster, two usb ports, a leather wrapped steering wheel, leatherette seats, heated front seats and bmws active driver assistant, which includes blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and lane Departure warning are all standard on the cooper se, a panoramic sunroof luxury upholstery, rear park, distance control and auto dimming interior and exterior mirrors are included in the signature grade premium leather, seating, piano, black, exterior details, active cruise control, a parking aid, a head up display and A wireless charging pad are all included in the iconic trim.

The 6.6 inch infotainment screen is modest, but it does have gps apple, carplay, bluetooth and e drive services. Its worth noting that android, auto isnt included the base sound system is updated to the harman kardon configuration on signature plus and iconic models, while the top trim level reaches the bigger 8.8 inch display performance instead of developing a new powertrain mini utilizes, the bmw i3ss motor. This is most likely the primary reason for the minis low price. Bmw covered the majority of the development costs long ago. The engine produces 137 kilowatts and 199 pounds feet of torque, which is sent solely to the front wheels. The mini claims to be a zero to 60 mph speed of 6.9 seconds, but because of the nature of the power delivery, it seems quicker. Crucially, even though the cooper scs peak speed is limited to 93 miles per hour, its a blast to drive theres. No denying that driving a mini is more enjoyable, although the bolt is faster to 60 miles per hour at 6.5 seconds, the minis tiny proportions, superb suspension, setup and wide track make it one of the most intrinsically entertaining platforms available. A single speed gearbox sends all of the power to the front wheels all of the power and torque is accessible from a stop due to the nature of an electric motor. This was another amusing feature of the original. The original mini had a naturally aspirated engine with a displacement of 1275 cc, which was the greatest achievement at the time it wasnt quick, but the reaction was rapid.

Thanks to the simple throttle linkage in terms of loudness, it obviously falls short of the original. This is also a concern for pedestrians, especially because the mini is aggressively promoted as a city bound vehicle mini compensates for this by including a pedestrian sound alert as standard equipment when it comes to noise, the lack of the ice brings to light high speed wind noise That was previously hidden by the enticing soundscape. There are two regenerative braking settings on the cooper sc when you pull off the throttle on the first. The brakes are applied, mildly, whilst on the second, the brakes are applied more forcefully, its really possible to drive a cooper sc without ever hitting the brake pedal after youve become acclimated to regenerative braking battery life. Unfortunately, the cooper didnt only get its old i3 motors. It also got the old i3 little batteries. The se will only go up to 110 miles on a full charge. According to the epa thats, less than half of the 259 mile range of the chevrolet bolt, the minis largest flaw is its range, which is a major drawback. Given that range is one of, if not the most important factor of people evaluating and purchasing an electric vehicle. The fwd cooper sc consumes 31 kwh per 100 miles according to the epa thats, not bad, when you consider that one gallon of patrol equals 33.7 kwh. This equates to 115 100 108 mpge city highway, combined in mpg, equivalent terms.

While this consumption is satisfactory and in line with the segments average, the predicted range is not its just unacceptable, given that the base tesla model 3 has a range of 263 miles and the entry level 40 kwh nissan leaf has a range of 149 miles. These cars are all under 5, 000 and much less. If you want a mini with a reasonable specification on the plus side, the cooper ses charge times were outstanding. It takes around 4 hours to charge it to 100 at home. It can be charged to 80 in roughly 40 minutes using a 50 kw dc charging station price and model range. The mini is now the most cheap electric vehicle on the market. In the united states, the msrp for the 2021 mini cooper, electric is twenty. Nine thousand nine hundred dollars the signature plus trim costs four thousand dollars more than the iconic trim and the iconic trim cost seven thousand dollars the 850 handling and shipping fee is not included in these rates. However, most states will give federal, ev credit incentives which will assist to lower the total cost of purchasing one of these snazzy speedsters. The price of the 2022 mini cooper electric is the same as last year and its still qualified for the federal tax credit of 7500 off the sticker price. As a result, the basic model is a fantastic bargain with amenities like automatic dual zone. Temperature control heated front seats, fox leather upholstery led front lighting, hands, free passive entry and rain sensing windshield wipers as standard heres, the price of each trim, signature trim, cost thirty thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.

Signature plus trim cost thirty four thousand seven hundred fifty dollars. The iconic trim cost thirty, seven thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars this wraps up my review of the mini cooper electric. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a long time to make and there are a labor of love.